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How much money is needed for a trip to Morocco ?

How much money is needed for a trip to Morocco ?

                    Image source:unsplash

What is the best season to travel?

 Perhaps there is no "dirty" country in the world like Morocco.  He walks in it, as if he were walking on a paint tray thrown by God.  Casablanca is romantic and pure, Marrakech red is gorgeous and enthusiastic, Chefchaouen blue is calm and lazy, and colorful Fez is full of elegance ...

 Each city has its own bright colors, which represent its unique mood.  When you see Morocco for the first time, you can't help but fall in love with this mysterious and dreamy country.  Since Morocco exempted China from visas, it has attracted a large number of domestic tourists.

What is the best tourist season in Morocco?  Let's introduce you from Wuer Journey.

 1. The cost of booking airline tickets in Morocco:

 At present, there is no direct domestic flight to Morocco, generally, transportation is required, and the price of a round-trip ticket reservation is generally 7000-1100 yuan.  If you encounter a discount ticket of around 5,000, start decisively.  If you think it's annoying to travel to Morocco as a guide, get airline tickets and book accommodation, you can also click on the link below to find a personalization tool to help.

 Must choose for the first play, an 11-day classic nature tour in Morocco

 Nouaceur-Casablanca-Marrakech-Ait Ben Haddou-Ouarzazate-Boumalne-Dades-Tinghir-Merzouga-Ifrane-Fez-Chefchaouen-Rabat-Casablanca-Nouaceur

 2. Housing prices in Morocco:

 The capital of Morocco is Rabat, which is divided into the new city of Rabat and the old city of Salire, and the cost of living in the new city is slightly higher than the cost of the old city, and generally speaking, the reservation of ordinary housing is not less than 300 yuan.  Get 600-700 RMB.  You can also consider family hostels, where the average price per person is generally under 150. Most family homes in Morocco are decorated with local features.

 3. Moroccan transport costs:

 City sights are not acceptable, and if you are taking a taxi, you must negotiate the price in advance or use the meter directly.  There are only ONCF trains in the country, and there are many bus ticket options, but it is recommended to purchase CTM trains, as their bus facilities are better and the fees are relatively reasonable.

 4. Moroccan food prices:

 The cheapest food restaurant ranges from 15 to 25 yuan, while in medium-sized restaurants, the price of a two- and three-course meal ranges between 80 and 150 yuan.

 5. Prices of tickets for tourist places in Morocco:

 Morocco has many photography sites, and most scenic spots are free, even if the price isn't high.  Among the most popular attractions in Morocco, the Hassan II mosque ticket is around 83 yuan, Chefchaouen is free, Mayor Park is around 35 yuan, the old city of Marrakech is free, and Jamfna Square is free.

 6. The best season for tourism in Morocco

 High season is December, March, April, May, October etc., and it is also the best time to travel to Morocco.  Choose to travel in the off-season from November to January, which can significantly reduce transportation and accommodation budgets and avoid crowds.  The exact itinerary can be customized by consulting the customizer.

 Desert adventure in the fun country, 11-day classic excursion to Morocco

 Nouaceur-Casablanca-Essaouira-Marrakech-Ait Ben Haddou-Ouarzazate-Boumalne-Dades-Tinghir-Merzouga-Ifrane-Fez-Chefchaouen-Tangier-Rabat-La Part-Casablanca-Nouaceur

 7. What is the cost of travel in Morocco?

 The cost of tourism in Morocco is determined by the number of days of travel and experience of demand, and it is preferable that the approximate cost of a 7-day trip to Monaco is 1.3-1.5 watts.  Of course, if you want to play deeper and more relaxed, you need to increase your budget.

 The above is an introduction to you of money to travel to Morocco.  Many people think that going to Morocco is the cost of traveling to Africa and enjoying a trip to Europe, so what are they waiting for?  Contact Wuer Travel now.

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Remember these nine notes, and travel with confidence to Morocco

 Remember these nine notes, and travel with confidence to Morocco

                   Image source:unsplash

 Morocco is an enchanting and beloved country in North Africa, whether you have a vision of the desert or want to experience the luxurious Arabian atmosphere at Sex and the City, there are some things you should know before traveling to Morocco.  Wuer Journey has arranged 9 things you should know when traveling to Morocco to make your trip to Morocco unobstructed.

 1. Moroccan linguistic travel notes

 The official languages ​​of Morocco are Arabic and French, but only English, so you can still have fun in Morocco.  It's just that the locals have a heavy English accent, which Chinese tourists may not understand.  But there is no need to worry about the language problem, because practitioners in the Moroccan tourism industry usually speak 5 or 6 languages, and as long as they install a translation application, they can communicate with them happily.  3G and 4G networks in Morocco are well developed, except for the lack of signal in the Sahara desert, there is no problem in other regions.

 2. Matters that need attention in the customs and travel customs in Morocco

 Morocco is an Islamic country so pork is forbidden and you cannot even see pig pattern on the road.  If you want to bring instant noodles, be careful not to bring the flavor of pork, and even if you do bring them, keep them away.

 According to Islamic teachings, drinking alcohol is not allowed, and there are special stores in the local area that can sell alcohol, but remember not to drink alcohol in public places.  In addition, most of the fine Moroccan private restaurants serve red wines, and all of them are high-quality, self-produced red wines.  Morocco also has a bar at night.It is a very fun, relaxing and open place to play.

 It will be different from your impression of Morocco, but you cannot take pictures in the bar. Muslims are very keen to be photographed drinking or girls wearing sexy dresses.  Pictures must be respected in this regard.

 3. Travel precautions in eating habits in Morocco

 The tourism industry in Morocco is very developed, so the waiter in the restaurant will definitely provide you with tableware when he sees that you are a foreigner.  Lots of Moroccans still use their right hands for a meal, and if they meet, don't make a fuss.  Moroccan eating time differs from eating times in China, lunch time from 2 pm to 3 pm, and dinner time from 7 pm to 10 pm.  If you had no idea about Moroccan meals before traveling to Morocco, you will easily get hungry during the trip.

 4. Moroccan Travel Diary - Cultural Differences

 When you walk the streets of Morocco, there will often be vendors who will come with you to sell the goods, and there will be no physical contact.  But in Morocco, where traditional roads are conservative, if you wear clothes that show your arms, you will definitely grab everyone's attention.  It is natural to feel scared when going somewhere else, but Moroccans are actually very friendly.

 Another thing to note is that you should ask the other person to take pictures in Morocco.  They are very careful to take them into the lens without asking, and they might check the camera and ask for pictures to be deleted, so be polite and pay close attention.  If girls are traveling alone, it is recommended to cover their arms with a silk blanket, and in sightseeing areas, wear flat shoulder clothing to expose their arms and legs.

 5. Matters needing attention in Morocco - travel lifestyle

 Morocco has a culture of tips, as most restaurants and cafes need a tip.  Not on the counter at the exit but to the person serving you.  Usually, if you spend a few tens of dollars, you will be serving one or a few dozen.  As for the Yuan, the high level services such as restaurants and restaurants, the tip market is 10%, and of course you can make adjustments according to your satisfaction with the service.

 In the old town of every city, there are many children and young people who will show you the way.  Most of them will ask you for advice.  In fact, they just want to earn some living expenses.  There is no risk.  If you don't want them to make that money, just don't give them a refund.

 6. Travel precautions in Morocco - electronic equipment

 Morocco is a European style 220V / 50Hz socket and two-pin round socket, while the domestic one is a flat two-pin socket.  Although it is not difficult to purchase a conversion plug, it is best to repair the plug before traveling abroad, so that the phone and camera are not charged in the local area, and the opportunity to record beautiful scenery is missed.

 7. Notes for travel in Morocco - currency exchange

 Morocco's currency is the dirham, and the euro can basically be exchanged for Morocco airport.  It is also possible to exchange the US dollar, but if the two are compared, the Euro is more favorable.  There are exchange counters in the reception area of ​​the airport, and there are many shops in different cities where you can exchange them.  For the credit card part, the shopping places are mostly located in the old city, so cashing out is more convenient, just like we can't swipe the card when visiting the night market.  Himself.

 8. Matters needing attention in Morocco.  Travel and transportation

 In addition to the plane, the price of the train is relatively expensive, but the train is fast, safe, accurate and stable. So, you can take the train when you travel to Morocco.  Unfortunately, there are not many train routes in Morocco.  Suggestions for moving around by bus, many backpackers use the bus as a portable tool when traveling in Morocco.

 9. Travel precautions in Morocco - safety

 When traveling to Morocco, it is recommended that you do not travel alone. If you are in a group, it is recommended that you find a companion who is more experienced in travel. Moroccan security is good.  In the old city of Marrakesh, it is still very lively and safe even in the middle of the night, but only in the early morning when there are few people it is more dangerous, it is advised to consult the owner of the hotel before going out, and if he advises you not to go out, follow his advice, because the suggestions of the locals are worthy of reference  to her.

 As long as you keep 9 precautions in mind, you can play Morocco safely and boldly.  Since 2016, Morocco has allowed Chinese citizens to enter without a visa, and since then, travel to Morocco is no longer a "fantasy".  Are you ready to travel to Morocco wherever you go?

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Best Moroccan country in the world travel guide

 Best Moroccan country in the world travel guide

                    Image source:unsplash

 Perhaps there is no country in the world as "beautiful" as Morocco.

 Casablanca is white, romantic and pure, Marrakech red is gorgeous and passionate, Chefchaouen blue is calm and lazy, and the colorful physique is endless ...

 Each city has its own bright colors, which represent its unique mood.

 Pure, romantic, wild, natural, classic, dreamy ... with everything you love.

 If your impression of it is still only in the blue and white city, only mentioning the Sahara Desert under the three strokes of the brush, it is time to clear up this misunderstanding.

 God has exhausted the world's most beautiful colors in this "North African Backyard", leaving the world to move without limits.

 • White Love Song • Casablanca.

 "There are many cities in the world, and there are many bars in the cities, but it just entered."  It was Ingrid Bergman's "Casablanca" that made this city famous.

 This is the largest city in Morocco, in both Portuguese and Spanish (a 14-day Spanish tourist route), "Casablanca" means "the white house".

 Rows of whitewashed buildings fill with an exotic atmosphere, and impressive carvings reveal French elegance.

 At sunset, a stroll along Miami Beach Avenue, listening to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and watching the sea breeze stream through the rows of palm trees and lazy people on the beach make this white city more elegant and serene.

 If you want to relive the classics in the movie and face intoxicating romance, head to Rick's Café for a latte, listen to "When Time Passes", and relive your old dreams.

 Wuerjun privately hides tips:

 Hassan II Mosque is the only mosque in Morocco open to foreigners, it contains the highest minaret in the world and can accommodate 100,000 people to pray at the same time, and it is also the most recent mosque in the world, so do not miss the opportunity to visit this mosque.

 • Blue Magic City Chefchaouen.

 Blue is the soul of Chefchaouen.  This small city of just over 30,000 has the most fancy and charming blue in the world.

 Prussian blue, super blue, lake blue, sky blue ... the blue you can imagine in this world can be found here.

 The endless blue homes are full of exotic, powerful and cool style.  Just take a photo and it is a background.

 The city isn't that big, but it does make people stay.  The old man slowly walked across the pale blue streets, innocent teenagers ran around and the sleeping cat sat on the side of the road.

 Time seems to exist here, and locals have turned their lives into poetry.

 In Chefchaouen, the only thing you have to do is lazily indulge in blue dreams of various shades like a cat.

 Wuerjun privately hides tips:

 Most of the people who live in this blue city are devoted Muslims, so remember not to take their front faces when taking pictures.

 • The Red Castle • Marrakech.

 Unlike the white of Casablanca and the blue of Chefchaouen, the color of the Marrakesh theme is red.

 Whether it is an old palace, an ancient city where the common people live, or a large hotel where Europeans vacation, the color of the exterior wall is a uniform clay red.  Looking around, everything is red.

 In Arabic, Marrakesh means "red."

 In the old town of Madinah, stop relying on maps and navigation, and walk along the red city walls as you like. The sights that appear before you will make you think that you are back in the distant Middle Ages.

 Old jugglers sounded old music, locals would twos and trios in the corner talking in low voices, colorful and gorgeous porcelain, all set up in the little shops on both sides of the road.

 The Jamaâ Square can be called a historical building in Marrakesh.

 In the evening, this place will change from a square to a large market, bustling with noise and buzz, and clearly showing the world the local market.

 At Sleepless Plaza, from sunrise to sunset, there is always an endless stream of excitement.

 Wuerjun privately hides tips:

 Although it is known as the "red city", the Mayor Garden, the most beautiful attraction in Marrakech, is unexpectedly distinguished by its refreshing blue color.  The credit goes to French (France 12) fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent (YSL founder of the popular cosmetic brand) and the celebrity.

 It is said that in 1980, Yves Saint Laurent picked up this park with one look and bought it.  Since then, the designer's back garden has become in Morocco and an artistic Mecca where Marrakesh artists meet.

  • The lost color in the city.

 Long considered one of the holy sites of Islam, this 2,800-year-old city is the oldest of the four ancient imperial cities in Morocco and has the most classic views of the ancient city in Morocco.

 A large colored dyeing basin in the middle of the sandy soil city, colorful mosaics on the old city gates, intricate streets and colorful silk fabrics together make up this charming colorful city in people's hearts - Fez.

 The most famous landmark of the ancient city is the "notorious" leather dyeing shop.

 In second place, more than 200 bowls of colored dye are lined up, the dyeers are still working with their bare hands as in the Middle Ages, moving between them, or jumping into the basins of dyeing.  The scenery is absolutely stunning.

 Compared to Marrakesh, the alleys in Fez are more, narrower, and more complex, just like a small town of One Thousand and One Nights.

 More than 9000 lanes are dense as spider webs, there are many workshops and shops on both sides of the street, locals drive donkeys through the streets and navigation here is completely disrupted.

 Getting lost in the colorful Fez is the most romantic way to get around this medieval city.

 Wuerjun privately hides tips:

 When visiting a leather dyeing workshop, someone at the door will closely give you a mint leaf, and smelling it on the tip of your nose can remove the pungent odor somewhat.

 • Graffiti of the Holy Land • Authentic.

 The thousand-year-old dyeing workshop created colorful Fez, and the various graffiti patterns created the authentic colorful colors.

 Influenced by the Mediterranean culture, the main color of this city is blue and white.

 But it is also a blue and white city, the softest authentic tone of Chefchaouen, and the city walls are dotted with brightly colored paintings.  Asilah is also known as the 'Graffiti City'.

 Small town graffiti is scattered all over town, the graffiti content is casual and fun-packed, cleverly merged with architecture, doors and windows have become decorations on the walls.

 Here, explore every quiet alley, find beautiful graffiti picture, almost in every corner of every alley, you will encounter surprises.

 • Pink Valley • McNar.

 Last year, on the variety show "The Journey" (formerly known as "Sister Huaiyang"), he was joined by many stars such as Lin Shiling, Zhang Xinyi, Li Qiting and Hua Chenyu, their first stop was Morocco.

 Sister Qiling also participated in the Miss Strange contest at the local annual Rose Festival, and she deservedly won the title of "Ambassador Rose".

 The place where the celebration of the Roses is held is the place of the Rosary.

 When the roses bloom in May and June every year, this Rose Valley becomes a sea of ​​pink.  The locals opened the largest rose festival in the world by smelling roses.

 Morocco, along with Bulgaria and Turkey (10-day tour route in Turkey), is also known as the three largest producing regions of the Damascus lord in the world.  You can go to a rose workshop to see the process of making rose essential oil, as there are roses that have been picked and stacked in the mountains.

 Local girls will wear roses and perform a street parade.

 Berbers will dance enthusiastic, unrestrained ethnic dances, and vendors will sell tempting local snacks that are only available in rose sherbet this season.

 Join the locals and indulge in the lasting fragrance and passion of roses.

 • Golden Romance Merzouga.

 How can you miss the desert when you come to Morocco?  How many people dream of this place because of Sanmao's "Desert Story".

 The Sahara is a Moroccan business card, and Merzouga is the entrance to the Sahara.

 At Merzouga, the gateway to the Sahara Desert, you can choose to ride a camel or choose a more exciting SUV to overcome this ruin.

 As the natural light changes, the desert color will flow like gold, constantly changing from gold to purple gold to red gold.

 In this golden sand dune, be it sunrise, sunset or starry sky, it is very beautiful.

 • The city of transparent winds in Essaouira.

 Essaouira is transparent because it may not have the best beaches in Morocco, but its winds are the most famous.

 The winds of the Atlantic visit the small town year-round, and attract many surfers and windsurfers.

 Essaouira means "picturesque" in the Arabic language.  Astapo's prototype in "Game of Thrones" is a small town with blue fishing boats and white seagulls in the harbor.

 Morocco is colorful, in the final analysis, due to its tolerance.

 Diverse cultures were born and flourished in Morocco, where the Bedouin culture of the indigenous Berbers coexisted with the Islamic culture that the Arabs brought here thousands of years ago, making Moroccan civilization flourish brilliantly.

 Traveling in Morocco is like entering a scene, every scene is rich and attractive.

 Go to Morocco that is "raunchy" and enthusiastic and have a colorful dream.

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Visit the four imperial cities in Morocco

 Visit the four imperial cities in Morocco

                    Image source:unsplash


 It is located in the south of Morocco and is the third largest city in the country.  Marrakech has the largest traditional market in Morocco, and at the same time there is Jamfna Square, one of the busiest squares in Africa and the world, known as "the pearl of southern Morocco".  In addition, whether it is a palace, an old city or a large hotel, the outer wall of this city is terracotta red, so it is also known as the 'Red City'.


 Fez is the oldest of the four ancient imperial cities, and is the undisputed symbolic center of Morocco.  It is the first Islamic city in North African history and the center of religion, culture and art in Morocco for more than a thousand years.  Fez is divided into an old city (Bali), a new city (new), and a new city (Villeneuveille).  The ancient city is one of the largest typical medieval cities found in the world, and it retains its strong Arabic color.  The winding alleys of the city are crowded with many handicraft workshops such as dyeing and leather processing, mosaic buildings and mosaic crafts are everywhere, it is an artistic and very exotic city.


 One of the imperial cities in Morocco, the holy place of Islam.  Gu Luoma's legacy of the era can be found here, the secular building of Meknes full of classic or romantic style, mostly religious buildings, ornate interiors, beautiful paintings and classical art style performance.


 Rabat, a modern city surrounded by four high walls, has wide boulevards and impressive buildings.  There are places in town that are reminiscent of Rabat's glorious history, including the attractive Kasbsh des Oudaias (Kasbsh des Oudaias) and the restored colorful pirate ship.  Rabat is not only an ancient city, but a modern city as well, with many important national monuments and museums.

 If you also love this charming and beautiful "North African Backyard" then you must go for it!  Discover modernity, feel nature, and immerse in local customs.  I think you can gain a lot from this trip!

 Ask about the different ways to play in Morocco Welcome to find a trip to Wuer.  We'll help you plan a meaningful and in-depth trip to North Africa!

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Travel guide to Morocco Celebrity builder online! Leading photography site!

 Travel guide to Morocco  Celebrity builder online!  Leading photography site!

                    Image source:unsplash

 I know I misunderstood Africa

 When it comes to Africa, people often give the impression that they are barren, hot, desolate, primitive tribes, etc.  But Morocco, the northern part of Africa, will definitely spoil your view.

 Because here is not at all arid, even the city is colorful.  White Casablanca, Alhambra Marrakech, Chefchaouen blue, colorful Fez ...

 It's never boring, with countless internet celebrities out there.  Moorish-style architecture, bold use of color, vibrant Marseille tiles to make it the background, and her photography is absolutely gorgeous, every minute INS hot.

 Here is the Atlantic Ocean on the left and the Sahara on the right.  Whether you are dazed in a seaside city, blowing the sea breeze, going to camp, hiking, or counting the stars in the vast desert, it will be absolutely romantic.

 Travel time is from November to March of the following year

 Morocco is sunny all year round and suitable for travel, except for the hot summer.  Among them, November-March of the following year is winter in Morocco with an average temperature of 9-20 ℃, it is moderate and comfortable, neither hot nor cold, wearing a long skirt is very suitable for taking beautiful photos.

 Dedicated advice

 Complete charter, complete adventure

 When you come to Morocco, the scenes in front of you are exactly the same as those in Hollywood movies: rolling sand dunes, colorful cities, gorgeous "sleepless markets", everything yearns forever.

 Wuerjun recommends taking 12 days to charter the entire trip counterclockwise for an extensive adventure tour down the Morocco Circle Road, and to bring together these classic celebs and the internet simultaneously.

 Click the picture below to consult in detail.

 Full fun Moroccan tour

 Casablanca-Marrakesh-Ait Ben Haddou-Kasbah Toureret-Maghouna Castle-Merzouga-Fes-Chefchaouen-Tangier-Asilah-Rabat-Salé

 Morocco route recommendation

 The first day, a romantic meeting in Casablanca

 When I came to Casablanca, my eyes were pure white.  White houses, white churches, white mosques ... as if you were here, you are the hero of the movie.

 Casablanca is famous for the movie of the same name, so in addition to the romantic white, there are many cinematic "memories" in the city, one of which is Rick's Café.

 Upon entering the cafe in the same style as the movie, the crisp white walls and dimmed lights are completely mysterious.  Order some signature dishes and get ice cream as a dessert, leaving your taste buds memory and start your wonderful trip to Morocco.

 Hassan II Mosque is the only temple open to the public in Morocco.  Even if they are far away, you can see their gorgeous shape being more solid and beautiful in the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

 This is not only a mosque, but it is also a place to log in for Internet celebrities.  With many mosaic tiles, hollow walls, and Moroccan arch inside as background, the images will be very strange.

 DAY2-3 The magical night market in Marrakech

 The next day, I rented a car from Casablanca to Marrakesh.  Visit the rich collection of Marrakesh Museum and the fragrant Koutoubia Mosque.

 When visiting Majorelle Garden designed by French fashion master YSL, you will be shocked by the bold use of color as soon as you enter the door, there is a pure blue in the world, brighter than the sky and deeper than the sea.

 The garden is full of sumptuous flowers and leaves, dotted with high and low cacti, full of strong vitality, which makes people happy to see it.

 In the evening, head to the Piazza Djema, which is more than a thousand years old, and enjoy the fireworks in Marrakech.

 When the lights turned on in the bazaar, smoke rose, and magical shine, like a scene only in "A Thousand and One Nights".

 Fourth day: Visit the most beautiful village in Morocco

 If you love "Quan You", don't miss Ait Bin Haddou Village, as this is the prototype of Jinlin City.

 Wandering through the vicissitudes of the old city, eyes are filled with buildings made of mud and mud bricks, maybe this is just Morocco that wiped the colors, leaving the authentic side, and frankly seeing each other.

 Ouarzazate, not far away, is the most important cinema and television base in Morocco.  Nearly a hundred films were filmed, such as "The Gladiator", "Alexandria" and "Prince of Persia", as was the "Operation Red Sea" that caught fire last year.

 Day 5 - 6 Camping in the desert, looking at the stars

 When you reach Merzouga, the entrance to the Sahara Desert, you can see the empty and lonely Sahara Desert across the Todra Valley.

 At Kam Kam Dunes Tent Camp, you can enjoy comfortable beds, clean toilets and hot showers.  Even if you live in the desert for one night, you can still maintain your beauty.

 Together with family and friends, you can enjoy a luxurious picnic in the desert in the orange-red desert, it is beautiful and unforgettable.

 Compared to the unlimited day, the desert at night is much more mysterious.  A group of people were whispering in the breeze around the warm fire, and they could see the big stars when they raised their eyes, as if they were close at hand and very romantic.

 DAY7-8 Walk around the maze-like old city of Fez

 Fez is the oldest Arab city in Morocco.  Upon entering the ancient medina of Fez from the blue gate of Boseille, there is a feel of medieval walking, traditional, ancient and wonderful.

 Chou Alla's leather dyeing workshop is the most famous in Fez.  Standing on the rooftops of the surrounding shops, and looking around, more than 200 delicately lined-up colorful dye tanks, artisans navigate between them very busy.

 Although the aroma is slightly pungent under the scorching rays of the sun, mint leaves will be sent by the old woman, and the scent of mint will be refreshing.

 Day 9 Chefchaouen who dreams of recovery

 Chefchaouen is the most awaited place for this trip, as it is far from the hustle and bustle and the doors, stairs and walls of the houses are painted in azure color.

 Colorful flower pots hanging on the wall are dotted with these deep and shallow blue colors, like a beautiful picture roll, telling locals the love of life.

 He sits on the sunny stairs, even his smile full of hair.  Time permitting, I just want to wander these alleys, ready to waste.

 Day 10 Blow in the sea breeze and watch the sunset in Tangier

 Tangier is a port city in northern Morocco, bordering the Strait of Gibraltar and across the sea from Spain.

 In the evening, at the end of the North African continent - Cape Spartel, enjoy an orange sunset.  Waiting for the next twilight sprinkle a layer of dazzling gold on the sea, dreamy and brilliant, enough to make people jump.

 The Cave of Hercules is also called the "African Cave" because it resembles a map of Africa.  Through the magic aperture, you can see the sky and the sea from far away, presenting different visual feasts under different light.

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Ten things to do in Morocco

Ten things to do in Morocco

                    Image source:unsplash

 On May 11, 2016, Morocco's King Mohammed VI visited China, and President Xi Jinping received him personally, and the two leaders finalized the immediate exemption from visa.

 On June 1, 2016, Morocco officially granted Chinese citizens visa-free treatment.

 Facts have proven that this is a win-win decision.  In the first half of 2017, the number of Chinese traveling to Morocco increased by 565%, the amount of consumption paid with UnionPay cards increased by 900%, and Moroccans made high profits.

 China did not suffer, during the trip in Morocco "from the world of fairy tales in Chefchaouen to the romantic capital of Casablanca, from the" red city "of Marrakesh to the thousand-year-old city of Fez, the Chinese played high in Morocco!

 If you also want to take advantage of Dongfeng without a visa to open travel to Morocco with beautiful landscapes, long history and low consumption, the following Moroccan travel guide will provide you with ten experiences not to be missed, which will allow you to get 100 points in Morocco travel!

 -What is Chefchaouen blue color?  -

 Chefchaouen (Chefchaouen) is the most famous Moroccan city.  Locals' blue paint in order to repel mosquitoes has made this city the world's "pure city of fame".

 The ancient city of Chefchaouen is built on the mountain, and the eyes are filled with deep, shallow layers of azure blue.  It is said that the blue color is sadness, but the people of Chefchaouen are not sad at all, almost all the walls are hung with flower pots large and small, irises, chrysanthemums, colorful and lively.

 What's more addicting is the ubiquitous cat.  These cats have a prime posture, always lying lazily on the blue streets, watching tourists come and go.

 Every time I think about it, a grain of sand falls from the sky, and the desert has since formed.

 After arriving in Morocco, she must ride a camel and follow in Sanmao's footsteps to see the desert that dazzles her.

 During the day, sitting on the back of the "ship of the desert", floating in a sea of ​​boundless sand, watching the dunes wavy like waves.  At night they set up camp, guard the campfire, and lay on the warm sand dunes, guessing in the night sky that the star is the home of the little prince.

 Along the road "Zagora-Tengel-Ilford-Merzouga", passing through the old Berber village, passing through the vast sands of Zagora, passing through an oasis like a mirage ... ... Finally, stop at the dunes of Chebbi in Merzouga, waiting for the sunset in the desert, and the sunset like blood  .

 The beauty of Morocco lies in nature and humanity.  European culture collides with Arab culture and African culture and merges in this land, creating different types of fireworks.  The night market in Jamaâ Square in Marrakesh, the old capital, has been lively for thousands of years, and is still tirelessly.

 The square is always bustling and bustling, the Indian brothers dance snakes, the Arab uncles sell tea spices, and the bearded Moroccan man recounts the old numbers.  Arab lighting in the shop was twinkling, and adjacent clothing in particular lit up.  The cauldron of lamb and snails infuses with heat, exudes a mouth-watering scent ...

 Now, the street vendors in the square talk about hello, Ali Gado, and Ani Asay.  The ancient "One Thousand and One Nights" has a somewhat oriental flavor.

 Fez is one of the four kings of Morocco.  The history of the ancient city of Fez goes back a thousand years and is called the "City of Labyrinth".  The Old City has 9,000 twisting lanes, and more than 360 mosques are hidden among them.  The navigation app has become completely decorative, making people know North and South, and past and present hard to distinguish.

 Traveling through the narrow alleys of the Old Town is exploring an endless maze.  Sometimes there is clearly no road ahead, but as long as you step into the gate, walk across the roof of a house, or even open the back door of a convenience store, the willow instantly lights up.  The only means of transportation in the Old City is the donkey, and it is often said that the old horse knows the way, and it seems that the old donkey knows the way too.

 If you smell a faint scent when you get lost, there is a leather dyeing workshop around 80%.  Fess mixed and heated pigeon dung, cow urine, and animal fats, incorporating natural dyes in them, and then dyed the skin.  For thousands of years, the taste of the dyeing workshop has not changed, and the color of the skin has not changed.

 In the mosque I feel the beauty of fractals

There are no idols in all mosques and this is no exception .. Moroccans choose to use intricate motifs to express their loyalty to their religion.

 All mosques are full of repetition, rhythm, rhythmic patterns, and if you are a mathematician, you can see the beauty of fractals on the dome of the mosque.

 If you can't get the idea of ​​Islamic architecture it doesn't matter then reach out to touch the handcrafted mosaic door wall.

 - Near the Atlantic Ocean, flowers bloom on the wall -

 How can Morocco, who can charm Sanmao, be a classmate without a story?  Some people say the Holy Isles and the Zaha Islands in the Mediterranean are so clichéd, but authentic by the Atlantic is muted, full of blooming murals on the walls.

 Asilah guards the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Mediterranean Sea flows out of the strait, giving the city the blue and white colors of a Mediterranean city.  In 1978, 11 artists from around the world painted murals on the white walls of the city, and since then, the city has blossomed like flowers on the Atlantic coast like a girl who finally learned makeup.

 Compared to Tangiers and Casablanca, Asilah is quiet like a piece of piano without words.  On small town streets, just walking and watching and listening and turning around, feeling a leisurely three points and seven relaxing spots.

 Travel to the world of cinema

 Morocco is a country very loved by Hollywood, and many famous Hollywood films have come here to shoot, such as "The Mummy", "Gladiator", "Burn Shadow" and "Mission Impossible" ... by chance, they have crashed into the world of cinema.

 In Rick's Café "Casablanca", is there an echo of "With the passage of time"?

 On the undulating surfaces of Tangiers, can you find Jason Byrne's movie "The Bourne"?

 In "Game of Thrones", how many slaves did the mother of the Dragon set free from the prototype of the coastal city of Essaouira in Astapo?

 Tagine and couscous are the double walls of Moroccan cuisine, and eating less is not perfect.  The Taji bowl is cooked with lamb meat, vegetables and spices in a unique conical pot in the Arabian Peninsula, the soup is delicious and suitable to eat with Arabic flat bread.

 The couscous method is similar to a rice bowl, with golden Arabic millet on the bottom, and a variety of ingredients on top, including chicken, beef, lamb, and vegetables.  The authentic couscous needs to be cooked for more than 2 hours, the supply is limited, and if you want to eat it, you can find a good restaurant.

 Peppermint tea is the Moroccan national drink, green tea is the basis, and fresh mint is added to a small amount of sugar, and it has a refreshing taste and can quench thirst and relieve fat.

 Book a one-night riad

 To travel to Morocco, make sure to stay for one night in the unique Riad in Morocco.  All of these accommodation reservations are converted from old courtyards, often hidden in winding alleys.  The moment you open the door, the gorgeous brick mosaic walls, the free atrium view and the most dazzling Moroccan style will definitely leave you amazed.

 Sitting in the shade of lemon trees, entering your feet in the cool pool, and holding a cup of mint tea next to your hand;  Or soak your hands in the water of the fountain, and allow the coolness to travel through your pores all over your body.  Reservation is just an oasis in reserving accommodation.

 - Take a Moroccan bath -

 If you are tired of playing, use the traditional Moroccan bath to save your tired body and mind.  Black soap, green mineral clay, and orange blossom water are all ancient recipes that have been handed down for hundreds of years, and along with a relaxing massage, getting out of the shower is another guy full of energy.

 Public baths in Morocco are important social places for people.  If you are not satisfied with the private bath your accommodation has booked, you can also go to the public bath in the Old Town and be honest with the locals.  For aunts and grandparents who take a shower, people all over the world are not rubbing after they undress.

 On seeing this, you must know how high is the gold content in Morocco without visa?

 With this Moroccan travel guide, you can get away at any time, try the ten experiences mentioned above and play around the country!

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The knowledge you must know before traveling in Morocco

 The knowledge you must know before traveling in Morocco.

free Moroccan travel guide summary.

                    Image source:unsplash

 Morocco, which is visa-free from China, has attracted many tourists in recent years. The interesting Islamic culture and the charming views of the small city are wonderful.  However, there are still a lot of "potholes" to watch out for when traveling to Morocco!  Before traveling, be sure to read Wuerjun's precautions to ensure a smooth ride!


 Morocco is known as the "North African Garden", and it is suitable for visiting in spring and autumn, that is, from mid-March to mid-June and from mid-September to mid-October. The temperature during this period ranges around 18-20 degrees, and the temperature in summer is about 26 degrees,  It will be hotter in the Sahara desert.  The climate is temperate in winter with an average of 12 ° C, and in desert areas it can drop to 0 ° C at night.


 Because it is necessary to respect the customs of Arab countries, regardless of men and women, not to wear shorts, short skirts and sleeveless jackets.  A breathable half-sleeved shirt, knee-length pants or a long skirt are best attire, but one thing to note, women can only wear long-sleeved trousers when entering Chengqin Temple, a veil to cover their hair, and only men can wear them.  Short-sleeved trousers;  If you enter the desert, you need to equip a scarf to block the sand, the difference in temperature between day and night in the desert area is large, you can wear a thin coat, and you need a thicker one in winter.


 The currency is the Moroccan dirham (DH), with a face value of 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents.  Small tickets are generally used for shopping, and big tickets used for accomodation and transportation. Get.  Support Visa and UnionPay reference exchange rate: 1 RMB = 1.5DH.  Consumption level is not very high, simple delicious local meal 30 dirhams, mid-range restaurant main course 40-60 dirhams, 500 ml mineral water 3-4 dirhams.


 Here's a reminder: For safe and healthy play, you cannot drink tap water directly, nor do you drink the free water the restaurant provides.  Very cheap fruit (4-6 MAD / kg!), Vitamin supplement, unique local aloe vera fruit the sacred product of VC.


 In major tourist cities, there are homestays, budget reservations, high-end accommodation reservations, and youth hostels.  Old towns in all cities feature distinctive local guesthouses, riads, which have been remodeled from the old homes of wealthy families.  It has a Moroccan style patio with a fountain and surrounded by flowers.


 Moroccan trains and cars are clean and comfortable.  The train has sofa seats, air conditioning, and special boxes.  There are two types of taxis: GrandTaxi and PetitTaxi.  The Grand is larger, with two seats in the front row and 4 seats in the back.  It is a short distance transportation between cities.  You can negotiate the price when taking the bus.  There will be the phenomenon of using cars.  If you miss a long distance bus, choose this. It's very good, the price per person is the same as the bus fare or even cheaper.  Petit is a normal city taxi and can accommodate up to three people. You can only request a meter when riding. General starting price: 1.4-1.8 dirhams 2 dirhams per km.  An additional 50% will be charged after 8 PM, or you may attend.

 car rental:

 If you have a Chinese driver's license translation, you must choose an off-road vehicle to enter mountains or deserts.  You cannot drive in the desert blindly on your own.  You need a cell phone and mobile wifi to cooperate with the navigation.

 the shopping:

 There are many large and small traditional Arab shops in the old towns in all cities, and there are a lot of handicrafts, you must bargain in these small shops, and the price must be reduced by half or even a third of the original price.  This is not bad, and it does not give the impression to people that Chinese tourists are skilled at slaughtering, right ~ You should bring a hand-held speech: argan oil, pickled dates (which can be stored for a long time), carpets and Taji are good to eat.

 Custom taboos:

 Islamic teachings and rules of behavior permeate all regions of Morocco, and Muslims believe that the right is better than the left, and you must use your right hand to shake hands and hand over things, and shaking with the left hand is prohibited, and you must start with the right hand and the right foot when doing other things.  Women talk about, not to mention their slender bodies.  Forbidden Topics: Religious Controversies, Middle Eastern Politics, and Pigs.  If you praise the other person's things, they'll think you ask.  You should ask permission before taking pictures, especially women, here are the elderly respect and kindness, please go to the village to do what you want.

 Related to immigration

 Morocco tightly controls the import and export of its dirham currency.  You can bring foreign currency notes into the country for free, but there are very strict restrictions when leaving the country. If you carry the equivalent of more than 50,000 dirhams in foreign currency, you must keep an entry declaration form before you can take it out of the country.  It is not permitted to bring in or take out Moroccan border materials or documents that harm Moroccan national security, politics and religious beliefs, harm the image of the Moroccan royal family, and do not lead to Morocco's position on the Paracel case.  You are not permitted to bring in or out of the Moroccan border goods such as electrical appliances and clothes that you need more than you need on your trip;  In addition, you can bring no more than one bottle of alcoholic beverage;  2 cigarettes and 150 ml perfume.

 Tax refund:

 Tax refund is also available for shopping in Morocco.  As long as the store has the Global Blue Tax Free logo, you can apply for a tax refund.  The official customs stamp for Morocco must be obtained within 90 days of the date of arrival in Morocco.  The tax refund form with customs stamp is valid for 30 days from the date of departure (the date on the customs stamp).

 [Specific steps for a tax refund]

 1. Request a tax refund form when shopping

 2. Fill out the tax refund form.  The original receipt / invoice must be attached to the Tax Refund Form.  (The receipt / invoice number must be indicated on the tax refund form.)

 3. Customs Stamp: You need to show the tax refund form, passport and store receipt before going through the check-in procedures.  Customs may need to verify the goods purchased, so you need to bring the goods that need tax refunds with you for inspection.

 4. Tax and Money Refund: You can go to the Global Blue Tax Recovery Counter at the airport to get the tax refund.  Submit a completed and stamped Tax Refund Form for a cash or credit card tax refund.  If there is no blue counter at the airport, you need to use the prepaid Global Blue envelope to hand in the tax refund form, and at the end you can recover the tax by credit card refund.


 1. The value-added tax rate in Morocco is 20%.

 2. The minimum purchase amount for tax refund is 2000 Moroccan dirhams

 3. The cashback is limited to 5,000 Moroccan dirhams

 4. Before mailing all documents, it is recommended that you take a photo of the relevant tax form or write a DOC-ID of the tax refund form for future inquiries.

 You do your homework, play happily, and enjoy the journey of exploration

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What do you do in Morocco without a visa?

 What do you do in Morocco without a visa?  

Eight online celebrity accommodations will give you the answer.

                    Image source:unsplash

 Traveling is our reward for owning a treat, which of course cannot be missing in the prescription of blindly important "accommodation reservations".  It doesn't have to be extravagant, but it does have to be of high quality.  What this reveals is not vulgar material pursuits, but rather our view of the world and our pride in ourselves.  Now, if your prescription is a trip to Morocco, please don't forget to pick out some "medicines" - those reservations in Moroccan accommodations that have the best value in the inner circle, check it out!

 Accommodation is usually reserved in Morocco converted from a traditional Moroccan courtyard (riad), with a "back" patio shaped and uniquely high-rise surrounding wall.  The spacious courtyard shows Moroccan characteristics everywhere, and the square pool in the middle of the courtyard is more a "mainstay" for travelers to relax and take pictures.

 Reservation of celebrity accommodations online

 Marrakech |  Royal Mansour Marrakech reservation

 The Royal Residence Agency, Royal Mansour Marrakech, is located in the city center of Marrakech on an area of ​​about 35,000 square meters.  The accommodation reservation consists of 53 private Moroccan traditional loft riads, and is very extensive.  He said that the construction of the reservation of housing that is the king of Morocco, that for this reservation residency transformation, the king not only inviting France (France tours 9) French architect Nicolas Papamiltiades, looking for more than 1200 craftsmen, which lasted 3 years even can be built.

 Gorgeous velvet sofas, embroidered silk pillows, handcrafted rugs with traditional North African patterns, the guest room interiors are very luxurious.  Shades of crimson, indigo, and dark green, combined with the luxurious interior, give the feeling of being in a royal palace in North Africa.  Intricate underground lanes dotted throughout the accommodation reservation, they are cleverly connected to each Riad villa, and only internal staff can pass here, adding to the noble privacy, comfort and freedom of the guests.

 Marrakech |  A traditional Moroccan courtyard in Marrakesh

 As a popular blogger on the internet, you must have seen the photos reserved on behalf of this hotel if you often use the posts.  This beautiful and well located accommodation agency was rated the best accommodation agency in Morocco in 2017, so if you want to stay for one night, you must book at least three months in advance!

 Blue and green mosaic tiles with super spinning, refreshing turquoise pool and huge tropical greenery make the entire patio refreshing and exotic.  Looking at the courtyard from the second floor, it appears to be in an Arab fairytale.  In addition to the high-value patio, each of the ten rooms at Riad Be Marrakech has its own color, which is aqua blue, dark green and light gray, which is very charming.  The accommodation reservation provides a fully handmade traditional Western and Moroccan breakfast that complements the style of booking the stay.

 Marrakech |  secret Garden

 This garden-themed homestay reservation is also a favorite with major internet celebrities, and bright colors are a major feature, especially the pink balcony that dazzles girls.  As it's getting more and more popular with add-ons, it's often hard to find a room!  The traditional Moroccan Secret Garden Hotel in the courtyard (Riad Jardin Secret) is the owner of two rooms by the Parisian fashion designer, the B&B has six rooms, all of North Africa has preserved traditional elements with a unique artistic style as strongly as possible.  In the afternoon, reclining on a flower-dyed pillow, with a North African-style woven bamboo roof above the head, the spring breeze comes in, and the surroundings are peachy.

 Marrakech |  Riad Globoy

 The color of this house differs from the floral elements in traditional Moroccan dwellings, it is very uniform, and appears to fall into a blue swirl when the door is opened!  The owner of the Riad Goloboy, a designer from France, applies the "Alice in Wonderland" charm to every corner of the hotel.  Pink dinosaurs next to the stairs, realistic cobra armrests, Arabic-style hollow metal chandeliers and different-pattern design elements are perfectly integrated into this hostess home.  Everywhere, there is a magical fairy visual sense.  The amazing thing is the roof, all painted in Majorelle blue, the same color as Marrakesh's famous YSL garden.  Although not as popular as the previous residence reservation agency, reservation of this residence agency is also popular in Morocco, and the lists are always very narrow!

 Marrakech |  La Maison Marrakech

 In Morocco that is full of color, LaMaison Marrakech has a cool style.  The entire body of the house is made of gray, with nude crockery, beige rugs, and black metal glass chandeliers, which are low cost and rich in texture.  The riad is a complete set for rent, with three bedrooms and a balcony.  At night, the entire sea of ​​stars lies on a small balcony bed to soak in the coolness.

 The accommodation reservation will also be privately equipped with the housekeeper and chef, who can say what you want to eat each morning!  Among the many wonderful and exotic home stays in Morocco, this one stands out for its cool mood.  If you are a little tired of staying with traditional families with colorful and intricate designs, you can try this as well.  Since there is only one group, it is very popular, so be sure to book early!

 Fez |  Riad Al Bahia Palace, the traditional Moroccan Fes, with a residential courtyard

 The patio dedicated to the property is spacious and bright, the milky white wall and the light blue mosaic pattern are very simple and elegant, and the nobility of the palace style is self-evident.  The housing agency was originally a royal mansion with 100 rooms, but now only nine rooms are open as guest houses.  The lowest price is only 150 yuan, yes, only a hundred and five can live in the palace.  Due to the high cost of performance, it is very difficult to book even in the off-season!

 Essaouira |  5 columns

 The 5 columns of an old house were restored in the early 18th century, and while the modern design has been incorporated, the bed and breakfast retains all the original features as much as possible, and the sandstone columns, wooden ceilings and black and white printed tiles can see a time of a hundred years ago.  Effect.  The building is fully leased, there are four bedrooms and two balconies, and the facilities are very complete.  The pure white balcony on the top floor is tightly surrounded by green plants, every frame is Mediterranean flavor!

 Essaouira |  Anouk Villa

 Anouk villa contains seven bedrooms, each with its own unique decoration style.  Unpolished stone columns, thatched roofs, wooden furniture and accommodation reservations largely preserve the building's original appearance, with a North African style strong in its solidity.  Indoor swimming pool is also a bunch resort, jagged white stone pillars with a sky blue bath, feeling loma atmosphere with fairy baths.  The property is located in Villa Anouk near El Areesh Roundabout forest. Guests can walk, read or even have a nap beside the forest, right by nature.

 Morocco is like a box full story from "One Thousand and One Nights".  As long as you open it, every day is a different Arabian Nights.  In such a wonderful box, the accommodation reservation is very strong.  In fact, the accommodation reservation is not intended to show luxury. Traveling, changing places, and staying for only a few nights, please make sure of an extraordinary living.

 To find out more about travel information to Morocco, you can read the previous articles "Travel guide to Morocco: Ten things to do when traveling to Morocco", "Remember these nine things to note, and travel to Morocco with confidence"

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What must be experienced when traveling to Morocco?

 What must be experienced when traveling to Morocco?

                    Image source:unsplash

 Morocco is located in the far north of Africa, the Pacific Ocean to the left and the right of the Mediterranean Sea, and on the east near the Tu Nisi River, south of the vast Sahara desert.  For such a Muslim African country, in terms of its landscape, it is a collision between the desert and the sea;  In terms of land and culture, it is a mixture of European civilization and Arab civilization.

 I think you have definitely heard the story of San Mau in the desert, the blue and white city that does not require filters, the comfortable and comfortable life of locals who use "donkey" as a means of transportation ... Only in person can experience thousands of customs in Morocco in order to deeply feel its endless charm.  Today we're going to talk about Morocco, and Rajoun recommends things you should try in Morocco!

 1. Immerse yourself in the azure color of Chefchaouen

 Go to the city of Chefchaouen to see the world of fairy tales

 Medina, also known as Medina and Medilai, was formerly known as Yarqah or Yarak.  It is located on flat land in the Mount Sirat region in western Saudi Arabia, which is 39.36 degrees east and 24.28 degrees north latitude, surrounded by mountains, rising 620 meters above sea level, and it belongs to a mountainous plateau city.  Along with Mecca and Jerusalem, it is known as the Three Holy Places of Islam.  It is the second holiest city in Islam.

 Madinah means Medina, especially those old walled cities.  The word "Midi" refers to the old city of Chefchaouen, and the old city is built on a hill. The old city walls are no longer complete, but the old city still maintains its primitive style, and most of the houses in the old city have been painted.  Blue, there are some decorative flower pots on many of the walls, like a fairytale world.  The old city was built in the 15th century, and the old city has a castle built to resist the Portuguese invasion.

 It is one of the three largest blue and white cities in the world, and although it is not as famous as Santorini, it does feature shades of blue and white.  At least it is the neighboring blue and white city of Tunis.  There are fewer people, so you can swim freely in the blue world.  Keep walking along the main road, you can see a ladder with a few pots of flowers around it, the composition is so beautiful, it's a place where you don't need filters to take pictures.

 Chefchaouen Castle Museum

 Although the Chefchaouen castle is somewhat unclear, it is one of the landmarks of the small city. The pictures of the blue city that often appear on the Internet differ, as it contains more historical heritage, and the yellow walls and towers are somewhat similar to North Africa.  In addition to the castle walls, the castle museum also houses a history museum and a small gallery, and although it cannot be compared to the historical sites in the world, it is a good place to understand the history of Chefchaouen.  In addition to feeling the cultural atmosphere here, you can also climb the watchtowers and look out over the blue houses, the hills and the mosques, to form a picture perfect.

 2. Travel across the Sahara Desert

 The sunset dyed the desert bright red blood, desolate and beautiful, with the bitterness of the desert.  The Sahara Desert, this is where Sanmao uses the most pen and ink to describe it.  Here is the most beautiful love story that gives you irresistible tenderness.  The Sahara Desert is a paradoxical existence.  Not knowing how to describe it amazing: "desolate", very monotonous;  "Absolutely beautiful", but it lacks an adaptation.

 The Sahara Desert is one of the most amazing desert in the world, as it crosses the northern part of the African continent with a total area of ​​8.6 million square kilometers. It walks through the great sandy fields and lies on the back of a camel, looking at the utmost power and grandeur of the desert and the greatest aspects of nature.  Right before your eyes.

 3. Visit your local outdoor market

 Souik Street market in Rabat

 Rabat is the capital of Morocco, it is located at the mouth of the Brierg River in northwestern Morocco, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and is the national political and cultural center and the transport hub of Morocco.  This is a vibrant and cultural city, and Rue Souika is the first shopping street here.  You will find many unexpected treasures when you go shopping at this balcony market.  In the Rabat market, you can enjoy the most beautiful carpets in Morocco, with exotic pottery, table decorations, leather, and dazzling people.

 Pottery here is very popular, and potters are happy to invite visitors to drink mint tea and display their handicrafts for the occasion. You can find all kinds of ceramic products. Decorate your kitchen with those exotic ceramics, which will definitely make people feel welcome and full of praise.  The leather and table decorations here are very beautiful and worth a purchase.

 4. Experience the "Moroccan Bath"

 When you come to Morocco, you should try the Moroccan bath and killing the Moroccan horses, to help you get rid of the burden of travel, while you enjoy the best horse killing experience in the world.

 Turn off the phone, get dressed, and take a walk in the pool to feel the hot water slowly pouring in.  The body is in a state of complete relaxation, then the whole body is coated with Moroccan plant clay to not only exfoliate, but also to make the skin smooth and soft.

 After a trip to Morocco, no matter how arduous the trip, fatigue will disappear, and this trip to Morocco is totally worth the effort!

 5. Show the heritage of Islamic civilization

 Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammed V

 Rabat is the capital of Morocco and everyone who travels to it must visit the mausoleum of King Mohammed V.  The mausoleum is located in the center of Rabat. Construction began in 1962 and was completed in 1971. Mohammed V, the father of the former King Hassan II, died here in 1961. The size of the king’s tomb is very large, and most importantly, it was built next to the Hassan Tower, the symbol of Rabat and the site of the oldest Hassan Mosque in Morocco.  Measuring 183 meters in length and 139 meters in width, it is said to have been destroyed by a famous earthquake centered in Lisbon in 1775. Of the remaining 312 large stone columns, one can still imagine his former majesty.

 Hassan Tower in the square is well preserved, occupying an area of ​​16 meters on one side and a height of 44 meters, half of the original design is only 80 meters high, surrounded by different carving styles and characterized by traditional Moroccan artistic characteristics.  There is a remaining wall guarded by soldiers outside the square and it is an authentic ancient site.  Here the cemetery contains mosques, exhibition halls, and lectures.  The entire building complex is majestic and majestic, with an elegant style that embodies the beautiful architectural prowess of Arab Muslims and the unique architectural style and decorative art of Muslims.

 There are guards guarding the entrance to Hassan Tower and the tomb of Mohammed V.  The guards are sitting on horseback, holding a spear, wearing a red hat, and wearing a white Arabian abaya.  Rangers on horseback are said to have wore green hats, but these have been replaced by red ones.  You can take a group photo.  The facade of the mausoleum is a symbol of the Hassan Tower and the ruins of the Hassan Grand Mosque.  There are several cobbled columns on the marble paved ground of the square in the mausoleum.  To the right of the carefully arranged multi-rows of sidewalks is the dark yellow 'Hassan Tower'.  The shrine has four gates, guarded by guards, and each gate has wonderful carvings on its door frame.  The shrine is surrounded by a passageway, entering the large spot, and it is majestic and majestic.  The ceiling of the main hall is very high, and the rectangular ceiling stands out, like the "moss well" in ancient Chinese architecture.  Guards guard the four corners, carrying a weapon inlaid with ivory.

 Looking down, there are 3 gorgeous tombs carved from agate 10 meters deep.  The front coffin is Muhammad V, Hassan II on the left, and Prince Abdullah's coffin on the right.  There was a rug on the side of the small coffin, as the imam was reciting the Qur’an day and night.  The cemetery has an exhibition hall that includes pictures of the kings of the Allawi dynasty, fifth-generation antiquities, historical materials and covenant documents.

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