Parent-child travel guide in Thailand.

 Parent-child travel guide in Thailand

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 Traffic jam, crowds of tourists and the environment disturbing. Tired of Thailand (Thailand 8 Days Route)?  Don't be discouraged, however, Thailand still has a bit of fun, and those fun activities to fly are the right way to open up Thailand!  These colorful Thai activities are best for bringing kids to play together!

 Recommended parent-child activity: Songkran Festival

 Recommended reason:

 Thai Songkran Festival, also known as Songkran Festival, runs from April 13th to 15th, but in fact, the carnival mainly begins on days 11 and 12 in a small scale, reaches its climax from 13 to 15, and will continue in some places.  Continue until 19!  Although Thai companies, banks, and many Thailand-run stores are closed during the Songkran Festival, in the various sub-battlefields of the Splash Carnival, the small vendors on the side will sell whatever is needed for this wet outdoor party, water pistols.  Food, soda and beer.

 A roadside bar gate welcomes you to buy a beer at any time, adding fire to your already enthusiastic mood, and some bars will send DJs to the gate to celebrate the Carnival.  In short, coming here during the Songkran Festival means you have to forgo elegance, forget about restraint, take off your high heels, wear quick-drying short-sleeved shorts, and laugh out loud even if thrown into a mess.  Collapse was sprinkled on?  Then pour it out again!  !

 Recommended parent-child activities: Light water ing

 Recommended reason:

 If we can see the passion of the Thai people from the "Songkran Festival" in April, the "Loy Krathong Festival" in November every year fully reflects the romantic tenderness of Thais.  The Loy Krathong Festival is famous for tens of thousands of people lighting the lanterns of tomorrow, under the night, there are thousands of Kongming lanterns in the sky, and there is an endless sea of ​​lights.  In addition to tens of thousands of sky lantern activities, people will also put water lanterns in the water, as long as they are close to river or lake ports, the water will be full of water lanterns.  The floats parade and the temple lighting are also the highlight of Loy Krathong Festival, so you will definitely have fun during the Loy Krathong Festival.

 Recommended parent-child activity: Jungle Leap

 Recommended reason:

 Tired of playing with Phuket beaches?  The jungle scene on the island is more exciting, especially the jungle jumping activity, which will definitely get you hooked!  Jungle Leap is similar to the zip line we often say and is generally built on a high platform in the rainforest and glides with the help of a drop.  The whole project is carried out in the tropical rainforest, and in front of the flight is the dense, lush, boundless forest, which allows people to perfectly experience the thrill of the Taishan monkey.  The safety in Jungle Leap is highly guaranteed, and the safety measures are complete.  Just enjoy the shuttle hop between the rainforest!

 Recommended parent-child activity: hot air balloon flight

 Recommended reason:

 Hot air balloons in Chiang Mai are not as famous as Turkey, but it is this unknown that allows travelers to feel a different kind of calm and fairytale beauty.  Above the sky, hot air balloons cross the mountains, forests and ancient temples in North Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai is so calm and beautiful.  After more than an hour of free flight, the sun slowly revealed its color like egg yolk, and a beautiful morning slowly appeared before us, and this calming and heart-wrenching image would become the most unforgettable memory in life.  One.

 Parent-Child Recommended Activity: Try Thai Clothes Photography

 Recommended reason:

 The Kimono experience in Japan (the 6-day tour route in Japan) and the Korean Hanbok experience are all indispensable activities for tourists in the local area, so how can you miss the chic and chic style of Thai clothing in Thailand?  A traditional costume photography session in Chiang Mai is the best opportunity to experience Thai fashion culture, and compared to Bangkok, many Thai fashion art galleries in Chiang Mai are cheaper and have a variety of options.  The gorgeous sequin tube skirt is gorgeous in color and full of shine, and it has been cleverly cut to show the graceful figure of a girl.

 Recommended parent-child activity: Thai cooking lesson

 Recommended reason:

 Thai food is definitely the master of the Southeast Asian gastronomy world, so when you come to Thailand, you not only have to taste all the foods but you also have to learn some traditional dishes yourself.  The first step in making Thai food is to go to the local market to pick out ingredients, exotic tropical fruits and rich Thai spices, and without the leadership of the locals, it is difficult to appreciate the traditional markets in Northern Thailand.  Tom Yum Goong soup, Thai yellow curry, lemongrass and coconut milk ... embark on a culinary journey with these exotic ingredients in a perfect kitchen in the ancient city of Chiang Mai.

 Thailand, as an authentic tourist country, really has the disadvantage of being too developed.  But these fun and enjoyable activities in Thailand are really suitable for parent-child travel.  Thailand, is a kind of magic for all kinds of excuses to woo you to come back to.

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