How much money is needed for a trip to Morocco ?

How much money is needed for a trip to Morocco ?

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What is the best season to travel?

 Perhaps there is no "dirty" country in the world like Morocco.  He walks in it, as if he were walking on a paint tray thrown by God.  Casablanca is romantic and pure, Marrakech red is gorgeous and enthusiastic, Chefchaouen blue is calm and lazy, and colorful Fez is full of elegance ...

 Each city has its own bright colors, which represent its unique mood.  When you see Morocco for the first time, you can't help but fall in love with this mysterious and dreamy country.  Since Morocco exempted China from visas, it has attracted a large number of domestic tourists.

What is the best tourist season in Morocco?  Let's introduce you from Wuer Journey.

 1. The cost of booking airline tickets in Morocco:

 At present, there is no direct domestic flight to Morocco, generally, transportation is required, and the price of a round-trip ticket reservation is generally 7000-1100 yuan.  If you encounter a discount ticket of around 5,000, start decisively.  If you think it's annoying to travel to Morocco as a guide, get airline tickets and book accommodation, you can also click on the link below to find a personalization tool to help.

 Must choose for the first play, an 11-day classic nature tour in Morocco

 Nouaceur-Casablanca-Marrakech-Ait Ben Haddou-Ouarzazate-Boumalne-Dades-Tinghir-Merzouga-Ifrane-Fez-Chefchaouen-Rabat-Casablanca-Nouaceur

 2. Housing prices in Morocco:

 The capital of Morocco is Rabat, which is divided into the new city of Rabat and the old city of Salire, and the cost of living in the new city is slightly higher than the cost of the old city, and generally speaking, the reservation of ordinary housing is not less than 300 yuan.  Get 600-700 RMB.  You can also consider family hostels, where the average price per person is generally under 150. Most family homes in Morocco are decorated with local features.

 3. Moroccan transport costs:

 City sights are not acceptable, and if you are taking a taxi, you must negotiate the price in advance or use the meter directly.  There are only ONCF trains in the country, and there are many bus ticket options, but it is recommended to purchase CTM trains, as their bus facilities are better and the fees are relatively reasonable.

 4. Moroccan food prices:

 The cheapest food restaurant ranges from 15 to 25 yuan, while in medium-sized restaurants, the price of a two- and three-course meal ranges between 80 and 150 yuan.

 5. Prices of tickets for tourist places in Morocco:

 Morocco has many photography sites, and most scenic spots are free, even if the price isn't high.  Among the most popular attractions in Morocco, the Hassan II mosque ticket is around 83 yuan, Chefchaouen is free, Mayor Park is around 35 yuan, the old city of Marrakech is free, and Jamfna Square is free.

 6. The best season for tourism in Morocco

 High season is December, March, April, May, October etc., and it is also the best time to travel to Morocco.  Choose to travel in the off-season from November to January, which can significantly reduce transportation and accommodation budgets and avoid crowds.  The exact itinerary can be customized by consulting the customizer.

 Desert adventure in the fun country, 11-day classic excursion to Morocco

 Nouaceur-Casablanca-Essaouira-Marrakech-Ait Ben Haddou-Ouarzazate-Boumalne-Dades-Tinghir-Merzouga-Ifrane-Fez-Chefchaouen-Tangier-Rabat-La Part-Casablanca-Nouaceur

 7. What is the cost of travel in Morocco?

 The cost of tourism in Morocco is determined by the number of days of travel and experience of demand, and it is preferable that the approximate cost of a 7-day trip to Monaco is 1.3-1.5 watts.  Of course, if you want to play deeper and more relaxed, you need to increase your budget.

 The above is an introduction to you of money to travel to Morocco.  Many people think that going to Morocco is the cost of traveling to Africa and enjoying a trip to Europe, so what are they waiting for?  Contact Wuer Travel now.

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