Thailand travel guide

 Thailand travel guide.

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  Free visa on arrival!  The cost of a parent-child trip per person is 4.5 thousand in the small town next door!

 Official announcement! On October 31, the website of the Thai Constitutional Gazette officially announced that the policy of "visa fee waiver for 21 countries", which was originally scheduled to expire on October 31, will be extended to April 30, 2020!  Winter vacation separates us from two months, so why not take this opportunity to take the baby to Sahwan!

 "Little Rose of Northern Thailand" has a direct flight to Chiang Mai for an average of 5 hours. The climate is comfortable, the gameplay is mild and varied, and there are many Internet celebrities.  It's also the favorite place of "National Goddess" Teresa Teng, the perfect place to take baby to the waves!

 Wuerjun has a "5 days 4 nights" parent-child trip in Chiang Mai with a highly cost-effective excursion program.  She departs from December to March.  Includes airline tickets and accommodation reservations.  Only 4,599 per person.  Please come on the weekend three days off, you can take the baby and leave! Click the link below to customize the free flight.

 Feel the Thai Culture, Thailand, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, Free 7-Day Tour (Walk in Chiang Mai Ancient City + Visit Siam Square + Explore the Grand Palace)

 Chiang Mai Bay Chiang Mai Bangkok

 Touring Thai culture at Siam Square in Chiang Mai.

 Flight highlights

 ☆ He prefers comfortable, direct non-red flights, staying booked in four-star or five-star high-class accommodations throughout the trip, and does not change accommodation while booking, so you don't have to worry! Chartered pick-up and drop-off service to scenic locations like Suthep Mountain  Night Zoo away from town, saving effort! ☆ Interactive game for the whole family: pure elephant charity camp, flying over forest, water park, Chiang Mai cooking school, fun! ☆ Adults aren't boring: classic market check-in and shopping, all from  The most worthwhile attraction in Chiang Mai in one go! The most special delicacies: Savor the pork knuckle rice from Fengfeifei, Teresa Teng's favorite Northern Thai curry noodles, the clear red desserts, and have fun!

 01 Find the difference between real and fake Buddha statues, break through the Shuanglong Temple

 It's fun for adults to take children to play. The ancient square-shaped city of Chiang Mai witnessed the rise and fall of the Lanatai dynasty, which is protected by a city wall and a moat outside, and inside there are 5 gates with many relics. The Thapae Gate and two of the highest temples are each located in Chiang  Mai in the ancient city of Chiang Mai.

 Thapae Gate is a Chiang Mai landmark. There is a moat on either side of the gate There is a small empty square in front of the gate you can take your children for a walk here.

 The bright blue sky, simple red walls, lush green trees and Thapae Gate in the morning and evening have their own beauty.  Choose a good angle, you can take a large landscape or a beautiful family photo.

 Wat Phra Singh, the largest temple in Chiang Mai, has been an incense burner since the 14th century, and is the highest temple in Chiang Mai along with the Chedi Luang Temple.

 The temple is bright and wonderful, and on the right side of the main hall there is a row of statues of prominent monks who look like real people, and you can entertain the child to distinguish between serious and false;

 You can also enjoy the murals of ancient temple costumes and customs with her, tell her about Buddhist culture, and show her hand in front of children.

 Doi Suthep Mountain, 6 kilometers from downtown Chiang Mai, is a famous Buddhist shrine. “Soti” means “Friends of the Immortals”, here are foggy clouds, cool and pleasant, and the five-color roses in full bloom, which really has the artistic concept of “climb  Fairy Mountain and Meet Imaginary Friends. "

 Doi Suthep Temple on the top of the mountain is named after tall dragons lying on either side of the stone steps in front of the temple, and it provides a wonderful view of the beautiful scenery of Chiang Mai. When you and your child climb steep stairs at level 306, you can encourage him to "fight the dragon and persevere to the end."  And then you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. " 

 02 Sahwan in the water park, jump into the tropical rainforest

 When playing with children, you must often say, “I would be happy if the child was happy,” but if you can have fun with your child, it must be an unforgettable memory and double happiness.  Trek Water Park, '' is designed on an interstellar space and divided into four zones: a children's zone, a screaming area, a surfing area and a paddling area.

 Kids' area is only 30 cm water slide, guarded by "warriors" in many interstellar movies, so you can rest assured that your kids can enjoy themselves.

 The screaming zone is your world.  Sit on the blow valve, pass through the "great black hole trumpet", and slide from a height of over ten meters, like inhaling a hurricane, as adrenaline soars.

 The surfing area is clean, has artificial waves and beach chairs. You can happily splash the water with your kids.  When you are tired, lay on beach chairs and sip a glass of fresh juice, as if you were really on the beach.

 Particularly hidden tips:

 Kids under 90cm are free of charge, and if you come here on weekends, you can also enjoy the great night show ~ Located in tropical Chiang Mai, it is not only fresh but wild as well.

 Jungle Leap is best suited to bring kids over 4 years old to practice bravery here.  Put on protective clothing with your child, go up the ladder through the woods, let the child grip the rope, the strongest force will be behind him and move forward together.

 Particularly hidden tips:

 There are many mosquitoes in the tropical rainforests, so it is best to wear long clothes and pants and bring mosquito-repellent supplies with you

 03 plays Meikang Elephant Camp and does charity work

 Animals are the best friends of the human race, so watching children interact closely with small animals, the whole heart will be healed.

 Compared to Meiwang and Meiwang, Mekang Elephant Camp has no offense and is intended for general welfare only.  All six elephants in the camp were rescued.

 You and your children will wear a professional "elephant" costume, which is much more like the volunteers who come to visit elephants than tourists. When you feed the little elephant's tongue and corn stalks, they happily eat and kiss and hug you with their noses, they are not afraid of people at all.

 After feeding the elephants, you must "bathe" them, and you can fight in the water with the baby elephants with your children. During the elephant camp itinerary, we will include a pick-up, drop-off, lunch and a special photo shoot, so that you can still relive this lovely memory with your children when you return to  Home.

 Particularly hidden tips:

 There is no hot water here, you can just shower, and remember to bring good toiletries ~ The Night Zoo at the foot of Mount Suthep is the largest zoo in Thailand, divided into four parts: the carnivore tours area, the herbivore tours area, the trekking tours area, and the performance area.  Except Wednesday, there will be a tiger show at 17:30 and 19:30 every day. Great little tigers will "pretend" to slap several times.  It sounds like a slapstick in your eyes, but it's enough to make the kids happy. The best way to enjoy the night zoo is to take a zebra tour bus and shuttle in the park. You can take your kids to greet the giraffes, zebras and cubs you saw along the way.

 04 Go shopping, dine, and eat gourmet food all at once

 When spending time with children, every moment is very happy, but the most relaxing time is to go shopping.  You and your child can only care about the tools in front of you, and the delicious food in your mouth will dispel all your worries. Sunday Night Market, the largest and most famous market in Chiang Mai, only celebrates every Sunday at 5 pm until late at night. When entering from  Tha Pae Gate in the ancient city, vendors selling various snacks and cabbage price items extend along the street all the way to Wat Phra Singh, which is about one kilometer long. Most of the things worth buying here are the famous "soap flower" handicrafts in  Thailand - The "lotus blossoms" are delicately placed in a small circular box carved in northern Thai patterns, exuding a light scent.  Both kids and adults will love it. If you bring some souvenirs for your relatives and friends, it will be very good.

 Wuerjun privately hides tips:

 Go to the night market to explore the path before it gets dark.  If there are a lot of people, you will not be able to walk.  The Thai National Anthem will be played at 18:00 pm.  Please stop walking to the end and show respect. Fong Fei Fei Pork Knuckle Rice at Chang Puak Night Market, North Gate of Chiang Mai, is considered the best pork knuckle rice in Chiang Mai.

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