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What must be experienced when traveling to Morocco?

 What must be experienced when traveling to Morocco?

                    Image source:unsplash

 Morocco is located in the far north of Africa, the Pacific Ocean to the left and the right of the Mediterranean Sea, and on the east near the Tu Nisi River, south of the vast Sahara desert.  For such a Muslim African country, in terms of its landscape, it is a collision between the desert and the sea;  In terms of land and culture, it is a mixture of European civilization and Arab civilization.

 I think you have definitely heard the story of San Mau in the desert, the blue and white city that does not require filters, the comfortable and comfortable life of locals who use "donkey" as a means of transportation ... Only in person can experience thousands of customs in Morocco in order to deeply feel its endless charm.  Today we're going to talk about Morocco, and Rajoun recommends things you should try in Morocco!

 1. Immerse yourself in the azure color of Chefchaouen

 Go to the city of Chefchaouen to see the world of fairy tales

 Medina, also known as Medina and Medilai, was formerly known as Yarqah or Yarak.  It is located on flat land in the Mount Sirat region in western Saudi Arabia, which is 39.36 degrees east and 24.28 degrees north latitude, surrounded by mountains, rising 620 meters above sea level, and it belongs to a mountainous plateau city.  Along with Mecca and Jerusalem, it is known as the Three Holy Places of Islam.  It is the second holiest city in Islam.

 Madinah means Medina, especially those old walled cities.  The word "Midi" refers to the old city of Chefchaouen, and the old city is built on a hill. The old city walls are no longer complete, but the old city still maintains its primitive style, and most of the houses in the old city have been painted.  Blue, there are some decorative flower pots on many of the walls, like a fairytale world.  The old city was built in the 15th century, and the old city has a castle built to resist the Portuguese invasion.

 It is one of the three largest blue and white cities in the world, and although it is not as famous as Santorini, it does feature shades of blue and white.  At least it is the neighboring blue and white city of Tunis.  There are fewer people, so you can swim freely in the blue world.  Keep walking along the main road, you can see a ladder with a few pots of flowers around it, the composition is so beautiful, it's a place where you don't need filters to take pictures.

 Chefchaouen Castle Museum

 Although the Chefchaouen castle is somewhat unclear, it is one of the landmarks of the small city. The pictures of the blue city that often appear on the Internet differ, as it contains more historical heritage, and the yellow walls and towers are somewhat similar to North Africa.  In addition to the castle walls, the castle museum also houses a history museum and a small gallery, and although it cannot be compared to the historical sites in the world, it is a good place to understand the history of Chefchaouen.  In addition to feeling the cultural atmosphere here, you can also climb the watchtowers and look out over the blue houses, the hills and the mosques, to form a picture perfect.

 2. Travel across the Sahara Desert

 The sunset dyed the desert bright red blood, desolate and beautiful, with the bitterness of the desert.  The Sahara Desert, this is where Sanmao uses the most pen and ink to describe it.  Here is the most beautiful love story that gives you irresistible tenderness.  The Sahara Desert is a paradoxical existence.  Not knowing how to describe it amazing: "desolate", very monotonous;  "Absolutely beautiful", but it lacks an adaptation.

 The Sahara Desert is one of the most amazing desert in the world, as it crosses the northern part of the African continent with a total area of ​​8.6 million square kilometers. It walks through the great sandy fields and lies on the back of a camel, looking at the utmost power and grandeur of the desert and the greatest aspects of nature.  Right before your eyes.

 3. Visit your local outdoor market

 Souik Street market in Rabat

 Rabat is the capital of Morocco, it is located at the mouth of the Brierg River in northwestern Morocco, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and is the national political and cultural center and the transport hub of Morocco.  This is a vibrant and cultural city, and Rue Souika is the first shopping street here.  You will find many unexpected treasures when you go shopping at this balcony market.  In the Rabat market, you can enjoy the most beautiful carpets in Morocco, with exotic pottery, table decorations, leather, and dazzling people.

 Pottery here is very popular, and potters are happy to invite visitors to drink mint tea and display their handicrafts for the occasion. You can find all kinds of ceramic products. Decorate your kitchen with those exotic ceramics, which will definitely make people feel welcome and full of praise.  The leather and table decorations here are very beautiful and worth a purchase.

 4. Experience the "Moroccan Bath"

 When you come to Morocco, you should try the Moroccan bath and killing the Moroccan horses, to help you get rid of the burden of travel, while you enjoy the best horse killing experience in the world.

 Turn off the phone, get dressed, and take a walk in the pool to feel the hot water slowly pouring in.  The body is in a state of complete relaxation, then the whole body is coated with Moroccan plant clay to not only exfoliate, but also to make the skin smooth and soft.

 After a trip to Morocco, no matter how arduous the trip, fatigue will disappear, and this trip to Morocco is totally worth the effort!

 5. Show the heritage of Islamic civilization

 Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammed V

 Rabat is the capital of Morocco and everyone who travels to it must visit the mausoleum of King Mohammed V.  The mausoleum is located in the center of Rabat. Construction began in 1962 and was completed in 1971. Mohammed V, the father of the former King Hassan II, died here in 1961. The size of the king’s tomb is very large, and most importantly, it was built next to the Hassan Tower, the symbol of Rabat and the site of the oldest Hassan Mosque in Morocco.  Measuring 183 meters in length and 139 meters in width, it is said to have been destroyed by a famous earthquake centered in Lisbon in 1775. Of the remaining 312 large stone columns, one can still imagine his former majesty.

 Hassan Tower in the square is well preserved, occupying an area of ​​16 meters on one side and a height of 44 meters, half of the original design is only 80 meters high, surrounded by different carving styles and characterized by traditional Moroccan artistic characteristics.  There is a remaining wall guarded by soldiers outside the square and it is an authentic ancient site.  Here the cemetery contains mosques, exhibition halls, and lectures.  The entire building complex is majestic and majestic, with an elegant style that embodies the beautiful architectural prowess of Arab Muslims and the unique architectural style and decorative art of Muslims.

 There are guards guarding the entrance to Hassan Tower and the tomb of Mohammed V.  The guards are sitting on horseback, holding a spear, wearing a red hat, and wearing a white Arabian abaya.  Rangers on horseback are said to have wore green hats, but these have been replaced by red ones.  You can take a group photo.  The facade of the mausoleum is a symbol of the Hassan Tower and the ruins of the Hassan Grand Mosque.  There are several cobbled columns on the marble paved ground of the square in the mausoleum.  To the right of the carefully arranged multi-rows of sidewalks is the dark yellow 'Hassan Tower'.  The shrine has four gates, guarded by guards, and each gate has wonderful carvings on its door frame.  The shrine is surrounded by a passageway, entering the large spot, and it is majestic and majestic.  The ceiling of the main hall is very high, and the rectangular ceiling stands out, like the "moss well" in ancient Chinese architecture.  Guards guard the four corners, carrying a weapon inlaid with ivory.

 Looking down, there are 3 gorgeous tombs carved from agate 10 meters deep.  The front coffin is Muhammad V, Hassan II on the left, and Prince Abdullah's coffin on the right.  There was a rug on the side of the small coffin, as the imam was reciting the Qur’an day and night.  The cemetery has an exhibition hall that includes pictures of the kings of the Allawi dynasty, fifth-generation antiquities, historical materials and covenant documents.

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The Great Barrier Reef of Australia

 The Great Barrier Reef of Australia: Fly to the Heart.

                    Image source:unsplash

 When I come to Australia (10-day Australia Tour Route) to travel Great Barrier Reef, I often come across posters that say: Fly to the heart.

 "Heart" here refers to a heart-shaped coral reef (or a heart-shaped island).  The core of the reef, with coordinates 19 ° 46'31.34 "149 ° 14'52.38" east, is the natural "heart of the sea" and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Great Barrier Reef.

 The best way to see it is to take a seaplane or helicopter, over the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef and the unique heart-shaped coral reefs in the world, you will marvel at the magic of nature.

 Lovers admit that there is no need to say "Give your heart" - the best thing is that you are by my side, flying hand in hand over the heart-shaped coral, and seeing a large heart of peach (a heart-shaped coral) right in front of my eyes.

 Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, and a swim in the arms of the South Pacific is a rare experience on the particularly recommended excursion of a lifetime, the perfect path of heart-shaped coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

 White Paradise Beach, side by side for a walk on the most beautiful beach in the world

 A beautiful day begins with a visit to Whitehaven Beach-Whitehaven located at the southeastern tip of Whitsunday Island, the largest in the Whitsunday Islands, one of three classic must-see sights in the Whitsunday Islands.

 The clear blue waters are confined to pure white silica sand and stretch along the coast for a distance of seven kilometers.

 The perfect combination of blue sky and blue sea makes people feel as if they are in fantasy land on earth.

 Millions of tourists fly over the Great Barrier Reef every year to get a glimpse of the heart-shaped coral reef.  When the flight arrives, the captain will ask the tourists to equip the camera.  Some captains will prepare "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" with extreme caution and thoughtfulness, and heart-shaped corals will appear in front of them.

 When seeing heart-shaped corals in person, no number of words can describe the mood at that time.

 Podium discovery tour

 The flight from the heart-shaped coral reef to the diving platform takes about 10 minutes, and another very exciting experience begins.

 The calcareous bones secreted by coral polyps are anchored with remnants of marine life such as algae and shells to form the largest coral group in the world - the Great Barrier Reef.

 The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act passed by the Australian government very early, in order to protect the Great Barrier Reef tourist attractions from being destroyed, so you can only dive near the Great Barrier Reef offshore platform near the reef.

 You can choose between deep diving and snorkeling, even if you do not have a scuba certification, you can sign up for a dive experience.

 More than 2000 kilometers of tropical waters on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean are active with the largest and most beautiful coral colonies in the world, they resemble tropical rainforests under the sea.  Want to miss the chance to see the "Tropical Rain Forest Under the Sea"?

 Try diving as often as you like (you can try scuba diving without a scuba certification).  It will take an expert trainer to study in shallow water area.  Each instructor will bring 2 to 2 people and tell the expert about diving knowledge, so you don't have to worry about anything a safe question.

 There are many coral reefs here, in addition to those colorful fish, snuggling up close to your side, and you feel that you are in a wonderful new world, and you can enjoy the various underwater creatures ...

 Tips for no two trips:

 (1) The one-day excursion companies that run these projects will provide diving and snorkeling equipment, and they won't need to prepare themselves.

 (2) Never throw human food into the sea to feed fish or birds.  We protect them, we just watch them quietly.

 It is said that every heart-shaped photo of the reef taken during a trip to the Great Barrier Reef is exactly the same masterpiece of photography - yes, it's very pretty here, without skill or poses, just like love.

Article Source: From the Internet


What do I do when I go to Singapore for the first time?

 Singapore travel guide: 

What do I do when I go to Singapore for the first time?

                    Image source:unsplash

 In Southeast Asia, not far from us, there is an island country, which is not large in size and can be visited within an hour by car, and its population is small, more than 5 million people, more than 70% of them are Chinese;  It is not expensive, and the food is almost the same as in mainland China.

 But from such a place known as the "Four Dragon of Asia", this is the fourth largest global financial center after New York, London, and Hong Kong, it is compatible and integrated.  Diverse cultures around the world;  Its architectural atmosphere refined American internationalization, and education has always been committed to Chinese and Western.

 Such a charming country, in recent years, has gradually become an overseas tourist destination that Chinese people cannot miss - Singapore.

 If you are about to travel to Singapore for the first time, I think this guide will make your plan clearer!

 Get out and fly right, take your child on a zero-day delay trip


 Parent-child tour in a children's paradise park

 1. The geographical location of Singapore

 Located in the southernmost point of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world, with a total area of ​​only 694 square kilometers, it is smaller than Hong Kong.

 Due to its close proximity to the equator, Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate, with slight temperature changes throughout the year, adequate rain, high air humidity, and an average annual temperature of 23-31 ° C, so you will not feel cold even in  winter.

 2. Why travel to Singapore?

 1. This is a melting pot of multiculturalism

 From the amalgamation of different cooking methods from different countries to diverse architectural styles, Singapore is a gathering place for multinational cultures.  Here, you can share Chinese Lunar New Year, Islamic Eid Al Fitr, Indian Deepavali, Western Christmas and more with the locals.

 Rows of skyscrapers are also eye-catching views of this cosmopolitan city.  At sunset, you can pick a nearby rooftop bar for a slow drink and wait for the sunset, and watch the skyscrapers of the central financial district smear by the sunset, creating the unique beauty of a cosmopolitan city.

 The varied, old and new buildings in Singapore are even more shocking.  The buildings in the administrative district are filled with historical charm, and the architectural design of the cultural and artistic district has a strong sense of design, giving people a wonderful visual effect.  When seeing these things, you will feel that the perfect fusion of two architectural styles in Singapore is simply natural, with the 'modern sense' of the city and the 'sense of history' of ancient buildings.

 Additionally, in Singapore, you must remember to visit those famous historical areas, such as Little India, Chinatown and the Kampong Glam, where there are amazing colorful historic buildings, some of which date back to the early nineteenth century.

 2. This is a gathering place for Southeast Asian art

 If you love art, Singapore is where you want to go, this is undoubtedly a paradise for designers.  You can plan a "museum tour", go to the National Gallery Singapore, where the largest exhibition of modern art in Southeast Asia is displayed;  Go to the Singapore Art Museum, Singapore and Paris Benazir Sukhothai Museum.

 The outdoor art shows at Marina Bay are filled with a strong artistic atmosphere and they also bring in some local fireworks, keeping people always here.

 3. This is a theme park suitable for all ages

 People who visit Singapore are different from traveling to other countries, they are often family groups, because the attractions and playgrounds here are usually suitable for all ages, such as Singapore Zoo, River Ecological Park, Sentosa, Universal Studios, etc.  It allows the whole family to have fun together, which can be described as friendly and fun.

 4. This is a shopper's paradise

 As we all know Singapore is a shopper's paradise, no matter you big or small budget, you can find a place that suits you.  The malls on Orchard Road, the luxury stores at Marina Bay and the shops in Haji Lane are all good shopping places.

 It doesn't matter if you have a short time and can't go shopping.  Duty-free shops at Singapore Changi Airport can satisfy your desire to shop.  According to the shopping experience of many travel friends online in Singapore, buying big name perfumes and skin care products here is the best option.

 5. It is very close to home, and direct flight only takes three hours

 The flight from home to Singapore takes only 3 hours, with no time difference and heavy flights.  In addition to the convenient transportation, Singapore is also very safe, the local crime rate is very low, and there are almost no barriers to Chinese communication, even girls are not afraid to travel alone!

 6. How many days is most convenient for free travel in Singapore?

 The length of time generally depends on the way you play.  It takes a different time to wander or deeply experience the local culture.  But if you are here for the first time, or are traveling with the whole family, Wuerjun recommends that the best travel time is 5-6 days.

 If only given 3 days, the itinerary would be very hasty.  Although Singapore is small, there are many special attractions, especially for families with children.  If you go for sightseeing, you will be very impressed;  7-8 days are very long, office personnel rarely spend such long vacations, moreover, Singapore is very close to China, booking airline tickets is not expensive, and it may not take long time.  5-6 days is well suited as a small country, visiting ethnic streets, tasting Singaporean delicacies, indulging in nature, playing in different parks and gardens, enough 6 days.

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What are the fun places to travel to Sydney?

 What are the fun places to travel to Sydney?

                    Image source:unsplash

 Girls of the same age are probably always more mature than boys.  Faced with Sydney as a New World, Xiao Lin said, "From tomorrow, the world will be ours!"

 These two talented teens who were about to be huge bounty gunners stood in the bright Sydney sun and snapped a picture: the blue water that froze at that moment, the skyscraper behind them, and their desire for the world.

 Who did not waste their youth doing what you think is right?  You don't have to raise your arms and scream to burn blood, because young people are originally an active volcano that walks!

 I draw swords for friends to help each other, regardless of gains and losses, sharing glory and shame;  In the golden age of life, I want to love and eat, and I want to become a half-dark cloud in the sky in an instant.

 Faced with the teen who was about to give it a try, Sydney kept shining in the sun and quietly watching her, after all, the lack of reckless and emotional youth is somewhat unfortunate.

 Sydney, Sydney, the tone is so lively and lively, the corners of the mouth should be raised when reading it. Rain and rain are indispensable in the four seasons, but the warm sun is the ultimate hero that cannot be shaken.  Traveling to Sydney is like returning to your carefree teenage years, and the breeze through the white shirt and the shallow dimples are all beautiful.  Traveling to Sydney is like returning to your carefree youth.

 The Sydney Opera House is the most popular attraction in Sydney, where white sails float like romantic poetry.

 The Harbor Bridge connects Sydney's CBD to North Beach, awaiting thrill seekers to climb and conquer it;

 Sydney Botanical Garden is like a green canvas, let you write however you want: stare at the sky in a daze, drink beer until your belly is crumpled, lie on the grass and pretend you are a rock, just be happy;

 Don't miss the fireworks at Darling Harbor on Saturday night.  The shine of the lights is the magic of the night, but the fireworks decoration makes random people want to show a little guilt. Hugs and a light kiss on the forehead are a perfect match.

 Of course, the locals did not live up to the blessings of Heaven, and were "hardworking" on this earth.  Although the waves at Bondi Beach are not suitable for swimming, the sand is white and smooth.  When the weather is fine, Sydney residents will call friends to lie on the beach to sunbathe, or stand on a surfboard and stand shoulder to shoulder with the waves.

 Manly Beach is located seven miles from downtown Sydney and is a favorite vacation destination for Sydney.  Beautiful scenery, food, good things, everything, but without the hustle and bustle of the city.  Even in winter, Sydney is warm in the sun.

 Music festivals have always been one of the most popular festivals. Australia (10-day Australia Tourist Route) International Music Festival can always arouse the enthusiasm of local youth.  Blues, jazz, folk songs and rock and roll mix together, and youth hormones are mixed with alcoholic beverages.

 Hyde Park is Sydney's "tree pit", where you listen and accept the sorrows, joys and anger of all.  The office staff will have lunch and rest here, the kids will run and play here, three or five friends will come here for a walk, and of course the people are running and walking.

 In addition to relaxing at the beach and parks on weekends, visiting the art galleries is also a good place for locals to relax.  The Art Gallery of New South Wales has a three-story underground gallery room, which houses the highest standard of art in Australia, Asian and Oceanian art, and works by famous European painters Picasso and Monet among others.

 Young people are greedy in everything, they always ask what's interesting here?  The eyes want to see all the scenes, and the mouth wants to swallow all the food. It is the leaping thoughts that dominate the body to complete this "greed".

 The desire to eat and the ability to eat is the most devastating "sacrifice" that an unwilling body can make.  But if you can't even please your taste buds, what is the taste of life?  (Confessions of a foodie)

 The most worrisome thing about Chinese traveling or migrating overseas is a stomach that does not need to be full and has a feeling of happiness after eating.  Sydney, the international port city, can handle the gastronomic difficulties.

 A semi-cooked Australian steak with Hunter Valley wine in a glass is an excellent way to open up Australian life;

 Eating plump clams in Sydney is like eating roast duck in Peking.

 If you want to eat some "game", try some kangaroo meat;

 If you want to show your culinary skills, go to Sydney Fish Market to buy the richest and most delicious seafood food;

 If you just want to sit back and enjoy fine dining, Rocks, Kings Cross, Chinatown and gourmet restaurants from around the world can dine as you please.

 As I grow up, I yearn more and more for a place where the sun shines, filled with vitality and hope, as if no amount of fog was a problem.

 People always say people are just like their namesake, but cities are also that way.  London gives off a deep sense of history, Paris reveals romantic feelings, New York is open and free, Tokyo is strict and denies itself without losing individuality ... What about Sydney?  Sydney is lively and bright.

 Not everyone who has visited Sydney will be willing to give it a bad review.  Whether you are a tourist or a resident, it is difficult to get bored here, who will reject the guys?

 There is only one in Sydney, and only once for your youth.  If you want to go to Sydney to get your youth back, you can customize a unique Australian Tour Wuerjour!

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