Tourism Route Dedicated to National Day in Australia .

 Tourism Route Dedicated to National Day in Australia: 

Catch koalas and eat oysters.

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 11 Golden Week, a holiday people love and hate.  I love it because it's the longest statutory holiday of the year;  I hate it because it makes all the attractions crowded.  Even sparsely populated Australia (Australia's 12-day Tourist Route) cannot reach the strength of Golden Week - accommodations on Hamilton Island at the Great Barrier Reef are booked on behalf of the reservation.  Rooms are booked on National Day half a year in advance.

 If you don't want to squeeze out Sydney and Melbourne with your aunt, you can also follow the Great Ocean Road westward to a state with few tourists.  There is one of Australia's most livable cities, the softest glass of Australian wine, and one of Australia's fattest.  Lobster and sea lion are waiting for you.

 Stop jihad with the silly question "Is it okay to travel to Australia in October?"

 In order to let friends go to Australia to do new tricks, Wuer Journey has carefully prepared a free travel route in South Australia to help you conquer South Australia beyond your imagination!

 - Specific Itinerary -

 First day Adelaide

 Your trip to South Australia begins in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, the fifth most liveable city in the world, and the second cleanest city in the world.  Compared to Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide is not as well known.  For this reason, Adelaide has kept a rare and calm simplicity, and people here are very friendly.

 Just as you should go to Tiananmen Square when you come to Beijing, you should also go to the city center when you go to Adelaide. Victoria Square, the fountain on the square designed by famous sculptor John Doi of the Three Rivers that flow through South Australia is impressive.

 Naturally you should not be interested in the square, and the central market next to the square is the focus.  Known as the 'Heart of Adelaide', this market dates back 140 years, and there are more than 250 stalls in the market offering rich local produce.

 After entering the market, throw your cheeks away, "Walk, Eat, Shop, All ...", just spin to infinity.  Fruit, cheese, kangaroo meat, honey, seafood ... if you can't eat them, find a cafe to sit down and chat with the owner.

 But you still have to control yourself a little, because then you'll visit Penfolds Magill Manor and have lunch here.  The winery is only 15 minutes drive from town and transportation is very convenient.

 Penfolds Magill Estate is the birthplace of the Penfolds brand, and their Granch wines are world famous.  After tasting a variety of wines, choose one bottle for lunch, and buy two additional bottles for dinner.  But remember, don't drink while you're driving, and don't drive while you're drinking.

 If you're a literary youngster, the focus of an afternoon is North Street Adelaide.

 On either side of this street are the State Library, State Museum, State Gallery of Art and the University of Adelaide, which is where the spirit of the Adelaide book is concentrated.  This route is a series of museums, churches, and sculptures, as well as the history of Australia, a country of immigrants.

 If you prefer landscapes, then head to Glenelg Beach earlier.

 Glenell Beach doesn't have a variety of hula dances, but just a family, dog, fishing rod, group of greedy seagulls, and dusk blown by the sea breeze.

 International students call Adelaide a "village".  Firstly, due to the small size of the city, you can drive anywhere in the city within 20 minutes, and secondly, there is no nightlife in Adelaide and there are no places for dinner.  Easy to find.

 However, during its eleventh period, Adelaide will host the annual Australia-Asia Arts Festival.

 The artistic festival aims to show the artistic development and social expectations of Asian countries, and every year, different countries are the subjects, but the most popular moon lantern festival is the correct Chinese style.  This year's Moon Lantern Festival takes place on the evening of October 1.  In addition to the light show, there will also be a night market that brings together Asian food, which is the equivalent of the Mid-Autumn Festival ahead of schedule.

 Day Two Barossa - Adelaide Hills

 On the second day of traveling in Australia, it is advised to drink and eat meat and not to drive, as the destination on this day is Barossa, the most famous wine-producing region in Australia.

 First stop in the morning is Penfolds Winery.  This winery has the same origin as Penfolds Magill Estate and is also one of the largest wineries in the Barossa area.

 The most interesting project in a winery is blending wine.  You can also mix different wines according to your own taste in terms of acidity, sweetness, and fruity to create a red wine that bears your name.  This bottle of red wine, unique in the world, can penetrate into the sky, whether it is a gift or a self-drink.

 Jack is one of the three largest wine brands in Australia with the same reputation as Penfolds and owns the largest vineyard in Barossa.  Enjoy stunning views of the vineyards while having lunch at the Jacques Visitor Center.  In the glass there is high-quality wines from Jack, in front of you the rest of the grove smells of grapes, unaware, slightly reeling.

 In the afternoon, go to Chateau Sharpe, pick a bottle of wine of your age, and see if this bottle of wine can hold your story.  It's hard to say it all, and drink it all, regardless of whether it's a bit of a drift or a cup of wind and snow.

 Finally comes the German village of Händorf (Germany 5 tours), the oldest German immigrant in Australia, with a history of more than 170 years.  Buildings in the city still retain the Prussian style from a hundred years ago, which allows you to immediately travel to Germany from a hundred years ago.  In a German cuckoo clock collection store, craft store, and candle store, you can definitely pick up a souvenir of your choice.

 When you arrive in the German village of Händorf, you must not miss this authentic German pork meal.  Pork joints, sausages, and beer ... Leave weight loss aside first, then talk about the five internal organs in the structure.

 After drinking and eating, it was getting late.  Don't rush to book town accommodations, with a little wine, opt for a small courtyard in the mountains and spend the night in the Adelaide Hills.  If there is a mountain breeze in the house, then how fast is this wind!

 Day 3: Adelaide Hills> Adelaide> Port Lincoln

 There are rumors that only Queensland in Australia allow koalas.  That's ridiculous, South Australia can also hold koalas!  At Clayland Wildlife Park or Canyon Wildlife Park in Adelaide Hills, you can also cuddle up with koalas without leaving

 Of course, cute pets in Australia are a lot more than these.  In these two safari parks you can personally feed kangaroo national kangaroo and emu on the national emblem of Australia.  You can also meet Tasmanian "Little Devil" from Tasmania, sincere wombats, and many rare class birds.  These cute animals are a super magic weapon for calming down bear children.

 The National Automobile Museum in Adelaide Hills is also worth a visit, with the largest and most important collection of cars in Australia and it is also one of the best auto museums in the world.  Australian history has seen more than 400 cars of all ages, among them all the most famous classic cars.

 After visiting the Automobile Museum, set off to travel to a seafood connoisseur's paradise - the Eyre Peninsula, and embark on a journey full of action and seafood.

 Day 4: Port Lincoln

 Known as the 'food paradise' of the South Australian Eyre Peninsula, 65% of Australian seafood is served, and Port Lincoln is the most popular fishing port on the Eyre Peninsula.  Rock crab, abalone, bluefin tuna, oysters ... every one when the food is here, will totally immerse themselves in their soul.

 When you arrive in Port Lincoln, don't rush to eat, first go to Flinders Port Terminal to experience the busyness and finesse of the largest grain export terminal in South Australia.  The giant Panama-class cargo ship was loaded with grains, sardines, tuna and chemical fertilizers and then set sail for a long voyage.

 The yachting marina is the focus of attention today, as it is the port of call for the largest fishing fleet in Australia.  It's not very interesting to just watch other people fish.  If you want to feel the excitement of fishing, then you should take part in the activities of The Fresh Fish Place, which is a seafood factory.  In addition to seeing seafood, you can also buy lobster, cod George, snapper, lobster, and kingfish.  Shrimp, bluefin tuna is enough to satisfy every hungry.

 Port Lincoln isn't just seafood, Michira Station is one of the few places in Australia where you can see wild koalas.  The eucalyptus tree full of koalas is not a landscape everyone can see.

 In Port Lincoln, eating is a big deal, and for no other reason, there is a lot of food.  For example, after visiting the western abalone plant in the afternoon, and seeing abalone smack, who can hold back the flowing saliva?

 Day 5 Port Lincoln

 On the fifth day of my Australia trip, I went to Coffin Bay National Park to see a large expanse of calm sea.

 Located only 45 kilometers from Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay National Park is known for its ancient granite cliffs, limestone and sandstone, and long white sand-covered beaches.  The white sandy beaches of Cofin Bay are very beautiful and there are few tourists, and white sand is spread along the coast, and the beauty of the sea and the sky can only be felt by seeing it with your own eyes.

 And when you're driving offshore, it's another sight, bushes strewn high and low, making you mistakenly think you are crossing the pristine region of Africa.  When you drive here, you will see a kangaroo walking along the coast or between heaven and earth, and at the corner of the road, you may see emu crossing the road with a child.

 If you thought just watching the sea is boring, do it yourself and catch some Australian salmon on Almunta Beach.  It doesn't matter whether the fish is good or not, Coffin Bay's signature seafood is not salmon.

 Due to their superior geographical position, the oysters produced in Coven Bay are among the highest in the world.  After visiting the oyster farm and seeing the whole life of the oysters, it is a good idea to have a feast of oysters.  Ditch the flavor of fresh oysters, and return to the tip of the tongue with a sweet touch, your trip to Covent Bay is finally done.

 Day 6: Port Lincoln> Adelaide

 On the last day of the voyage, I went out to sea to search for mammals that had been lost for tens of millions of years.  In Bird Bay, sea lions and dolphins are especially close to humans.  When you jump into the sea, you'll always be swimming curious sea lions and dolphins around you.

 However, Bird Bay is some distance from Port Lincoln, and if itinerary is not allowed, I fear it will only disappoint sea lions and dolphins.

 If time permits, you can also take part in scuba diving with great white sharks here.  When the shark saw shivering mammals in the iron cage, 80% thought, what is this?  It looks a bit like a sea lion.  Can you eat it  good taste?  Forget it, it looks hard to digest, and I'll eat fish.

 After experiencing the cutest pet, food, food and beauty of South Australia, it was time to set out on the way home.  Does this specialist Australian free travel route feel so great?

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