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Parent-child travel guide in Thailand.

 Parent-child travel guide in Thailand

                    Image source:unsplash

 Traffic jam, crowds of tourists and the environment disturbing. Tired of Thailand (Thailand 8 Days Route)?  Don't be discouraged, however, Thailand still has a bit of fun, and those fun activities to fly are the right way to open up Thailand!  These colorful Thai activities are best for bringing kids to play together!

 Recommended parent-child activity: Songkran Festival

 Recommended reason:

 Thai Songkran Festival, also known as Songkran Festival, runs from April 13th to 15th, but in fact, the carnival mainly begins on days 11 and 12 in a small scale, reaches its climax from 13 to 15, and will continue in some places.  Continue until 19!  Although Thai companies, banks, and many Thailand-run stores are closed during the Songkran Festival, in the various sub-battlefields of the Splash Carnival, the small vendors on the side will sell whatever is needed for this wet outdoor party, water pistols.  Food, soda and beer.

 A roadside bar gate welcomes you to buy a beer at any time, adding fire to your already enthusiastic mood, and some bars will send DJs to the gate to celebrate the Carnival.  In short, coming here during the Songkran Festival means you have to forgo elegance, forget about restraint, take off your high heels, wear quick-drying short-sleeved shorts, and laugh out loud even if thrown into a mess.  Collapse was sprinkled on?  Then pour it out again!  !

 Recommended parent-child activities: Light water ing

 Recommended reason:

 If we can see the passion of the Thai people from the "Songkran Festival" in April, the "Loy Krathong Festival" in November every year fully reflects the romantic tenderness of Thais.  The Loy Krathong Festival is famous for tens of thousands of people lighting the lanterns of tomorrow, under the night, there are thousands of Kongming lanterns in the sky, and there is an endless sea of ​​lights.  In addition to tens of thousands of sky lantern activities, people will also put water lanterns in the water, as long as they are close to river or lake ports, the water will be full of water lanterns.  The floats parade and the temple lighting are also the highlight of Loy Krathong Festival, so you will definitely have fun during the Loy Krathong Festival.

 Recommended parent-child activity: Jungle Leap

 Recommended reason:

 Tired of playing with Phuket beaches?  The jungle scene on the island is more exciting, especially the jungle jumping activity, which will definitely get you hooked!  Jungle Leap is similar to the zip line we often say and is generally built on a high platform in the rainforest and glides with the help of a drop.  The whole project is carried out in the tropical rainforest, and in front of the flight is the dense, lush, boundless forest, which allows people to perfectly experience the thrill of the Taishan monkey.  The safety in Jungle Leap is highly guaranteed, and the safety measures are complete.  Just enjoy the shuttle hop between the rainforest!

 Recommended parent-child activity: hot air balloon flight

 Recommended reason:

 Hot air balloons in Chiang Mai are not as famous as Turkey, but it is this unknown that allows travelers to feel a different kind of calm and fairytale beauty.  Above the sky, hot air balloons cross the mountains, forests and ancient temples in North Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai is so calm and beautiful.  After more than an hour of free flight, the sun slowly revealed its color like egg yolk, and a beautiful morning slowly appeared before us, and this calming and heart-wrenching image would become the most unforgettable memory in life.  One.

 Parent-Child Recommended Activity: Try Thai Clothes Photography

 Recommended reason:

 The Kimono experience in Japan (the 6-day tour route in Japan) and the Korean Hanbok experience are all indispensable activities for tourists in the local area, so how can you miss the chic and chic style of Thai clothing in Thailand?  A traditional costume photography session in Chiang Mai is the best opportunity to experience Thai fashion culture, and compared to Bangkok, many Thai fashion art galleries in Chiang Mai are cheaper and have a variety of options.  The gorgeous sequin tube skirt is gorgeous in color and full of shine, and it has been cleverly cut to show the graceful figure of a girl.

 Recommended parent-child activity: Thai cooking lesson

 Recommended reason:

 Thai food is definitely the master of the Southeast Asian gastronomy world, so when you come to Thailand, you not only have to taste all the foods but you also have to learn some traditional dishes yourself.  The first step in making Thai food is to go to the local market to pick out ingredients, exotic tropical fruits and rich Thai spices, and without the leadership of the locals, it is difficult to appreciate the traditional markets in Northern Thailand.  Tom Yum Goong soup, Thai yellow curry, lemongrass and coconut milk ... embark on a culinary journey with these exotic ingredients in a perfect kitchen in the ancient city of Chiang Mai.

 Thailand, as an authentic tourist country, really has the disadvantage of being too developed.  But these fun and enjoyable activities in Thailand are really suitable for parent-child travel.  Thailand, is a kind of magic for all kinds of excuses to woo you to come back to.

 For more information about Thailand, you can read the previous articles "Travel to Thailand, Don't Miss These Five Fun and Cheap Specialized Islands" and "Where is the most fun at the Thailand Songkran Festival in 2018?"  "Prom playing electric wet body strategy."

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Thailand travel guide

 Thailand travel guide.

                    Image source:unsplash

  Free visa on arrival!  The cost of a parent-child trip per person is 4.5 thousand in the small town next door!

 Official announcement! On October 31, the website of the Thai Constitutional Gazette officially announced that the policy of "visa fee waiver for 21 countries", which was originally scheduled to expire on October 31, will be extended to April 30, 2020!  Winter vacation separates us from two months, so why not take this opportunity to take the baby to Sahwan!

 "Little Rose of Northern Thailand" has a direct flight to Chiang Mai for an average of 5 hours. The climate is comfortable, the gameplay is mild and varied, and there are many Internet celebrities.  It's also the favorite place of "National Goddess" Teresa Teng, the perfect place to take baby to the waves!

 Wuerjun has a "5 days 4 nights" parent-child trip in Chiang Mai with a highly cost-effective excursion program.  She departs from December to March.  Includes airline tickets and accommodation reservations.  Only 4,599 per person.  Please come on the weekend three days off, you can take the baby and leave! Click the link below to customize the free flight.

 Feel the Thai Culture, Thailand, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, Free 7-Day Tour (Walk in Chiang Mai Ancient City + Visit Siam Square + Explore the Grand Palace)

 Chiang Mai Bay Chiang Mai Bangkok

 Touring Thai culture at Siam Square in Chiang Mai.

 Flight highlights

 ☆ He prefers comfortable, direct non-red flights, staying booked in four-star or five-star high-class accommodations throughout the trip, and does not change accommodation while booking, so you don't have to worry! Chartered pick-up and drop-off service to scenic locations like Suthep Mountain  Night Zoo away from town, saving effort! ☆ Interactive game for the whole family: pure elephant charity camp, flying over forest, water park, Chiang Mai cooking school, fun! ☆ Adults aren't boring: classic market check-in and shopping, all from  The most worthwhile attraction in Chiang Mai in one go! The most special delicacies: Savor the pork knuckle rice from Fengfeifei, Teresa Teng's favorite Northern Thai curry noodles, the clear red desserts, and have fun!

 01 Find the difference between real and fake Buddha statues, break through the Shuanglong Temple

 It's fun for adults to take children to play. The ancient square-shaped city of Chiang Mai witnessed the rise and fall of the Lanatai dynasty, which is protected by a city wall and a moat outside, and inside there are 5 gates with many relics. The Thapae Gate and two of the highest temples are each located in Chiang  Mai in the ancient city of Chiang Mai.

 Thapae Gate is a Chiang Mai landmark. There is a moat on either side of the gate There is a small empty square in front of the gate you can take your children for a walk here.

 The bright blue sky, simple red walls, lush green trees and Thapae Gate in the morning and evening have their own beauty.  Choose a good angle, you can take a large landscape or a beautiful family photo.

 Wat Phra Singh, the largest temple in Chiang Mai, has been an incense burner since the 14th century, and is the highest temple in Chiang Mai along with the Chedi Luang Temple.

 The temple is bright and wonderful, and on the right side of the main hall there is a row of statues of prominent monks who look like real people, and you can entertain the child to distinguish between serious and false;

 You can also enjoy the murals of ancient temple costumes and customs with her, tell her about Buddhist culture, and show her hand in front of children.

 Doi Suthep Mountain, 6 kilometers from downtown Chiang Mai, is a famous Buddhist shrine. “Soti” means “Friends of the Immortals”, here are foggy clouds, cool and pleasant, and the five-color roses in full bloom, which really has the artistic concept of “climb  Fairy Mountain and Meet Imaginary Friends. "

 Doi Suthep Temple on the top of the mountain is named after tall dragons lying on either side of the stone steps in front of the temple, and it provides a wonderful view of the beautiful scenery of Chiang Mai. When you and your child climb steep stairs at level 306, you can encourage him to "fight the dragon and persevere to the end."  And then you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. " 

 02 Sahwan in the water park, jump into the tropical rainforest

 When playing with children, you must often say, “I would be happy if the child was happy,” but if you can have fun with your child, it must be an unforgettable memory and double happiness.  Trek Water Park, '' is designed on an interstellar space and divided into four zones: a children's zone, a screaming area, a surfing area and a paddling area.

 Kids' area is only 30 cm water slide, guarded by "warriors" in many interstellar movies, so you can rest assured that your kids can enjoy themselves.

 The screaming zone is your world.  Sit on the blow valve, pass through the "great black hole trumpet", and slide from a height of over ten meters, like inhaling a hurricane, as adrenaline soars.

 The surfing area is clean, has artificial waves and beach chairs. You can happily splash the water with your kids.  When you are tired, lay on beach chairs and sip a glass of fresh juice, as if you were really on the beach.

 Particularly hidden tips:

 Kids under 90cm are free of charge, and if you come here on weekends, you can also enjoy the great night show ~ Located in tropical Chiang Mai, it is not only fresh but wild as well.

 Jungle Leap is best suited to bring kids over 4 years old to practice bravery here.  Put on protective clothing with your child, go up the ladder through the woods, let the child grip the rope, the strongest force will be behind him and move forward together.

 Particularly hidden tips:

 There are many mosquitoes in the tropical rainforests, so it is best to wear long clothes and pants and bring mosquito-repellent supplies with you

 03 plays Meikang Elephant Camp and does charity work

 Animals are the best friends of the human race, so watching children interact closely with small animals, the whole heart will be healed.

 Compared to Meiwang and Meiwang, Mekang Elephant Camp has no offense and is intended for general welfare only.  All six elephants in the camp were rescued.

 You and your children will wear a professional "elephant" costume, which is much more like the volunteers who come to visit elephants than tourists. When you feed the little elephant's tongue and corn stalks, they happily eat and kiss and hug you with their noses, they are not afraid of people at all.

 After feeding the elephants, you must "bathe" them, and you can fight in the water with the baby elephants with your children. During the elephant camp itinerary, we will include a pick-up, drop-off, lunch and a special photo shoot, so that you can still relive this lovely memory with your children when you return to  Home.

 Particularly hidden tips:

 There is no hot water here, you can just shower, and remember to bring good toiletries ~ The Night Zoo at the foot of Mount Suthep is the largest zoo in Thailand, divided into four parts: the carnivore tours area, the herbivore tours area, the trekking tours area, and the performance area.  Except Wednesday, there will be a tiger show at 17:30 and 19:30 every day. Great little tigers will "pretend" to slap several times.  It sounds like a slapstick in your eyes, but it's enough to make the kids happy. The best way to enjoy the night zoo is to take a zebra tour bus and shuttle in the park. You can take your kids to greet the giraffes, zebras and cubs you saw along the way.

 04 Go shopping, dine, and eat gourmet food all at once

 When spending time with children, every moment is very happy, but the most relaxing time is to go shopping.  You and your child can only care about the tools in front of you, and the delicious food in your mouth will dispel all your worries. Sunday Night Market, the largest and most famous market in Chiang Mai, only celebrates every Sunday at 5 pm until late at night. When entering from  Tha Pae Gate in the ancient city, vendors selling various snacks and cabbage price items extend along the street all the way to Wat Phra Singh, which is about one kilometer long. Most of the things worth buying here are the famous "soap flower" handicrafts in  Thailand - The "lotus blossoms" are delicately placed in a small circular box carved in northern Thai patterns, exuding a light scent.  Both kids and adults will love it. If you bring some souvenirs for your relatives and friends, it will be very good.

 Wuerjun privately hides tips:

 Go to the night market to explore the path before it gets dark.  If there are a lot of people, you will not be able to walk.  The Thai National Anthem will be played at 18:00 pm.  Please stop walking to the end and show respect. Fong Fei Fei Pork Knuckle Rice at Chang Puak Night Market, North Gate of Chiang Mai, is considered the best pork knuckle rice in Chiang Mai.

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Notes for free travel in Taiwan, these must be viewed before you travel.

 Notes for free travel in Taiwan, these must be viewed before you travel.

                    Image source:unsplash

 Taiwan is close to mainland China and has the same language, 7-8 days can play all over the island, and it is arguably a dear place to travel for free.  Although traveling to Taiwan is easy, there are still many details to pay attention to during the flight, and once you are not prepared in advance, it becomes easy to make jokes.  Today, Wuerjun will prepare a guide for you who prepare to travel to Taiwan before they are expelled. After reading this article, I believe you will be able to travel freely in Taiwan with peace of mind!


 Locally, you can schedule in advance for exchanging Taiwan dollars in foreign currency banks. The exchange rate is acceptable, but most of them are large denominations of banknotes.  Most local bank ATMs in Taiwan can use UnionPay cards to withdraw cash. The card must be returned before funds are spent, but some have to pay handling fees and processing fees imposed by the local bank that issued the card.

 For some Hua Xia Bank savings cards, a processing fee of 2 (Beijing Time) per month is waived for withdrawals through UnionPay channels overseas.  Other small regional banks also offer free cash withdrawal services abroad, depending on your region.  The major banks in Taiwan offer exchange services for the renminbi against the Taiwan dollar, but it must be processed as quickly as possible, as banks stop the exchange at 3 in the afternoon.  Credit card consumption is very common in Taiwan.

 When using your card, you must remind the store to use the UnionPay channel, otherwise you will pay the fee for converting currency from Taiwan dollar to US dollar (many banks do not charge currency conversion fees on multi-currency cards).


 7-11 The whole family can be seen everywhere, blooming everywhere in Taiwan.  In addition to the function of purchasing goods, you can also get performance tickets / recharge card / get high speed train tickets / pick up and dispatch.

 Tax refund:

 When you buy more than 3000NTD from the same store, you can ask the employee for a tax refund.  The tax refund amount is generally 5%, if the tax refund amount is less than 1000 NTD, you can refund the tax directly at the mall.  If it is greater than 1000NTD, please take the unopened goods and go to the airport customs tax refund counter to get the tax refund.  The tax refund and invoice form must be kept.  Please do not disassemble and use tax refund products before leaving the island.


 Although the official language of Taiwan is Mandarin, which is the Mandarin language that we speak most often, which is common throughout Taiwan, the words used are slightly different.  Taiwanese (Hokkien) is more common in southern Taiwan.  Most importantly, note that the term "accommodation reservation" is often seen as a porn niche in Taiwan, so please use the term "restaurant" instead.

 the customs:

 The Customs Administration of Taiwan follows the standards of developed countries in Europe and America and is very strict.  All internationally banned items are listed as prohibited items, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and pickled meats are prohibited.  It is a condition that the cash money for each incoming passenger does not exceed the permissible limit.  If foreign currency exceeds the rules, the declaration must be clearly stated on the entry form so that they can be taken out of the country upon leaving the country.  Travelers checks are not restricted.


 The voltage in Taiwan is 110 volts, the socket is flat-head and two-pin, the household triangle plug must be equipped with a conversion plug.

 No smoking:

 Taiwan has implemented a comprehensive smoking ban, which can be understood as a ban on smoking outside and smoking in some public facilities.


 Taiwan has implemented a comprehensive policy of zero littering.  A specific look is that roadside litter boxes are relatively rare, so please bring plastic bags to collect litter.  PS waste can be thrown into the trash can of small shops the habit: It is better to put a "thank you" on the lips;  When taking the escalator, you should walk left and right.


 If the invoice (receipt) of the shopping in Taiwan is added to the uniform tax, it can be refunded every two months.  The highest reward appears to be 10 million.  If you don't need it, you can donate it directly at the store entrance (for the public good).  Bus: It is also a bus on the mainland.  There are three ways to pay by swiping the card:

  “Swipe up on the bus,” “swipe down,” and “swipe up and get off,” ... Passengers need to look for the electronic sign above the driver and monitor it when boarding the bus.  / Drop and swipe your card] to see the lit letter.  Often vehicles need to stop when they reach the station, otherwise they may pass from the station without stopping;  When she reaches the station, she must ring the electric bell.


 Convenient taxi services are provided in most cities in Taiwan.  The starting jump is NT $ 70 / 1.5km, plus 5 yuan for every additional 300 million.  A 20% surcharge will be added after 23:00 until 6:00 am.  During the Lunar New Year, the freight price will be slightly adjusted, and there will be a 10 yuan baggage service fee.  Taxi fares in major cities are set by provincial and city governments, but the difference is not large.  There are other cities that do not apply odometer bills, such as Kenting and Hualien.  If you are taking a taxi to scenic areas, you can negotiate the price with the driver before boarding the bus.  If you need a more convenient taxi call, you can use the driver's contact information to make an appointment.


 Taiwan Railways is divided into Taiwan Railways and High Speed ​​Railways.  The two main reasons are the difference in travel time and prices.  Taiwanese railways are slower but the price is relatively low.  Of course, high-speed rail has higher rates.  It's not the same, so you have to pay attention when riding.

 About discount tickets:

 The free ticket is for children under 6 years old or less than 115 cm and half the ticket is for children under 12 years old or less than 150 cm.

 About collecting tickets:

 There are two ways to get tickets at the station (off-site tickets are available)

 Manually collect tickets: With the documents provided at the time of booking and the ticket collection code, go directly to the window to allow the staff to check the ticket;  This method is the simplest, but if there is a waiting list, it takes a long time;  [Collect tickets 3 minutes in advance at the latest]

 Machine ticket collection: All high-speed railway stations and some Taiwan railway stations (large stations) are equipped with automatic ticket collecting machines.  Enter the ID number and ticket collection code on the machine to print the tickets.  This basically does not need to wait;  [Receipt of tickets 30 minutes in advance at the latest]

 Collect convenience store tickets: In addition to the station, you can also collect your ticket from the convenience store in advance, but it requires a handling fee.  It is not recommended that Taiwan be full of 7-11 family, such small shops, every shop with i-bon machine can be used to get train tickets. You can print the coupon on the machine with the receipt part number and the ticket collection code, then pay at the counter for the staff to change the ticket  That can be used for train.

 Accommodation reservation:

 Most of Taiwan's mature accommodations will provide body soaps, shampoo, etc., and hair dryers are also available.  Sometimes, if you don't have one, you can ask reception to borrow it.  However, we recommend that you bring your own toiletries such as toothbrushes, firstly, public reservation of the property will not provide disposable toiletries, and secondly, it is more environmentally friendly.

 Do you know all travel precautions in Taiwan?  Let's go when you're ready, start your free travel in Taiwan by domineering!

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16 reasons to travel to Taiwan

 16 reasons to travel to Taiwan

                    Image source:unsplash

 Taiwan is one of the favorite travel destinations for literary and artistic youth.  There are 16 reasons why literary and artistic youths travel to Taiwan.

 1. Featured stores everywhere

 There are small shops all over Taiwan, selling breakfast, flowers, tea, coffee, stationery, clothes, accessories, etc., or simple daily life, or fresh and artistic, each with its own characteristics.

 Go to a flower shop to buy a bouquet of flowers, or go to a stationery store to buy a pocket book, or go to a jewelry store to pick up a small gift for a friend ... Just walk into a nice little store, and you can be treated.

 2. The Eslite Library is open 24 hours

 If you've never been to Eslite, you've never been to Taiwan.

 Eslite Bookstore is such an important component of Taipei life that it cannot be erased, it should also stop when you come to Taipei.  Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Store is also the filming location for "One Page Taipei", which has the strongest artistic atmosphere in Taipei.

 Pick a favorite book from the shelf, sit in a comfortable corner, and enjoy the lost reading time.  The library is open around the clock, and after 10 pm, you will find many night owls here.

 3. The remarkable cultural innovations of the National Palace Museum in Taipei

 In the latest variety show from Qingliu "Forbidden City", male god Deng Lun becomes the new product developer in Forbidden City, working with the designer to develop cultural and creative products for the Forbidden City, and inadvertently adding another item to your herbal cultivation list.  ----- The cultural and creative Forbidden City.

 Speaking of the cultural and creative works of the Forbidden City, the derivatives of the Taipei Forbidden City are also great.  White silk scarves with an emphasis on self-reporting in literature and art, cool and practical purses, foldable fans, bowls and plates, tea pots, and even a neck pillow with a little sickness are all pretty and interesting things.

 Buying a piece or two of small items at home, for personal use or as a keepsake, can boost aesthetics in minutes.

 4. Night view of the Taipei 101 building

 In Taipei, choose to go up to the observation deck of Building 101 one evening to have a wonderful night view of the city.

 After sunset, the exterior walls of the building will also be painted in colorful lights in different colors every day.  On New Year's Eve, here's the closing of the New Year's Eve fireworks display in Taipei, as fireworks rise to the sky and bloom.

 5. Alocasia is in full bloom in Yangmingshan

 Yangmingshan, known as "Taipei's Back Garden," is the largest and most beautiful country park in Taipei.  In "My Girls' Generation", it was the place where Xu Taiyu and Lin Zhenxin went to camp after celebrating school in Yangmingshan.

 Every spring, large areas of calla (calla lily) bloom on Yangming Mountain, and pure white flowers are wrapped in bright yellow blossoms, dotted in a green valley full of fairy romance.

 Invite three or five friends, take advantage of the blooming season to climb up the mountain to pick flowers, or take pictures in the flower fields, and fix up beautiful moments in the romantic Alocacia field.

 6. The outdoor hot springs in Yangmingshan

 Yangming Mountain is also one of the famous reserves among hot springs in Taiwan, the water quality is clear and the water temperature is constant at 70 ~ 75 degrees Celsius, which is most suitable for relieving fatigue after playing on the mountain.

 There is also a special "cold water hole" fountain, the temperature is lower than other hot springs, and challenging friends can try it.

 While soaking in the hot springs on the mountain, while enjoying the mist floating in the canyon, it feels like a fairy.

 7. Maokong Gondola

 Maokong Gondola is Taipei's first cable car line, with changing twists, turns and scenery.  If you are brave, you can choose to take a cable car ride with transparent bottom to add a little excitement to the trip.

 Sit straight to Maokong Station and climb the mountain along the mountain pass at Maokong Tea Garden, you can catch a glimpse of the new scenery.  When the weather is good, you can look down from Maokong over Taipei.

 8. "Fog on Taoyuan", Singing Farm

 Cingjing Ranch in between the mountains is suitable for visiting all year round.

 Not only are there vast stretches of grassland and sheep wandering leisurely, but you can also watch the sunrise, take in the snowy scenery, see the misty mountains, the changing sunsets and the starry sky at night.

 On a European-style farmhouse, sample English afternoon tea, and enjoy the relaxing life of drinking coffee on the clouds and listening to folk songs in the mountains.  I guess you don't want to leave once you go.

 9. Cat Slave Paradise

 If you are a 'slave of cats', you shouldn't miss the Houdong Cat Village when you go to Taiwan!

 This is the country of cats, there are hundreds of cats living in a small village, big cats and kittens in groups, chasing and playing in the sun, and they will love you every minute.

 Houdong is very small, with only a T-shaped shopping street and on both sides of the road there are some old-fashioned snack bars and cat souvenir stores, as well as cute pineapple cakes in the shape of a cat.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with cats all day, life in Cat Village is arguably full of euphoria!

 10. Sky Lanterns on Old Pingxi Street

 Pingxi, Taiwan, is known as the "hometown of sky lanterns," and is the origin of Taiwanese sky lanterns.

 Take a sightseeing train to Scheven, Pingxi, and you'll see the old long street houses on either side of the station's railroad tracks, filled with nostalgia.  Placing a sky lantern on the railroad tracks in Lao Cai is an experience not to be missed during a Taiwan Culture Trip.

 At night, look up and admire the lights floating in the sky, it has the amazing beauty of the Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand, as well as the joyful mood of literature and art.

 Taiwan 9 days leisure holiday to play on the island

 Kaohsiung City-Tainan-Kenting-Shuofeng-Hualien City-Sheolin Township-Xincheng-Hualien City-Taipei City

 11. Beautiful small islands

 The Taiwan Islands, in addition to the familiar Kantij, these small, remote islands that have not been overdeveloped, may give you a true taste of Taiwan's sea wonders.

 As one of the "Four Famous Islands in China", Lanyu ranks first for the clarity of the sea and the primitive shape of the seabed.  In Lanyu, ride a motorbike or bike along the 37-kilometer "Ring Road" all the way, watch the sun rise from the east in the morning, and watch the sunset from the west in the evening.

 In Green Island, prison elements are everywhere on the island, go to the famous Algeciras Prison to have a look and experience alternative prison culture.  You can also enjoy hot springs, night tube fishing, sika deer watching, snorkeling, deep diving ... everything is fun!

 In Matsu, the most amazing thing is the authentic traditional stone houses and mountain towns with a sea view, so that everyone who comes here gets drunk.  When walking down the Old Stone Road, there is an illusion of a space-time shuttle.

 12. Elephant trunk boulder in the Chinnau Headland

 Elephant Trunk Rock, one of 36 secret places in Taiwan, is located on a promontory next to New North Shen'ao Fishing Port.  The rocks that have been eroded and exposed to the elements by the action of the sea form an oddly trunk-like shape that people cannot help but admire the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature.

 I sit on the tongue and the sea breeze, I stand on the rocks to take pictures, I put the beautiful scene in the camera, and I hide it in my heart.

 13. The lively Shilin night market

 Fireworks in Taiwan are mostly collected in the night market.

 When it comes to the night markets, countless foods will automatically pop up in your mind: chicken chunks larger than the face, frog eggs with weird names, cheese fries with a mixture of Chinese and Western flavors, everyone knows.  Fried oysters, fried bread, squid soup, large pancake bread.

 Among the many night markets, Shilin Night Market has the most snacks!  Eat while shopping, you will never get tired after shopping all night.

 14. You can eat fruits as a meal

 In Taiwan's "Fruit Kingdom", there are lotus fog, papaya, custard apple, guava, jackfruit, Taiwanese mangosteen, pineapple, betel nut, mango ... nearly a hundred different tropical fruits, so you can eat enough at one time.

 However, the fruit from Taiwan cannot be taken outside the country, so grab the opportunity and enjoy it before you leave!

 15. A charming shop specialized music distribution center

 The Witch Shop next to the National Taiwan University is not only a literary cafe, it is also a "Taiwanese underground record", a neighborhood home popular with many singers, an excellent independent music recording store, and a tasteful second-hand library.

 The Witch Shop is a must-visit "pilgrimage site" for many Taiwanese specialty music fans.  Independent bands and singers such as Zhang Xuan, Chen Qizhen, TizzyBac and Sodagreen performed here before they became famous.  Make sure to go in the evening drinking something and watch a live home.

 The second floor of the cafe is a library specializing in women's books, which is very special and do not forget to shop.

 Enjoy the scenery of Taiwan for 8 days

 Taipei City - Yilan City - Sheolin Town - Xincheng Town - Hualien City - Renai Town - Qicheng - Kenting - Taipei City

 16. Double-decker bus for sightseeing

 The most attractive form of transportation in Taipei is the double-decker bus.

 Make sure you sit on the second floor, in the fresh air, the breeze blowing across your face, as the bus moves forward, you will see the scenery of Taipei city one by one.  If you are concerned about the sun, you can sit in a covered area in the back row, which can be shaded and suitable for taking photos.

 Taiwan's beauty is not limited to the rooftop booming market.

 It really makes people fascinated by the rooted Republican style, strong nostalgia, a sweet and sweet pace of life, caring grandparents, enthusiastic guys, cute and cute girls ...

 It is beautiful, delicious and fun, but also rich, interesting and charming.

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How to choose the best travel season for a 7-day tour in Thailand!

 How to choose the best travel season for a 7-day tour in Thailand!

                    Image source:unsplash

 Traveling in Thailand (9-day Thailand itinerary) is especially suitable for visiting with friends.

 Because the distance is just right, the short distance is longer than the long distance;

 Because he's lively, emotional and impulsive enough to make you laugh;

 Since it has a wide variety of play modes, it has Buddhist temples, literary cities, royal parks, outdoor activities, vibrant beaches, bikes and motorbikes, as you can imagine, an exciting travel element like a teenager.

 Thailand 8-day no-two trekking route is suitable for two or three friends, and also suitable for gathering together.

 Thailand, located to the southwest of us, has a favorable tropical climate.  Going to Thailand in January is warm and relaxing, and going to Thailand to participate in Songkran Festival in April is lively and fun. Going to Thailand in hot July and August, but all kinds of delicious fruits are legitimate, there are all kinds of delicious and beautiful looking snow products.

 So, the whole year is a great time to travel in Thailand.

 The best months to visit Thailand are: May, June, July, August, September, October and November.  Thailand is almost a good place for "year-round" tourists.  The country is located in hurricane regions, but tornadoes mainly avoid these areas.  The rainy season is March, April, May and June.

 The weather in Thailand is influenced by the tropical wet and dry climate.  Dry season in winter.  There are more than two months with less than 60 mm (2.4 in) of rain, and all average monthly temperatures are greater than 18 ° C (64 ° F).  Rainfall in the dry season is less than 100 mm, and it mainly occurs in the tropics, as it is close to the equator. The hottest month is April, with a maximum temperature of about 35 ° C. The first week is usually the hottest, but  Beware of rain and thunderstorms, the coldest month is December.

 Climate Thailand is famous for its monsoons. The rainy seasons in winter and summer clearly distinguish distinct dry periods.  The southern part of the country has a tropical climate.  From May to October, the southwest monsoon breaks out and is wet, and from October to February, it dries up.  The period of calm preceding the monsoon change is a hot, dry period from March to April.

 The annual precipitation ranges from 750 mm, for example, in Qian'an to 4800 mm in Ranong.  Most of the rain falls on the mountains subject to the summer monsoons, and least on the plains.  The rainy season lasts from June to October, the formerly southwest monsoon fell from May to July, and the rainy season was declared except for the south.  In the rainy season, the humidity is high.  The dry season starts in November and December, and temperatures start to rise in January.  September is the coldest month of the year, with average annual temperatures ranging from 24 ° C in the north to 30 ° C in the south.  The average temperature in Bangkok in January ranges from 20 ° C to 32 ° C and in August it ranges between 24 and 32 ° C, but these temperatures are difficult to deal with due to the high humidity.

 Recommended 8-Day Itinerary to Thailand: Classic + Convenient Place, go to this large park in Thailand

 Landing in Chiang Mai, walking through Pai, Bangkok, Hua Hin in turn, the ancient city full of temples is a frame, the small bourgeois Niman Road is a frame, flying over the green spotted forest is a frame, the mud pool is full of fun It is like a frame, the magnificent royal temple  It is a tire, the night market with a human scent is a tire, and the pleasant beach is a frame ... On the 8-day itinerary, four points are used for visiting the classics, four are for a minority, and the rest for the next two minutes, I want to laugh with my friends and savor the flavors  Various in a Thai candy box.

 Thailand itinerary: 7-day itinerary

 Day 1: Nimman Road Guide, Thailand

 A direct flight from Beijing to Chiang Mai takes about 5 hours.  Starting in the morning, you can eat a bowl of authentic and rich Northern Thai curry noodles in Chiang Mai at noon.  Chiang Mai is a very special city.  In fact, there are a lot of tourists, but this makes everyone feel relaxed and calm.  After staying and booking on your behalf, you can also start walking down the less literary and artistic Nimman Road in Chiang Mai, find an independent coffee shop for a cup of coffee, and browse the many small roadside shops.

 When the time is late, take a double trailer to wander around SsangYong Temple, watch the sunset, the dark blue slowly engulf the entire city, watch the lights turn on, the bustle of the city is noisy, the quiet place is quiet.  After descending the mountain, go to the night market in the old city.  In addition to snacks, there are all kinds of gentle sundries; drying them carefully is definitely not made in Yiwu.

 Advice specially collected by Wuerjun:

 1. To enter Ssangyong Temple, you must be barefoot, pants or skirts must not be higher than your knees, and shirts with bare shoulders are not allowed.  Girls can wear long skirts or wrap saree for a wrap.

 2. Ningman Road is very close to Maya, if you want to visit the mall more, you can also consider going there

 Day two: Chiang Mai Raiders

 The ancient city of Chiang Mai is small, measuring no more than 1.5 square kilometers, and surrounded by some collapsed city walls, and outside the city walls there is a moat.  Thapae Gate is the eastern gate of the old city, and restaurants, cafes, bars nearby and other stores are relatively dense, an area with a strong commercial atmosphere in Chiang Mai ancient city.  But overall, it is still a very quiet and relaxing place, with tourists basically lazily wandering among the alleys of the old city, and in the not-so-hot season, some people run to the side of the road.  If you have a compromise, you can also rent a bike and go slow with your friends, and use the wheels to measure this old town that is not quite accurate but very elegant.

 Advice specially collected by Wuerjun:

 1. There are many massage parlors and beverage shops in the Old Town, and when the afternoon is the hottest, it is best to go make horses and chickens or eat snow.

 2. You need to take off your shoes to enter the temples. Shorts and skirts should be longer than the knees, and women's clothing should not appear on the shoulders.

 Day Three: Fresh Pai Playing Guide

 PAI, a small town in northern Thailand, was once a paradise hippies found.  There were many foreigners going there for vacation over ten years ago.  In this idyllic city, I rode a motorbike for a few laps with my friends and checked out those new little spots.  Well, you can still visit the night market in the evening. The night market here is nothing like the hustle and bustle of Chiang Mai.  It is much easier to walk around.  Often there will be some white people traveling there on the road.  It is a private market that is difficult to meet elsewhere.

 Day 4: Sightseeing guide to urban Bangkok

 Say farewell to northern Thailand, time to open up the exotic city of Bangkok.  Bangkok's Chinatown is located in the southwestern part of central Bangkok.  It is one of the busiest commercial areas in the city.  However, as a whole.  The marking style and shape of the buildings are very similar to old Hong Kong.  Another unique neighborhood is the primary camp for white backpackers, Khao San Road, where there are many white tourists and it will be a major battlefield in Bangkok during the Songkran Festival.

 Day five: The Hua Hin Raiders

 Nowadays, the Hua Hin Railway Station still maintains its unique architectural structure and design style, and is said to be the oldest and most beautiful railway station in Thailand.  When a train enters the station, some passengers get off the train and buy some food from the booth to bring the train, and everyone wanders around and swings.  In the evening, you can visit the Cicada Creative Weekend Night Market in Hua Hin.  Shopkeepers sell clothes, bags, shoes, sunglasses, aromatherapy, vases, earrings, etc., under clean barns;  Various styles of live music and theatrical performances, lead the atmosphere of the night market;  Of course, there are all kinds of basic snacks

 Day 6: A guide to the beaches in Thailand

 Hua Hin Nostalgic Park Plearn Wan is a garden with a nostalgic character, similar to the cultural and creative area we usually understand, the building mimics the classic Thai-style house design, in a strong Thai retro style.  If you want to take pictures, you can go to the park in Greece (12-day Greek tourist route).  Emulates the blue and white color scheme of the garden in Santorini, Greece, and is very young and fresh.  Compared to the famous islands and beaches in Thailand, the beaches of Hua Hin are very clean.  But most importantly, it is more than ten kilometers from the white sandy beach on horseback!

 Day Seven: Thailand Shopping Guide

 At the end of the trip, return to Bangkok and start buying and selling essential items.  The King Power Duty Free store in town is convenient to buy the Thai and L'Oreal aromatherapy brands.  If you want to visit the mall, you can go to Siam Square and you can also worship the incense-rich Erawan Buddha in a place not far away.

 Thailand travel expenses, prices, and safety

 We calculated that the total cost of the accommodation reservation in Thailand is less than the accommodation cost in Hong Kong, and the restaurant prices are usually lower than in Hong Kong.

 The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures changes in the price levels of household consumer goods and services.  Thailand's price index is 32, which is lower than Hong Kong.  This means that Thai prices are lower than Hong Kong prices.  When planning your budget for traveling to Thailand, keep in mind that grocery prices are lower than Hong Kong prices.

 Healthcare and safety in Thailand

 Healthcare rating is an index based on factors such as speed of service, protection of privacy, quality of amenities, healthcare professionals, equipment, staff, doctors, and cost.  The health care index in Thailand is 99. Based on this data, we can say that the health care system in Thailand is better than that of Hong Kong.

 It is more dangerous in Thailand than in Hong Kong.  The quality of life is one of the poor living standards in Hong Kong.

 Thailand appears to be a peaceful country, but if political disputes intensify, it could also become a revelation.  Public demonstrations are not uncommon, but they can appear unexpected and jeopardize your travel plans.  Avoid places where such protests occur, and avoid them if you are already there.  Thailand has a high rate of criminal activity, and even personal attacks on foreign tourists are unlikely to happen.  There have been incidents in which tourists were ambushed by criminals.  In some areas of Thailand, sexual assault is not uncommon.  When in Thailand, please be careful both indoors and on the street when booking your accommodation.

 Before accepting unspecified drinks please think carefully, as spike has been reported previously.  If this is not mandatory, please avoid staying at the bar late at night.  Additionally, there is street crime.  Pickpockets and thieves may steal you one way.  Avoid being alone at night, and don't wander around quiet allies.  Keep an eye on important documents, credit and debit cards, as fraud is not rare.  If you hold an international driver's license, driving in Thailand is permitted.  The death rate from traffic accidents is very high, especially at night.  If you ride a motorcycle, don't forget to wear a helmet.

 Local laws and customs in Thailand are very strict, and once you are arrested, you may face many difficulties.  To stay away from any such disaster, do not carry or provide medication.  Never make negative comments that undermine the credibility of the King of Thailand.  This behavior can put you in jail for years.  You must carry your passport with you, and if you cannot show it to the police, they may arrest you.

 the health:

 Medical facilities in Thailand are not widely available, but they are not.  In this country there are some first-class private hospitals with the most modern equipment.  Since dengue fever is a common problem, carry mosquito repellents.  Talk to your doctor about the necessary vaccinations 6-8 weeks before the trip and vaccinate yourself accordingly.  For any emergency help related to health issues, please call 1669.

 Natural disaster:

 During the monsoons, torrential rains fell and floods in some parts of Thailand claimed lives.  The general rainy season starts in May and lasts until October.  Another threat is earthquakes, which do not appear often;  But when it does happen, it hurts most of the time.


 Almost all ATMs can be used.  With the exception of the US dollar, euro, Scottish and Irish banknotes can be exchanged for all other currencies.

 There are so many fun places in Thailand, whether it's the famous Phuket Island, bustling Pattaya or Samui with its upscale face, the small and beautiful island of Phi Phi Phi is the reason why so many people go to Thailand for vacation.  .  If you want to experience Thailand in more depth, if there is anything you want to change in the itinerary above, regardless of adding or subtracting the number of days or the scenic experience, Wuer Journey can be customized for you.

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Rolling in the mud may be the coolest thing about traveling in Vietnam.

 Rolling in the mud may be the coolest thing about traveling in Vietnam.

                    Image source:unsplash

 Do you roll in the mud after a shower?

 Don't think it's "dirty", it's actually like hot springs!  The so-called “mud bath” is actually a “hot mineral mud bath,” which is derived from volcanic mud and contains many trace elements beneficial to the human body.

 The foam is silky soft, warm and hot, and the skin is like milk after a shower.

 No wonder so many girls who love beauty go to Vietnam for an authentic mud bath!  However, aside from mud baths, there are many interesting opportunities in Vietnam, so hurry to check-in.

 October - April of the following year

 Most parts of Vietnam have a tropical monsoon climate, with not four distinct seasons throughout the year, but dry and rainy seasons.  From October to April of the following year, the climate is mild, dry and sunny, suitable for tourism.

 • Vietnamese tourism allocation proposals.

 Vietnam is a country with abundant and cost-effective attractions.  The itinerary connects French-style Ho Chi Minh City, the "small fishing village" of Mui Ne, and the coastal cities of Nha Trang and Danang.

 Along the way, you can sample mouthwatering Vietnamese dishes, and check out the internet's celebrity attractions;  Experience the distinctive dust boat, mud bath;  You can also sunbathe on the beach, dive in the sea to see coral reefs and colorful fish, and take great photos in the concave shape of red and white sand dunes ...

 • Recommended tourist routes in Vietnam.

 ·Ы Day1: Ho Chi Minh City Too Inherent!

 Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as "Saigon", is where Doras' novel "The Lover" takes place.  The flowing Mekong River, bustling old streets, and moving love add a lot to the city.

 Take a local tricycle and stroll through the lively Bien Thanh Market.  There are many grocery stores selling fruits, canned goods, and clothes, as well as small restaurants where you can enjoy pictures.

 Every store and every item is highly bargained.  In order to preserve the image of a lady, you should not miss the opportunity to bargain for fun!

 The breeze is windy at night, and the lights start to shine.  Put on a hat, put on Ao Dai, and come to Fan Wu Lao Street, you are the prettiest boy on the whole street.

 This is a backpacker's paradise, and a good place to go to the countryside.  The night markets, restaurants and bars throughout the venue are dazzled in the flashing neon.

 Find a table in the aisle to sit in, order some hot and sour Vietnamese dishes, drink a cup of 333 beers, and chat with strangers at the next table ... without realizing you are all integrated into this small French town!


 Ao Dai is the national costume of Vietnam.  It consists of a blouse and pants, the upper half of the top resembles a Chinese cheongsam that reaches the ankles, and the lower half is divided into skirts.  A pair of white or wide leggings in white or identical color on the inside.

 Vietnamese Classical Church Tour

 Nha Trang

 Saigon's Notre-Dame Basilica, also known as the "Red Church", is a typical Gothic building, modeled after the clock tower of Notre-Dame de Paris.

 The whole body is built on the red bricks of Marseille, France, and the milky white towers erected on both sides, dotted with sacred crosses, look majestic and painted from a distance, and are in awe even before they come close.

 In the garden square in front of the church there is a 4-ton statue of the Virgin Mary, it is said that it is a gift from the Roman Church, which feels blessed to all living things.

 The central post office in Saigon next door is also a century-old building designed by Eiffel Tower designer-Gustave Eiffel.

 The post office looks like a bright yellow station, and the interior consists of gorgeous parquet floor tiles, a semicircular dome, old telephone booths and benches, and an old fan hanging from every window.  Oh, and a picture of Grandpa Ho Chi Minh is hanging in the middle of the hall.

 Selecting some special postcards here and sending them to relatives and friends is very festive, as if you are returning to the era of short papers.

 · 10 · 10 · 10 ·: Take a vacation at Mui Ne Beach

 Mui Ne, with its clear waters and young sand, is very gentle, and the winds are still a "little fishing village".

 Lie on a beach chair by the sea, sip sweet coconut milk, watch the waves hit the long coastline, and wait for the sun to fall from the horizon.

 In the evening the fishermen returned with loads and piles of "big pots" on the beach.  Dense dense, colorful and green, facing the blue sea.

 These "large ponds" are traditional fishing tools in Vietnam - hoe boats.

 Follow the local fishermen, rock the dust boat to get out into the sea, drift in the foggy sea and experience the primitive life of the fishermen.

 If you feel that the dust boat is not exciting enough, you can also windsurfing off the coast of Mui Ne West.

 From November to April of the following year, hundreds of inflatable kites fly in front of you, which is pretty cool!  Water sports fans use kites to get up, fall, turn and skateboards to play fantasy patterns at sea or in the air.

 Mui Ne is half sea water and half sand dunes.  After you've played everything, you're no longer without reason.

 The rolling white sand dunes are amazing!  The scorching sun shines on the surface of each grain of white sand, causing people to mistakenly believe that it is under the sun, and its luster shines with melting ice.

 At sunrise, the shape quickly annoyed.  By wearing a bamboo hat, white Ao Dai, and bare feet walking on soft sand, just like a cute Vietnamese girl, it's easy to make a nice movie.

 Or lying on the dunes, the sky is the cover and the sand as a bed, this kind of casual and wild spirit cannot go out anywhere else.

 If the white sand dunes are "moonlight in front of the window", then the red sand dune is the vermilion mole at the heart, which is very dazzling and dazzling.

 Walking toward the light, stepping on layers of sand, is no longer graceful, but powerful.

 Even Twilight Sihe couldn't hide his hot temper.

 There is a fabulous stream between limestone and dense forests, only shallow water flows over the ankles, and fine sand flows between the toes, just like a foot massage.

 The more you enter, the clearer the water and the better the scenery, such as a jungle adventure.

 5: Nha Trang, rolling in the mud

 Nha Trang is a port city, and there are many seafood buffets, Vietnamese rice noodles, tropical fruits, etc., all of which are very cost effective.

 When walking along the six-kilometer-long beach, a salty sea breeze blows, as if time had pressed the pause button.

 In the evening, sitting on the beach with coconut trees and watching the sunset, he carried a bottle of mineral water which he finished drinking before his eyes, and through it, the orange light became brighter, like putting stars in the bottle.

 In Nha Trang, you have to go to I-Resort's mud bathing area, soak in the outdoor hot springs, and take a mud bath.

 I-Resort is synonymous with mineral Nha Trang mud pigeons.  The mud comes from the best quarries in Vietnam, the baths also vary in size and you can choose freely according to your preference.

 Soaking in the warm mud, washed horizontally, vertically, rolling over, the heart of the sky, happy as a calm child.

 No one will think you are naive, because this is the correct way to open a mud bath.  After you get out of the shower, the skin is slippery and soft, and it will feel more comfortable than just putting on the mask.

 · 10 · 10 ·: 4 islands in Nha Trang, enough "madness" once!

 In the marine area around Nha Trang there are many small islands with different characteristics, the most important of which are Mudao, Ink Island, Silver Island and Mya Island.

 Kishima is the most suitable place for diving among the four islands.  To get here by boat, everyone will switch to swimsuits and plunge into this wonderful underwater world.

 In the shallow water area, you can see coral reefs of different shapes and shapes on the sea floor, and despite its proximity to the sea surface, it gives people the feeling of being a coral palace under the sea.

 Ink Island is one of the four islands that have the richest leisure activities.  Live bands, dance shows, interactive games, etc., and even the bars floating on the water definitely have the same for your heart!

 You have to pay about 10,000 VND (about 3 RMB) to get on the island.  Unlike the previous two islands, this island will take a little longer.

 There are many marine activities here.  If you like peace, you can go out on a sail boat.  You can choose an umbrella freely if you wish to pursue the excitement.  You can dive from high altitude to the azure sea, and you can play heartbeat!

 In addition to marine sports, you can also play on the island.  Reading a book under a shaded tree, drinking a cup of Vietnam's famous distilled coffee, or sunbathing on the beach are all excellent options.

 To go to Mia Island, be sure to check out the Aquarium behind the Pirate Ship, as it costs only 20,000 VND (6 CNY)!

 Despite the small size of the aquarium, "the bird is small but has all the internal organs".  Coral reefs, tropical fish, and baby sharks can be seen here.

 After setting out, you can rent a canoe and white water rafting on the vast sea.  When you're tired, let it float on the sea.  Close your eyes and follow the swaying boat.  The sorrows in your heart seem to vibrate with vibration.

 Day7: Da Nang, happiness is about to explode!

 Above the dense forests of Ba Na Mountain is a hidden luxurious fortress, the "City of Heaven" in Danang.

 Ride the two Guinness records up the mountain, the dense jungle stands at your feet, and misty clouds float above your head.  The end of the rush is the fairytale castle in a mysterious wonderland.

 As a former aristocratic resort, there is no shortage of upscale accommodation reservations, high-altitude cable cars, and theme parks on the mountain.  Not only does it allow children to have fun in the mountain top garden, but it also allows adults to take old European-style pictures in a cupped shape in front of the castle.

 There are many churches in Vietnam, but the Da Nang Cathedral is the most famous.

 One reason is that the light pink exterior wall makes it so round a lot of fans.  When the weather is good, the pink church matches the blue sky and white clouds.

 Da Nang Cathedral is also sacred and serene, and has served more than 4,000 local Catholics.  The five pointed arches and the seven towers of the tall towers are all raised by sacred crosses.

 The church is generally open on Sundays only when there is mass.  But if you are not a believer, you can walk outside the church and take some pretty pictures.

 When it comes to Da Nang, it is only natural to take a stroll along the beach.  When you cross the Lover’s Bridge near the Pink Church, you will arrive at My Khe Beach in Da Nang, which Forbes has called "The Six Most Beautiful Beaches in the World".

 Lying on a beach chair during the day, the sea breeze blows, drinking orange soda, life is like this, what could your husband want?  At night, there are bright stars on the horizon, and the romance is limitless.

 The thoughts of the sea hide in the shore, and your thoughts spread on the horizon.

 The Camellia Peninsula, where My Khe Beach is located, maintains a large number of native forests, dense forests and rare animals throughout the island, and the vast natural environment is full of hair.

 At the foot of the mountain, there is also a statue of Guanyin in Buddha Beach Lingying Temple, which is said to be the highest in Vietnam.

 Special Tips:

 There are several accommodation reservations beside My Khe Beach, you can stay here for one night which is very convenient to watch the sunrise and sunset.

 Day8: The Return of Da Nang

 On the last day, book the accommodation agent so you wake up naturally, or arrange at your own pace to buy some souvenirs or souvenirs.

 Then at Da Nang International Airport, take a plane and go home.

 • Write at the end.

 The whole trip to Vietnam was fun, interesting and cheap.  From a small French town to the beach, you seek calm in the hustle and bustle, and understand what "my heart is in peace" means.

 Of course, if you want to set the rhythm, increase or decrease the number of days, and adjust the itinerary, Wuer Journey can be customized for you.

 The classic Vietnam journey between parent and child

 Vietnam is an underdeveloped but unique country.  In addition to the mud bath, there are also hats, dai, faux, dredged boat ... everything is an exclusive memory of the trip to Vietnam.

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Travel to Singapore, those things to do at Changi Airport.

Travel to Singapore, those things to do at Changi Airport.

                    Image source:unsplash

 Singapore Changi Airport is so well received and is one of the best airports in the world, and contains world-class facilities and entertainment venues, so will you be bored not knowing what to do while in transit?

 When waiting for your next flight in Singapore, whether it's for a few hours or an entire day, there should be several things you can do.

 If the waiting time is less than 5.5 hours ...

 Enjoy duty-free shopping, as there are 350 duty-free shops in the three terminals.  Luxury products like Bottega Veneta, sports brands like Adidas, and sweets from stores like Candy Empire ... there's a lot more to list.

 If you need to particularly relax, you can walk in the various parks at the airport: Sunflower Garden, Butterfly Garden (home to more than 1,000 small animals), Orchid Garden with more than 700 orchids, etc.  You can also go to Wellness Oasis.  She specializes in treating all kinds of minor ailments caused by travel.  Then you can go to the swimming pool on the top floor of Terminal 1 opposite the Accommodation Transfer Agency.

 Do you need to update?  Then go to the recreation area.  There are many things you can play here on Xbox Kinect, watch music videos at the MTV booth, and even watch movies at the cinema.  If you are traveling with your family, you can go to the Family Zone to use the nursing room and other facilities, and take your children to the play area.  Plus, if you want your kids to have more fun, you can take them to the longest slide in Singapore - The Slide @ T3 in Terminal 3.

 During this time, you can taste all kinds of food at the airport.  If you want to sample local cuisine in Singapore, you cannot close the 24-hour food court (24-hour food fair) Ramen Ippudo Express and Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine stores and other restaurants.

 Do you have extra time before heading to the boarding gate?  Check the face scanning technology with interactive electronic wall technology and installation of motion contour imaging in the transit hall in the building 2. Choose a personal photo for the background of your favorite theme from the face scanner, and send a unique interactive electronic personal picture on the wall immediately, along with pictures of the various activities  Taken in Singapore to your mailbox.

 Enter the default range on the moving outline device, and a mockup image will be displayed on the electronic wall. You can interact with the animation on the interactive electronic wall.  The right time while waiting for the flight.

 If the standby time is more than 5.5 hours ...

 Got time to travel for free in Singapore?  Transit passengers from all airlines can sign up for the Free Singapore Transit Bus Tour organized by the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Airlines and the Changi Airport Group.  You only need to record the type of your tour, such as cultural heritage sightseeing tours, you can visit places and areas of interest: municipal neighborhoods, Kampung Glam, etc., sightseeing tours (especially the Singapore Flyer), parks beside the bay and other landmarks and attractions).

 If you need accommodation, you can choose to book a transit stay in your area, including the Aerotel Transit Hotel and the Ambassador Transit.

 There are a lot of things to do at Changi Airport and Singapore, so you don't have to worry about waiting for an airport transfer.  Enjoy your wait time ~ because everything is here!

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The 8-day trip to Sri Lanka is perfect for you "the greedy"

 The 8-day trip to Sri Lanka is perfect for you "the greedy"

                    Image source:unsplash

 Traveling in Sri Lanka is the perfect way of life for "greedy people" who want everything.

 Why is Sri Lanka best suited to the "greedy"?  Because this island country in South Asia, which is teardrop-shaped,

 The name is very beautiful - whether the new name is "Sri Lanka" or the old "Ceylon", it makes people love to dream.

 The scenery is quite diverse - from tea gardens to the depths of the sea, from historical sites to wildlife, from elephants to blue whales ... "There is everything here except for snow";

 The visa is very easy - the e-visa is completed in 30 minutes without complicated materials;

 The price is very cheap - a pack of yogurt 30 rubles, equivalent to 1.5 Chinese yuan;

 People are very friendly - people in this country love to laugh;

 Kind Sri Lanka is the same as the "greedy" god who filled all kinds of scenery in her small island country, and "greedy", who wants everything, you can put all kinds of orchids.  The card scene is packed into a good 8-day itinerary.

 Travel time in Sri Lanka: From December to March

 People always look forward to winter in the sweltering heat, and crave to get warm in the bitter cold, then travel to Sri Lanka is perfect for fall and winter.

 From December to March of the following year, many Europeans go to Sri Lanka to spend the winter, to celebrate Christmas and New Year by the occasion.  In Sri Lanka at this time, the average temperature is still 28 degrees, and the summer sun is still accompanied by the sea breeze and tea.  The huge and elegant blue whale also passed the coast of Sri Lanka at this time.

 Sri Lanka Travel Personalization Tips: The Southern Ring, All Experience

 Although diverse Sri Lanka is very well worth it to spend several months slowly exploring, if time is limited, it is enough to experience the essence of Lanka by spending 8 days on the Southern Ring Road.  Including the capital Colombo, the religious center of Kandy and the old city of Galle, passing through the most beautiful tea garden train and the coastal train section, go to Yala National Park to see Ceylon leopards and wild elephants, and go to the sea to find the mysterious blue whale in Mirissa.

  This type of Southern Ring itinerary is so classic that you can try your own version of "N Things to Do in Sri Lanka".

 Sri Lanka, the most magical experience in the tea village

 Katunayaka - Rambukana - Sigiriya - Dambulla - Kandy - Noir Elia - Horton Plains National Park - Nuwara Eliya - Nanoyaka - Ella - Mirissa - Branch Jelly Galli Kos Kuta Palapitia Bentota Colombo Katunayake

 Day 1: Get off the plane and go to the fish market

 The domestic flight to Sri Lanka takes about 6 hours, departs in the evening and arrives early the next morning.  You can start traveling as soon as you fall asleep, which is really in line with the 'no loss' demand.

 The first stop is Negombo, an attractive city just seven kilometers from Sri Lanka International Airport.

 There are Sri Lankan customs, casual beaches, all kinds of cheap seafood ... Negombo's greatest charm lies in the calm and the back.  The fish market here is very popular, highly recommended to visit.

 Day 2: Watch the elephant, watch the Buddha, watch the dance

 There are many places in the world where you can see elephants, but the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka is one of the unique elephant orphanages in the world.  To see elephants here you can learn more about the wild Elephants protect and contribute to knowledge.  In Sri Lanka, there are thousands of ways to see Buddha.  At the corner of the street, the magnificent palace, the original stone ceiling ... you can all see the Buddha statue.  When you come to Kandy, you cannot miss the famous Temple of the Tooth Relic and the unique Kandy dance here.

 Advice specially collected by Wuerjun:

 1. It is amazing to say that even if you do not have faith, you can sit in the open space of the temple like Sri Lankans as you wish, rest in a daze or speak in a low voice, you can truly feel the peace and harmony of the heart;

 2. Living in the Kandy Mountains, you can enjoy another great night scene - not the bright lights of a highly developed city, but the calm and a touch of peace of mind;

 3. There are many Kandy chefs who have studied art in Sichuan, China, and Chinese cooked food will surprise you who are unfamiliar with the taste of curry.

 Day Three: Picking and drinking tea, perfect life

 When you come, it is time to choose a tea in Sri Lanka.  Visit a tea farm, learn all about tea, walk to the tea field, and sip a cup of authentic Ceylon black tea.  The tea culture in Sri Lanka was originally influenced by British colonialism.  After picking the tea and sampling the tea, you can also take a look at another colonial period product - the pretty pink Nuwara Eliya Post Office.

 Advice specially collected by Wuerjun:

 1. Compared to Mackwoods, which has a lot of tourists, the designer recommends Pedro Tea Garden.  The same has a long history, but you can feel the sweet and serene tea garden.

 2. Sri Lankan black tea is still worth buying, but buying it in tea gardens has the most variety of teas and the best packaging.

 Day 4: Journey through the plains to the end of the world

 There are many "world endings" in the world, and Horton Plains National Park is not the most dangerous or exciting, but the most enlightened life.  If you don't like hiking, go to a New Zealand farm outside Nuwara Eliya, hand feed the cows, visit the dairy, then go on the same tea garden train which is nicer than the Sri Lankan Alpine Train!

 Advice specially collected by Wuerjun:

 1. The destination of the Tea Garden train, Ella, is a boring and charming little village, the local cuisine here is the best in Sri Lanka, and the life here is also the quietest;

 2. The timetable on the wall of Ella railway station is so interesting, taking pictures with a card is highly recommended.

 Day 5: Go to Little Africa and see rare animals

 On this day, you need to get up early in the morning, take an off-road car, go to Yala National Park, which is similar to the African plains, and learn about rare wildlife, such as the Geyser tiger.  How big is Yala National Park?  It represents 2% of Sri Lanka’s national area.  It is famous for its many rare wildlife and has a varied ecological environment, there are moist seasonal forests, dry seasonal forests, semi-deciduous forests, and xerovitic forests. In addition to forests, there are grasslands, beaches, rivers and lakes.  Swamps and wastelands - you can imagine how many wildlife you will see.

 Advice specially collected by Wuerjun:

 The night before, it is recommended to stay in a private tent for reservation, and to fully experience the 'wild' feeling.

 Day 6: Go out to see blue whales, and return to explore the ancient city

 From November to April every year, blue whales and dolphins will migrate to the southern waters of Sri Lanka, and take a boat in Mirissa.  There is a 98% chance that you will encounter huge, elegant blue whales, humpback whales and dolphins.  It is usually visible.  On the endless sea, watch a gigantic whale blowing a column of water over ten meters high, then diving into the sea with an elegant tail, walking away freely ... The splendor of a shallow fish bottom can always shock everyone's personal mind.  If you are in a good mood and want to say hello to a whale, you can even see the barnacles on it.  Whale watching is good, but easy to vomit.

 If you don't want to go all the way, Wuer Journey can help you choose a more stable ship, or simply book a Sri Lankan princess from the Sri Lankan Navy to gracefully go out to sea to watch the whales.

 In addition to relaxing beaches and mysterious whales, you can also encounter the world's only "stiletto hunters" on Sri Lanka's seas.

 The Indian Ocean has no end, but Old Galle, Sri Lanka's most beautiful city listed as a World Heritage Site, is always like a home port, perhaps because it was once a fortress with a towering white lighthouse and tall Levi Castle.  At sunset, and after visiting the old buildings and new shops in the old city, be sure to walk up the wall to see the sea in front of you and the people around you, now they are all safe.

 Advice specially collected by Wuerjun:

 1. When going out to sea to see whales, please take the most expensive and largest boat, so that you do not vomit to death.

 2. Do not complain that the "recession hunter" has become a commercial "performance". After all, the backwardness and poverty that it represents is something that people in every country want to eliminate.  And if you like to take pictures and try them out, isn't that more suitable for post-marketing tourists?

 Day 7: Take the Hayao Miyazaki Coastal Train to cross

 The sea train from Galle to Colombo is a mode of transportation for locals to get to and from work, and it is also the prototype of the "spirited out".  Also hang a train with locals (be aware of safety), and the scenery on this road is much more amazing and interesting.  In addition to seeing up close the overseas seas along the way, you'll also experience the sensation of traveling from ancient cities to modern cities.  It can be said that the capital, Colombo, is the only modern city in Sri Lanka, but the most attractive to tourists are the historical buildings such as the Water Temple, Gangala Temple and the Dutch Hospital.  And delicious crabs.

 Day 8: Spend all rubles

 Although there are many places to visit in the capital, Colombo, the shopping is justified on the last day of the trip.  Although there are no outlets or luxury stores in Sri Lanka, buying and selling in a local shopping center is enough to make people happy - after all, buying things worth tens of thousands of yuan here is not mercy, and I can't help but steal them after they have turned into yuan.  Laugh.

 What do I buy?  Souvenirs, clothes, tea, accessories ... among them are dresses and dresses with Sri Lankan national characteristics, they are really good and cheap!

 Advice specially collected by Wuerjun:

 1. Before boarding the plane, please take out all the Sri Lankan ruble and replace it with yogurt - 30 rubles per cup, delicious, don't hurry to eat enough!

 2. Remember 1.

 Sri Lanka 7 days walk in Ceylon, embrace the world with you

 Katunayake - Negombo - Rambukkana - Kante - Nuwara Eliya - Nanoyaki - Yala - Mirissa - Kogler - Galle - Colombo - Katunayake

 Write at the end

 The "greedy" itinerary is definitely fast-paced, and Sri Lanka prefers to travel slowly.  Regardless of whether you add or subtract the number of days or try the scenic sites, the unique tour can be customized for you.

 Sri Lanka is for free travel, we recommend some public transportation (such as the tea garden train and the coastal train) and some rental cars, which can not only experience local customs but also save a lot of time.  In terms of accommodation, it is highly recommended that you live well!  Sri Lanka has reservations for accommodation in Oman, but we'd like to book other five-star specialty accommodations more cost-effective. I think you have visited Sri Lanka once, and you will likely book a great stay here again in the future.

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Thailand travel guide, hate this weekend!

 Thailand travel guide, hate this weekend!

                    Image source:unsplash

 How did you spend your weekend? Have you eaten and slept, slept and ate, stayed home watching a play, or went out shopping, watched a movie, and had a big meal? One of them said in Zhihu: “The way a person spends the weekend determines the difference of rank with others.”  If you want a bit more crowd subtlety, and you want to spend the weekend with a sense of quality, you need to find a place that can be tall and humble, and come up with a 48-hour weekend escape plan! Bangkok meets this standard,  It is suitable to escape your three-point life line and get rid of physical and mental fatigue for a week.

 Wake up naturally on the first day, and soak in the infinity pool

 Sleeping until you wake up naturally is the dignity of the weekend!

 The Sofitel in central Bangkok was booked on behalf of the hotel, as it is close to the city's main attractions.  The design is inspired by the Five Elements of China: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.  It combines French style and has the charm of East and West.

 Sleep in the soft and warm bed until you wake up naturally, accompanied by the beautiful scenery behind the floor-to-ceiling windows, connect to breakfast at home, and drink a cup of sweet and sour juice to energize the body!

 Taking advantage of the enthusiasm, I went to the infinity pool on the 10th floor of Bubble, the skyscrapers that I could only see when I struggled to raise my head facing each other side by side.

 10:30 On the first day, check out the new and new Wat Arun Temple

 Sofitel move away from the reservation of two kilometers from Wat Arun, located in the Chao Phraya River in the West Bank, to commemorate the Thai 41 Kings Corridor, building national hero Cheng Chau.

 The simple white walls of Wat Arun differ from the splendor of most Thai temples, and are inlaid with colorful ceramic tiles and shells, fun and fresh.

 By wearing a long skirt to check-in in front of the temple, you can easily take pictures of famous people.

 12:00 On the first day, leave midsummer at the tip of your tongue

 Thailand has an endless summer.

 And an endless summer on the Chao Phraya River can keep summer at the tip of your tongue.

 Originally an abandoned factory building, with transparent glass, fresh green plants and gorgeous chandeliers, it has turned into a restaurant full of literary style.

 A restaurant, no matter how beautiful it is, still has to please people's stomachs before it can lock up people's hearts.

 Never Ending Summer is not in vain, it is on the list of must-eat restaurants in Dianping 2019. It is a must-eat restaurant in Bangkok.

 Our signature roast pork neck is served with two fifty sauces, crunchy and juicy, supplemented with sweet cucumber to reduce fat, and the taste is super layered;

 Soft shell curry crab has a scent and mushy flavor, mixed with a tablespoon of soft sticky rice, it feels like one bowl can be served again.

 14:00 The largest treasure hunting warehouse in the world

 Do you also want to go to IKEA all day on the weekends?  Even if I don't buy anything particularly practical, I would be very happy on my way home.

 The PAYAYA Antique Warehouse in Bangkok is a bigger, more interesting and better place to visit than IKEA, but not many people.  Some time ago, Zhong Chuxi also came up with a card punch.

 It is the largest archeology warehouse in Asia, with a total area of ​​5000 square meters and three floors.

 The owner is a 60-year-old grandfather who has spent more than 40 years collecting these items from all over the world.

 Here, you can see vintage stereos from the 1930s, ladies' sofas from the 1990s, quartz watches from Japan, woven rugs from Morocco ...

 Both famous Thai singers and Hollywood directors are great fans here, because not only is it a good place to shoot retro MVs, but a variety of great props can also be rented.

 After entering the store, first store your bags at the door, and then you can pick up your phone or camera, while looking for the baby that best suits your eyes, while taking pictures, beautiful, funny, whatever you want.

 Privately Hidden Advice: Many of the treasures here are boss private collections, no matter how much money you can sell, so remember to ask your boss for the price first when you're fictional.

 Address: 306/1 Soi Lat Phrao 55/2, lat Phrao Road, Wang Thong Lamg Road, Bangkok

 Opening hours: 10: 00-18: 00

 At 18:00 on the first day, walk around Bangkok's Chinatown and eat a bird's nest

 If you are dazzled by an impressive array of antique warehouses, you can also try the busy Chinatown.

 Walking in Chinatown at night, the lights are dimmed, the people are cool, looking at the street lights in yellow letters on a red background, there is a strange and familiar feeling.

 On weekdays, I can't bear eating it.  Almost a specific treasure is a bird's nest starting at 100g / 1000 yuan.  You can buy it at roadside stalls here, about 20 yuan per pot.

 If you are afraid that the quality of the bird's nests in the roadside stalls is not good enough, go to a small shop specializing in bird nests, which is also very affordable, about 40-80 RMB.

 9:30 Visit Chatuchak Weekend Market on the second day

 What's the best thing to do on the weekend?  Shop, buy and buy!

 Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest market in Southeast Asia, it is open from 9 am to 18:00 pm, the traffic is very convenient, and you can reach the city by BTS or subway.

 You can eat the famous coconut ice cream here, buy Thai-style clothes and bags, and go by the side of the road to make a good, cheap chicken to kill the horses when you are tired.

 At 12:00 the next day, go to the best cafe to calm down

 After visiting the lively souks, it is a good choice to find a café with an elegant environment of peace and quiet.

 The roast coffee is hailed by foreign media as one of the "best cafes in Bangkok".  There are two in Bangkok, one in the Commons community and the other in Emquartier.

 Emquartier Mall is located near Phrom Phong Station on the BTS Line.  In addition to being surrounded by greenery, the artificial waterfall in the lobby of the mall and the sky garden on the top floor make people spend a lot of time.

 You can sit by the window and order the special strawberry pie, which can make delicate pancakes, sweet and sour strawberry and rich cream intertwine into a sweet taste that spreads in your mouth;  Green spaces are on the horizon.

 At 15:00 the following day, we will enjoy the library, which is full of literature and art

 Spending an afternoon in a weekend library filled with literary and artistic styles is to nurture the tense spirit of the week and make up for the three-point life.

 The Open House Library is located on the sixth floor of the Central Embassy, ​​which is a first-class shopping mall in Bangkok.  It is similar to the "Eslite Library" in Taiwan and the "Floating Library" in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

 The papers on the ceiling, the smell of coffee and the smell of ink on the pages are all great.

 When you come here, you can remove all the burdens in your life, find a book you like, and lie down on the sofa as desired.

 At 17:00 the next day, Erawan Buddha worshiped and made a wish

 Thailand is a country of Buddhism, and when you come to Thailand, you must worship Buddha.  Don't know which Buddha worships?  There is nothing wrong with following Thais.  Erawan Buddha before the Erawan Hotel in Bangkok is the most functional and trusted by Thais.

 Buddha Erawan is said to be a Buddha, but in fact, it is considered the deity of creation in Brahmanism.  It has four faces on the front, back, left and right, representing the four types of Brahmins of Mercy, Mercy, Joy and Charity.

 The beautiful weekend is drawing to a close, pray to the Buddha, and maybe the next week will add good luck and many happy events.

 Visit Big C at 18:00 the next day, and spend money at the right place

 The last days of the weekend should not end so dulling, and the money in the pocket should be spent in the right place.

 Big C, a way away from the Erawan Buddha, is the largest supermarket chain in Bangkok.  Most other supermarkets are only open until 22:00 PM, but they can be open until 2:00 AM.

 Don't know what to buy?  Snacks, dried tropical fruits, mosquito repellent products, coconut products, and royal honey are Thai delicacies worth buying!  Here are some must-buy items for your reference.

 01 |  Golden king fruit dried durian pillow

 Dried Fruit from Fruit King is the level that people all over the world will love, it uses freeze-drying technology and retains the scent of durian.  They taste crunchy and lightweight; if you want to buy several packages, buy a few.

 02 |  MAMA Tom Yum Goong Flavor Instant Noodles

 Mama is a popular instant noodle brand in Thailand, and Tom Yum Gong is a bestseller.  Buy it again and put some squid, prawns and vegetables on your own; it looks like great Thai cuisine.

 03 |  Natural coconut oil

 Natural coconut oil can also be used, in addition to cooking, as a hair mask (Fan Bingbing is highly recommended).  Apply a little massage before washing your hair and wash it after 15-30 minutes to nourish your hair and reduce split ends.

 04 |  Zam Bock Herbal Conditioner

 Honestly, Wuerjun's summer life depends on air conditioning and Thai grass paste.  There are many brands of green grass pulp here, as well as the popular reclining Buddha, Zem Bok has a very good reputation.

 During 48 hours in Bangkok you will have a wonderful weekend like never before. If you want to add Chiang Mai, Pai and Hua Hin ..., come for a more specialized and in-depth excursion in Thailand, the unique tour can be customized for you.

 Traveling is an escape from the humble life.

 The weekend is the best time to save a mechanical life.

 Bangkok is a destination worth visiting again.

 Find a weekend to travel to Bangkok, you'll find that weekends not only eat, sleep, sleep and eat, but there are many fun things waiting for you to unlock.

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