What is the experience of driving a motorhome to Australia?

What is the experience of driving a motorhome to Australia?

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 With two kids and a large family, I rented an RV in Australia (15th road round Australia), and bravely completed the parent-child self-driving tour of Australia.

 There was a lot of laughter and laughter along the way, and a lot of confusion.

 After her return, she carefully wrote down all of the memories of this Australian self-driving tour in celebration of the trip.

 I hope that after a long time, the whole family can still remember the scent of the sun and the cool breeze.

 We are now broadcasting her journey to Australia fully, hoping to give you the same courage to see the world, and the courage not to stop.

 The first time I saw someone travel in a motorhome was in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand (New Zealand 14-day Tourist Route)

 A blonde and blue fanatic couple made two cups of coffee in an RV and reclined on the blue lake to watch the scene.

 At that moment, I felt romantic!

 I dream one day, I can also take an RV trip.

 But before the romantic journey of the two-person world, Dabao Zhima and Erbao Manni come out.

 But there is still a dream, what if one day it comes true?

 I remember when I wrote the first travel diary for Dabao Zima, I mentioned that I wanted to take him in an RV for an unforgettable parent-child trip in Australia.

 This time, I finally realized my little dream and traveled to Australia in a motorhome.

 Take a big 3-year-old and another 9-month-old treasure on a fun journey!

 So the question is, how can we arrange an enjoyable, non-tiring, and particularly interesting trip between parent and child?

 Of course, do well a few months ago.

 The beautiful picture in my mind when executing the strategy is:

 We live in an RV with two kids, and we slept under the stars, in the woods, by the sea

 We move away from the crowds to find the secret garden in our hearts

 We eat when we want, sleep when we want to sleep, and park when we want to stand

 We are fully integrated in the bosom of nature

 We don't have to pack our bags every day and change our accommodation reservation, and we don't have to worry about check-in and check-out time

 We are free like the wind

 In fact, our RV trip is actually the same as the wind trip, it is not only very free but also chaotic.  .  .

 This trip tells me that no matter how good the strategy, I will still be a mess when driving an RV with my child.

 But precisely because of her own experience, she makes us unforgettable. Because many beautiful pictures were recorded, I finally got a great great RV of my dreams,

 I saw the blue coral sea in Jai Chu’s words. More important than the beautiful landscape, we experienced several meaningful things during this trip: Dabao Chima spent his third birthday in Townsville!

 Xiao Bao Mane was raised by her father high on Noosa Beach and she has fallen in love with the sea ever since.

 My mother-in-law took a seaplane on the Whitsunday Islands and saw the heart-shaped coral I had always longed for.

 My mom completed her first dive into the Great Barrier Reef.

 My husband and I took a hot balloon in Cairns and fulfilled one of my little wishes;

 Dabao Zhizhi and Xiaobao Manni finally saw kangaroos and koalas in the story book.

 Koala waited half an hour without moving.

 The most interesting thing is I got my best friends and family to walk with us, two RVs, and three kids, so cool!

 The three children took pictures in a roadside café to commemorate.

 The big sweetheart and the little girlfriend unite, the expressions of the two girlfriends coincide.

 Mothers of Sa Hoaner II.

 At first, I didn't use the RV's gas stoves, and I prepared an extra meal for the kids for two hours, which made Manny feel hungry.

 My husband couldn't find a parking place in the scenic area, he wandered around for about an hour, we were all tired of playing and he just got there.

 I take a bath in the public bath of the RV camp every night, and after washing Dabao wash the second treasure, and wash off the second treasure, I have no time to watch the starry sky.  (I met a good sister who brought my younger brother to take a bath in the public restroom, and she was crying with envy)

 Every day before going to bed, at the campground where grass and mosquitoes fly, the whole family will repel mosquitoes in full spirit.

 On the day I drove 500 km, I was hungry and tired, and when I ate a seafood meal, Fish Dauphine, everyone went crazy.

 Autocrat chief executives who never do housework and never touch Yang Chunshui receive water and electricity every day to turn the toilet, drive a large caravan for thousands of miles, and also help take care of the child, and praise the indomitable parents!

 Looking back now, it was these beautiful, embarrassing, and interesting moments that made this journey unforgettable, making me eager to record and share with fun and interesting moms!

 Taking a child on an RV is a very special and wonderful experience.  I really hope these future bear babies say: Oh, you were so cool as a kid!

 Why would you choose to travel in Australia?

 This time I chose to travel in a mobile home, and the beautiful image I envisioned was the deciding factor.  Dabao is 3 years old and Xiaobao is 9 months old. Living in a mobile home allows children to fully appreciate the joy of living in nature and saves the trouble of packing their belongings every day.

 As for your reason for choosing Australia, it is determined by vacation time.  From the end of April to the beginning of May, our public holiday in addition to the annual vacation is exactly half a month.  Countries suitable for RV travel include the United States (the United States on the 9th Tourist Route), Canada (Canada on the 12th Tourist Route), the United Kingdom (the United Kingdom on the 11th Tourist Route), and Australia and New Zealand.  The temperature in Australia during this period is the most appropriate, it is very comfortable, whether it is hot or cold, especially in Queensland, where the temperature exceeds 25 degrees, and the sun is very suitable for children of 9 months.

 Moms should know that changing diapers in a cool place is really a headache.  Layering on and taking off layer by layer is not only annoying but also worries about whether the baby will get sick.  When I took Dabao to see aurora, I had a profound experience.  The temperature is very important.  So one of the most important factors in determining the method of travel and the destination is actually a diaper :)

 About choosing an RV

 The Australian RV rental company has two main companies: Apollo Apollo and THL.

 Apollo is one of the largest car rental companies in the Southern Hemisphere.  Pick-up and drop-off locations are located throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Models include campers, RVs, four-wheel drive campers, and sedans.  Apollo recreational vehicles can be seen everywhere in Australia.

 THL is a great RV kit.  Its RV subsidiaries include Maui, Kea (high-end), Britz (mid-to-high-end) and Mighty (mid-to-low).  There are also many car models available from different RV companies.  Basically, the RVs of these two big companies can cater to everyone.

 Each RV provides many types of RVs, from vans suitable for two to luxury six-berth RVs, and this can be determined according to the number of passengers and the budget.

 The smaller the RV, the simpler the facility, the lower the price.  These simple bed buggies and gas stoves are also very popular, because they are small and easy to drive, so they can go more places and get close to nature.  Additionally, the Australian RV facilities are very complete so even if there is no bathroom this is inconvenient.  Cooking in a camp shared kitchen can also make more friends, so it's very suitable for youngsters.

 RVs can accommodate 4 and 6 people in a larger area, with double beds on the roof, and the dining area can also be folded into a double bed.  There is also a kitchen, bathroom, TV, refrigerator and other equipment in the caravan, which is especially suitable for families with children.

 There is also an SUV + trailer. In Australia, many foreigners and families use this type of RV.  After they live in the RV camp, they drive the SUV to the vicinity and play for a few days before towing the RV to the next area.  the target place.  I feel this method is the most scientific and the funnest.

 My family had 4 adults and 2 kids on this trip, so I rented a six-person RV from KEA.  The KEA caravan is relatively new as a whole, the interior facilities are complete, the beds are particularly clean, the kitchen, air conditioning, water and electricity are all very useful.  The only downside is that it is a bit crowded with 6 people.  A family of four lives in this model very spacious, and the twin bed on the roof is used for luggage.

 About choosing Australian car routes -

 Australia's classic RV travel routes:

 Start in Melbourne and follow the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide.

 Taking into account the weather in Australia in May, the warmest place is definitely the north.  The closer to the equator the warmer it is, so we chose the third route, where we chose the RV from Brisbane, all the way north, passing through the Great Barrier Reef, and finally in Cairns.  Car.

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