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Parent-child travel guide in Thailand.

 Parent-child travel guide in Thailand

                    Image source:unsplash

 Traffic jam, crowds of tourists and the environment disturbing. Tired of Thailand (Thailand 8 Days Route)?  Don't be discouraged, however, Thailand still has a bit of fun, and those fun activities to fly are the right way to open up Thailand!  These colorful Thai activities are best for bringing kids to play together!

 Recommended parent-child activity: Songkran Festival

 Recommended reason:

 Thai Songkran Festival, also known as Songkran Festival, runs from April 13th to 15th, but in fact, the carnival mainly begins on days 11 and 12 in a small scale, reaches its climax from 13 to 15, and will continue in some places.  Continue until 19!  Although Thai companies, banks, and many Thailand-run stores are closed during the Songkran Festival, in the various sub-battlefields of the Splash Carnival, the small vendors on the side will sell whatever is needed for this wet outdoor party, water pistols.  Food, soda and beer.

 A roadside bar gate welcomes you to buy a beer at any time, adding fire to your already enthusiastic mood, and some bars will send DJs to the gate to celebrate the Carnival.  In short, coming here during the Songkran Festival means you have to forgo elegance, forget about restraint, take off your high heels, wear quick-drying short-sleeved shorts, and laugh out loud even if thrown into a mess.  Collapse was sprinkled on?  Then pour it out again!  !

 Recommended parent-child activities: Light water ing

 Recommended reason:

 If we can see the passion of the Thai people from the "Songkran Festival" in April, the "Loy Krathong Festival" in November every year fully reflects the romantic tenderness of Thais.  The Loy Krathong Festival is famous for tens of thousands of people lighting the lanterns of tomorrow, under the night, there are thousands of Kongming lanterns in the sky, and there is an endless sea of ​​lights.  In addition to tens of thousands of sky lantern activities, people will also put water lanterns in the water, as long as they are close to river or lake ports, the water will be full of water lanterns.  The floats parade and the temple lighting are also the highlight of Loy Krathong Festival, so you will definitely have fun during the Loy Krathong Festival.

 Recommended parent-child activity: Jungle Leap

 Recommended reason:

 Tired of playing with Phuket beaches?  The jungle scene on the island is more exciting, especially the jungle jumping activity, which will definitely get you hooked!  Jungle Leap is similar to the zip line we often say and is generally built on a high platform in the rainforest and glides with the help of a drop.  The whole project is carried out in the tropical rainforest, and in front of the flight is the dense, lush, boundless forest, which allows people to perfectly experience the thrill of the Taishan monkey.  The safety in Jungle Leap is highly guaranteed, and the safety measures are complete.  Just enjoy the shuttle hop between the rainforest!

 Recommended parent-child activity: hot air balloon flight

 Recommended reason:

 Hot air balloons in Chiang Mai are not as famous as Turkey, but it is this unknown that allows travelers to feel a different kind of calm and fairytale beauty.  Above the sky, hot air balloons cross the mountains, forests and ancient temples in North Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai is so calm and beautiful.  After more than an hour of free flight, the sun slowly revealed its color like egg yolk, and a beautiful morning slowly appeared before us, and this calming and heart-wrenching image would become the most unforgettable memory in life.  One.

 Parent-Child Recommended Activity: Try Thai Clothes Photography

 Recommended reason:

 The Kimono experience in Japan (the 6-day tour route in Japan) and the Korean Hanbok experience are all indispensable activities for tourists in the local area, so how can you miss the chic and chic style of Thai clothing in Thailand?  A traditional costume photography session in Chiang Mai is the best opportunity to experience Thai fashion culture, and compared to Bangkok, many Thai fashion art galleries in Chiang Mai are cheaper and have a variety of options.  The gorgeous sequin tube skirt is gorgeous in color and full of shine, and it has been cleverly cut to show the graceful figure of a girl.

 Recommended parent-child activity: Thai cooking lesson

 Recommended reason:

 Thai food is definitely the master of the Southeast Asian gastronomy world, so when you come to Thailand, you not only have to taste all the foods but you also have to learn some traditional dishes yourself.  The first step in making Thai food is to go to the local market to pick out ingredients, exotic tropical fruits and rich Thai spices, and without the leadership of the locals, it is difficult to appreciate the traditional markets in Northern Thailand.  Tom Yum Goong soup, Thai yellow curry, lemongrass and coconut milk ... embark on a culinary journey with these exotic ingredients in a perfect kitchen in the ancient city of Chiang Mai.

 Thailand, as an authentic tourist country, really has the disadvantage of being too developed.  But these fun and enjoyable activities in Thailand are really suitable for parent-child travel.  Thailand, is a kind of magic for all kinds of excuses to woo you to come back to.

 For more information about Thailand, you can read the previous articles "Travel to Thailand, Don't Miss These Five Fun and Cheap Specialized Islands" and "Where is the most fun at the Thailand Songkran Festival in 2018?"  "Prom playing electric wet body strategy."

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Tourism Route Dedicated to National Day in Australia .

 Tourism Route Dedicated to National Day in Australia: 

Catch koalas and eat oysters.

                    Image source:unsplash

 11 Golden Week, a holiday people love and hate.  I love it because it's the longest statutory holiday of the year;  I hate it because it makes all the attractions crowded.  Even sparsely populated Australia (Australia's 12-day Tourist Route) cannot reach the strength of Golden Week - accommodations on Hamilton Island at the Great Barrier Reef are booked on behalf of the reservation.  Rooms are booked on National Day half a year in advance.

 If you don't want to squeeze out Sydney and Melbourne with your aunt, you can also follow the Great Ocean Road westward to a state with few tourists.  There is one of Australia's most livable cities, the softest glass of Australian wine, and one of Australia's fattest.  Lobster and sea lion are waiting for you.

 Stop jihad with the silly question "Is it okay to travel to Australia in October?"

 In order to let friends go to Australia to do new tricks, Wuer Journey has carefully prepared a free travel route in South Australia to help you conquer South Australia beyond your imagination!

 - Specific Itinerary -

 First day Adelaide

 Your trip to South Australia begins in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, the fifth most liveable city in the world, and the second cleanest city in the world.  Compared to Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide is not as well known.  For this reason, Adelaide has kept a rare and calm simplicity, and people here are very friendly.

 Just as you should go to Tiananmen Square when you come to Beijing, you should also go to the city center when you go to Adelaide. Victoria Square, the fountain on the square designed by famous sculptor John Doi of the Three Rivers that flow through South Australia is impressive.

 Naturally you should not be interested in the square, and the central market next to the square is the focus.  Known as the 'Heart of Adelaide', this market dates back 140 years, and there are more than 250 stalls in the market offering rich local produce.

 After entering the market, throw your cheeks away, "Walk, Eat, Shop, All ...", just spin to infinity.  Fruit, cheese, kangaroo meat, honey, seafood ... if you can't eat them, find a cafe to sit down and chat with the owner.

 But you still have to control yourself a little, because then you'll visit Penfolds Magill Manor and have lunch here.  The winery is only 15 minutes drive from town and transportation is very convenient.

 Penfolds Magill Estate is the birthplace of the Penfolds brand, and their Granch wines are world famous.  After tasting a variety of wines, choose one bottle for lunch, and buy two additional bottles for dinner.  But remember, don't drink while you're driving, and don't drive while you're drinking.

 If you're a literary youngster, the focus of an afternoon is North Street Adelaide.

 On either side of this street are the State Library, State Museum, State Gallery of Art and the University of Adelaide, which is where the spirit of the Adelaide book is concentrated.  This route is a series of museums, churches, and sculptures, as well as the history of Australia, a country of immigrants.

 If you prefer landscapes, then head to Glenelg Beach earlier.

 Glenell Beach doesn't have a variety of hula dances, but just a family, dog, fishing rod, group of greedy seagulls, and dusk blown by the sea breeze.

 International students call Adelaide a "village".  Firstly, due to the small size of the city, you can drive anywhere in the city within 20 minutes, and secondly, there is no nightlife in Adelaide and there are no places for dinner.  Easy to find.

 However, during its eleventh period, Adelaide will host the annual Australia-Asia Arts Festival.

 The artistic festival aims to show the artistic development and social expectations of Asian countries, and every year, different countries are the subjects, but the most popular moon lantern festival is the correct Chinese style.  This year's Moon Lantern Festival takes place on the evening of October 1.  In addition to the light show, there will also be a night market that brings together Asian food, which is the equivalent of the Mid-Autumn Festival ahead of schedule.

 Day Two Barossa - Adelaide Hills

 On the second day of traveling in Australia, it is advised to drink and eat meat and not to drive, as the destination on this day is Barossa, the most famous wine-producing region in Australia.

 First stop in the morning is Penfolds Winery.  This winery has the same origin as Penfolds Magill Estate and is also one of the largest wineries in the Barossa area.

 The most interesting project in a winery is blending wine.  You can also mix different wines according to your own taste in terms of acidity, sweetness, and fruity to create a red wine that bears your name.  This bottle of red wine, unique in the world, can penetrate into the sky, whether it is a gift or a self-drink.

 Jack is one of the three largest wine brands in Australia with the same reputation as Penfolds and owns the largest vineyard in Barossa.  Enjoy stunning views of the vineyards while having lunch at the Jacques Visitor Center.  In the glass there is high-quality wines from Jack, in front of you the rest of the grove smells of grapes, unaware, slightly reeling.

 In the afternoon, go to Chateau Sharpe, pick a bottle of wine of your age, and see if this bottle of wine can hold your story.  It's hard to say it all, and drink it all, regardless of whether it's a bit of a drift or a cup of wind and snow.

 Finally comes the German village of Händorf (Germany 5 tours), the oldest German immigrant in Australia, with a history of more than 170 years.  Buildings in the city still retain the Prussian style from a hundred years ago, which allows you to immediately travel to Germany from a hundred years ago.  In a German cuckoo clock collection store, craft store, and candle store, you can definitely pick up a souvenir of your choice.

 When you arrive in the German village of Händorf, you must not miss this authentic German pork meal.  Pork joints, sausages, and beer ... Leave weight loss aside first, then talk about the five internal organs in the structure.

 After drinking and eating, it was getting late.  Don't rush to book town accommodations, with a little wine, opt for a small courtyard in the mountains and spend the night in the Adelaide Hills.  If there is a mountain breeze in the house, then how fast is this wind!

 Day 3: Adelaide Hills> Adelaide> Port Lincoln

 There are rumors that only Queensland in Australia allow koalas.  That's ridiculous, South Australia can also hold koalas!  At Clayland Wildlife Park or Canyon Wildlife Park in Adelaide Hills, you can also cuddle up with koalas without leaving

 Of course, cute pets in Australia are a lot more than these.  In these two safari parks you can personally feed kangaroo national kangaroo and emu on the national emblem of Australia.  You can also meet Tasmanian "Little Devil" from Tasmania, sincere wombats, and many rare class birds.  These cute animals are a super magic weapon for calming down bear children.

 The National Automobile Museum in Adelaide Hills is also worth a visit, with the largest and most important collection of cars in Australia and it is also one of the best auto museums in the world.  Australian history has seen more than 400 cars of all ages, among them all the most famous classic cars.

 After visiting the Automobile Museum, set off to travel to a seafood connoisseur's paradise - the Eyre Peninsula, and embark on a journey full of action and seafood.

 Day 4: Port Lincoln

 Known as the 'food paradise' of the South Australian Eyre Peninsula, 65% of Australian seafood is served, and Port Lincoln is the most popular fishing port on the Eyre Peninsula.  Rock crab, abalone, bluefin tuna, oysters ... every one when the food is here, will totally immerse themselves in their soul.

 When you arrive in Port Lincoln, don't rush to eat, first go to Flinders Port Terminal to experience the busyness and finesse of the largest grain export terminal in South Australia.  The giant Panama-class cargo ship was loaded with grains, sardines, tuna and chemical fertilizers and then set sail for a long voyage.

 The yachting marina is the focus of attention today, as it is the port of call for the largest fishing fleet in Australia.  It's not very interesting to just watch other people fish.  If you want to feel the excitement of fishing, then you should take part in the activities of The Fresh Fish Place, which is a seafood factory.  In addition to seeing seafood, you can also buy lobster, cod George, snapper, lobster, and kingfish.  Shrimp, bluefin tuna is enough to satisfy every hungry.

 Port Lincoln isn't just seafood, Michira Station is one of the few places in Australia where you can see wild koalas.  The eucalyptus tree full of koalas is not a landscape everyone can see.

 In Port Lincoln, eating is a big deal, and for no other reason, there is a lot of food.  For example, after visiting the western abalone plant in the afternoon, and seeing abalone smack, who can hold back the flowing saliva?

 Day 5 Port Lincoln

 On the fifth day of my Australia trip, I went to Coffin Bay National Park to see a large expanse of calm sea.

 Located only 45 kilometers from Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay National Park is known for its ancient granite cliffs, limestone and sandstone, and long white sand-covered beaches.  The white sandy beaches of Cofin Bay are very beautiful and there are few tourists, and white sand is spread along the coast, and the beauty of the sea and the sky can only be felt by seeing it with your own eyes.

 And when you're driving offshore, it's another sight, bushes strewn high and low, making you mistakenly think you are crossing the pristine region of Africa.  When you drive here, you will see a kangaroo walking along the coast or between heaven and earth, and at the corner of the road, you may see emu crossing the road with a child.

 If you thought just watching the sea is boring, do it yourself and catch some Australian salmon on Almunta Beach.  It doesn't matter whether the fish is good or not, Coffin Bay's signature seafood is not salmon.

 Due to their superior geographical position, the oysters produced in Coven Bay are among the highest in the world.  After visiting the oyster farm and seeing the whole life of the oysters, it is a good idea to have a feast of oysters.  Ditch the flavor of fresh oysters, and return to the tip of the tongue with a sweet touch, your trip to Covent Bay is finally done.

 Day 6: Port Lincoln> Adelaide

 On the last day of the voyage, I went out to sea to search for mammals that had been lost for tens of millions of years.  In Bird Bay, sea lions and dolphins are especially close to humans.  When you jump into the sea, you'll always be swimming curious sea lions and dolphins around you.

 However, Bird Bay is some distance from Port Lincoln, and if itinerary is not allowed, I fear it will only disappoint sea lions and dolphins.

 If time permits, you can also take part in scuba diving with great white sharks here.  When the shark saw shivering mammals in the iron cage, 80% thought, what is this?  It looks a bit like a sea lion.  Can you eat it  good taste?  Forget it, it looks hard to digest, and I'll eat fish.

 After experiencing the cutest pet, food, food and beauty of South Australia, it was time to set out on the way home.  Does this specialist Australian free travel route feel so great?

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Thailand travel guide

 Thailand travel guide.

                    Image source:unsplash

  Free visa on arrival!  The cost of a parent-child trip per person is 4.5 thousand in the small town next door!

 Official announcement! On October 31, the website of the Thai Constitutional Gazette officially announced that the policy of "visa fee waiver for 21 countries", which was originally scheduled to expire on October 31, will be extended to April 30, 2020!  Winter vacation separates us from two months, so why not take this opportunity to take the baby to Sahwan!

 "Little Rose of Northern Thailand" has a direct flight to Chiang Mai for an average of 5 hours. The climate is comfortable, the gameplay is mild and varied, and there are many Internet celebrities.  It's also the favorite place of "National Goddess" Teresa Teng, the perfect place to take baby to the waves!

 Wuerjun has a "5 days 4 nights" parent-child trip in Chiang Mai with a highly cost-effective excursion program.  She departs from December to March.  Includes airline tickets and accommodation reservations.  Only 4,599 per person.  Please come on the weekend three days off, you can take the baby and leave! Click the link below to customize the free flight.

 Feel the Thai Culture, Thailand, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, Free 7-Day Tour (Walk in Chiang Mai Ancient City + Visit Siam Square + Explore the Grand Palace)

 Chiang Mai Bay Chiang Mai Bangkok

 Touring Thai culture at Siam Square in Chiang Mai.

 Flight highlights

 ☆ He prefers comfortable, direct non-red flights, staying booked in four-star or five-star high-class accommodations throughout the trip, and does not change accommodation while booking, so you don't have to worry! Chartered pick-up and drop-off service to scenic locations like Suthep Mountain  Night Zoo away from town, saving effort! ☆ Interactive game for the whole family: pure elephant charity camp, flying over forest, water park, Chiang Mai cooking school, fun! ☆ Adults aren't boring: classic market check-in and shopping, all from  The most worthwhile attraction in Chiang Mai in one go! The most special delicacies: Savor the pork knuckle rice from Fengfeifei, Teresa Teng's favorite Northern Thai curry noodles, the clear red desserts, and have fun!

 01 Find the difference between real and fake Buddha statues, break through the Shuanglong Temple

 It's fun for adults to take children to play. The ancient square-shaped city of Chiang Mai witnessed the rise and fall of the Lanatai dynasty, which is protected by a city wall and a moat outside, and inside there are 5 gates with many relics. The Thapae Gate and two of the highest temples are each located in Chiang  Mai in the ancient city of Chiang Mai.

 Thapae Gate is a Chiang Mai landmark. There is a moat on either side of the gate There is a small empty square in front of the gate you can take your children for a walk here.

 The bright blue sky, simple red walls, lush green trees and Thapae Gate in the morning and evening have their own beauty.  Choose a good angle, you can take a large landscape or a beautiful family photo.

 Wat Phra Singh, the largest temple in Chiang Mai, has been an incense burner since the 14th century, and is the highest temple in Chiang Mai along with the Chedi Luang Temple.

 The temple is bright and wonderful, and on the right side of the main hall there is a row of statues of prominent monks who look like real people, and you can entertain the child to distinguish between serious and false;

 You can also enjoy the murals of ancient temple costumes and customs with her, tell her about Buddhist culture, and show her hand in front of children.

 Doi Suthep Mountain, 6 kilometers from downtown Chiang Mai, is a famous Buddhist shrine. “Soti” means “Friends of the Immortals”, here are foggy clouds, cool and pleasant, and the five-color roses in full bloom, which really has the artistic concept of “climb  Fairy Mountain and Meet Imaginary Friends. "

 Doi Suthep Temple on the top of the mountain is named after tall dragons lying on either side of the stone steps in front of the temple, and it provides a wonderful view of the beautiful scenery of Chiang Mai. When you and your child climb steep stairs at level 306, you can encourage him to "fight the dragon and persevere to the end."  And then you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. " 

 02 Sahwan in the water park, jump into the tropical rainforest

 When playing with children, you must often say, “I would be happy if the child was happy,” but if you can have fun with your child, it must be an unforgettable memory and double happiness.  Trek Water Park, '' is designed on an interstellar space and divided into four zones: a children's zone, a screaming area, a surfing area and a paddling area.

 Kids' area is only 30 cm water slide, guarded by "warriors" in many interstellar movies, so you can rest assured that your kids can enjoy themselves.

 The screaming zone is your world.  Sit on the blow valve, pass through the "great black hole trumpet", and slide from a height of over ten meters, like inhaling a hurricane, as adrenaline soars.

 The surfing area is clean, has artificial waves and beach chairs. You can happily splash the water with your kids.  When you are tired, lay on beach chairs and sip a glass of fresh juice, as if you were really on the beach.

 Particularly hidden tips:

 Kids under 90cm are free of charge, and if you come here on weekends, you can also enjoy the great night show ~ Located in tropical Chiang Mai, it is not only fresh but wild as well.

 Jungle Leap is best suited to bring kids over 4 years old to practice bravery here.  Put on protective clothing with your child, go up the ladder through the woods, let the child grip the rope, the strongest force will be behind him and move forward together.

 Particularly hidden tips:

 There are many mosquitoes in the tropical rainforests, so it is best to wear long clothes and pants and bring mosquito-repellent supplies with you

 03 plays Meikang Elephant Camp and does charity work

 Animals are the best friends of the human race, so watching children interact closely with small animals, the whole heart will be healed.

 Compared to Meiwang and Meiwang, Mekang Elephant Camp has no offense and is intended for general welfare only.  All six elephants in the camp were rescued.

 You and your children will wear a professional "elephant" costume, which is much more like the volunteers who come to visit elephants than tourists. When you feed the little elephant's tongue and corn stalks, they happily eat and kiss and hug you with their noses, they are not afraid of people at all.

 After feeding the elephants, you must "bathe" them, and you can fight in the water with the baby elephants with your children. During the elephant camp itinerary, we will include a pick-up, drop-off, lunch and a special photo shoot, so that you can still relive this lovely memory with your children when you return to  Home.

 Particularly hidden tips:

 There is no hot water here, you can just shower, and remember to bring good toiletries ~ The Night Zoo at the foot of Mount Suthep is the largest zoo in Thailand, divided into four parts: the carnivore tours area, the herbivore tours area, the trekking tours area, and the performance area.  Except Wednesday, there will be a tiger show at 17:30 and 19:30 every day. Great little tigers will "pretend" to slap several times.  It sounds like a slapstick in your eyes, but it's enough to make the kids happy. The best way to enjoy the night zoo is to take a zebra tour bus and shuttle in the park. You can take your kids to greet the giraffes, zebras and cubs you saw along the way.

 04 Go shopping, dine, and eat gourmet food all at once

 When spending time with children, every moment is very happy, but the most relaxing time is to go shopping.  You and your child can only care about the tools in front of you, and the delicious food in your mouth will dispel all your worries. Sunday Night Market, the largest and most famous market in Chiang Mai, only celebrates every Sunday at 5 pm until late at night. When entering from  Tha Pae Gate in the ancient city, vendors selling various snacks and cabbage price items extend along the street all the way to Wat Phra Singh, which is about one kilometer long. Most of the things worth buying here are the famous "soap flower" handicrafts in  Thailand - The "lotus blossoms" are delicately placed in a small circular box carved in northern Thai patterns, exuding a light scent.  Both kids and adults will love it. If you bring some souvenirs for your relatives and friends, it will be very good.

 Wuerjun privately hides tips:

 Go to the night market to explore the path before it gets dark.  If there are a lot of people, you will not be able to walk.  The Thai National Anthem will be played at 18:00 pm.  Please stop walking to the end and show respect. Fong Fei Fei Pork Knuckle Rice at Chang Puak Night Market, North Gate of Chiang Mai, is considered the best pork knuckle rice in Chiang Mai.

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Recommended for the top six beaches in Australia .

 Recommended for the top six beaches in Australia .

there are always beaches to suit your heart!

                    Image source:unsplash

 There are more than 10,000 beaches on the Australian coast, 90% of Australia's population is said to live by the sea, and it can be said that Australians love the sea to the extreme.  Every beach in Australia has its own characteristics and it is a good place to enjoy the beach and surfing.  Today we'll introduce the six best beaches in Australia that are worth a visit.  If you want to travel to Europe, hurry up and collect them.  Let's play, surf, and take a vacation!

 1. Bells Beach

 Location: Melbourne

 The beach in Victoria is located 100 kilometers from Melbourne, the first viewpoint on the Great Ocean Road and located in Torquary.

 From afar, it doesn't look like a beach, but the blue waters, parallel to the sky and mixed with it, make it hard to tell if the blue is the sky or the sea.  Meanwhile, the beautiful scenery of Bills Beach makes it a favorite location for many filmmakers.  Hollywood movies like "Breaking Point" and "Canon Beach" were shot here.

 Bells Beach has steep terrain and beautiful scenery, but the waves are very gentle, so it has become a surfers' paradise and one of Australia's most popular tourist attractions.  Since 1962, the Easter Week surfing competition held here every year has made this beach full of surfing magic.  Whether you watch the scenery or go surfing, Bells Beach will not disappoint you.

 If you come to the beach during Easter, the Rip Curl (Rip Curl Easter Pro) will take place on the beach.  During this period, waves can reach 5 meters in length.  During the two days of the competition, Australia will stage some of its most famous music shows.  , Which often draws thousands of spectators crowding the cliff to enjoy the show.  If you don't come during Easter, surf festivals are held here throughout the summer.  Triathlon races are also held in Australia strong (Australian strong triathlon) and High Tide Festival (High Tide Festival) in February every year.  Great opportunity for Australians to live!

 2. Bondi Beach

 Location: Sydney

 Bondi Beach is the most famous beach in Australia and one of the most famous in the world.  Bondi Beach is a kilometer long, and although it is only a small beach in Binhai, it is the most historic surfing center in Australia and a traditional surfing training base in Australia.  On summer weekends there are many surfing activities, athletes take turns performing, there are popular activities, art galleries, etc.

 The name Bondi Beach comes from the original Bondi language, which means the sound of sea waves hitting the shore.  Life at the beach is very relaxing, and on a sunny day, many Sydneys gather to enjoy the sunshine at Bondi Beach.  Bondi Beach, like other beaches in Sydney, has large waves and is not suitable for swimming, as most tourists lie on the beach in the sun or surf.

 It is undoubtedly great to lie on the beach and watch people surf the sea and the hot beauty in bikinis on the beach.  Watch the muscular Australian boy surfing the sea on a skateboard, if you can't stand it if you are keen to try you may also find a local surf coach to take you to experience the most exciting entertainment at sea.

 If you feel surfing is too exciting to control, you can also choose to go to Bondi Iceberg, a distinctive outdoor pool on Bondi Beach, to experience the feeling of swimming in the sea and the beauty of the sea and sky at close range.  If you're tired of playing games, you can sample fresh milk ice cream in the gorgeous and elegant Bondi Suite built in the 1920s, watch the lifeguards at Bondi Beach perform life-saving performances, and even participate in person.  At sunset, you can admire the mesmerizing sky reddened by the sunset while enjoying the tempting food of the many restaurants on Bondi Beach; arguably the perfect and most perfect experience on the beach!

 3. Adelaide Glenelg Beach

 Location: Adelaide

 Glenelg Beach is Adelaide's best developed beach and most popular suburban beach.  The beach is easily accessible and it takes over 20 minutes by tram from Adelaide.

 Glenelg has a beautiful coastline, soft white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and beautiful sunsets.  The beach offers comfortable dining facilities and safety services, as well as a wide range of recreational activities, where people can surf, dive, play on the sand, listen to music, and watch sunrise and sunset.

 If you want to lengthen and stretch your body, you can take a "sailing" raft and swim with the dolphins.  Those interested in local history can also visit Glenelg Town Hall, located on the shore, where many European settlers appear after their first landing on the migrant ship "Buffalo" in 1836.

 Want to get close to dolphins?  You can apply for a group to participate in Temptation Sailing's Dolphin Swim program, which offers programs like swimming with dolphins and watching dolphins up close. You can register online, and the cost ranges from 100 yuan to 500 yuan or 600 yuan.

 Friends who love marine sports can consider surfing or scuba diving, there are surf spots on the beach, where you can feel the sunshine and refreshing waves, and enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the coral reefs.  If you just want to be a beautiful and calm man / woman no problem, Glenelg Beach has soft white sand, clear blue water and beautiful sunsets, satisfying all your dreams about the sea.  If you get tired of playing games, there are tons of bars, cafes and restaurants on the beach.

 There are several great restaurants, such as Sammy's On The Marina that specializes in seafood, Zucca with a Greek feel, and Oyster Bar, which is famous for its oyster eaters.  We can order a meal of fish, chips and seafood, you can sit on the beach and watch the sunset.  Glenelg often hosts many interesting activities, such as volleyball tournaments, New Year's Eve parties and fireworks.

 In addition, the Beach House's gaming facilities, leisure activities, and high-speed waterslides are also a favorite with family tourists.  If you are traveling with your baby, why not go and try it!

 4. Manly Beach

 Location: Sydney

 Manly Beach is located in the northeast of Sydney Harbor, its pier is located in the Inner Harbor but the beach is on the open sea and is the South Pacific Ocean.  This is yet another surfing resort in NSW.  The sandy beach of Manly Beach is very wide, about 2.5 kilometers long, and it can accommodate tens of thousands of people to relax in sunbathing, so there are a lot of people here on holidays.

 Although Manly Beach is nothing special compared to thousands of beaches in the world, it is definitely a good place to rest, sunbathe and watch the scenery!  Here you just have to sit on the beach and blow the wind, look out at the sea, or hop in a beautiful bikini and swim in the crystal clear waters.

  However, the most anticipated thing is probably the boat from Circular Quay to the shore in the process, you can see the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House from a distance, as it looks especially beautiful against the blue waves!

 5. Holloways Beach

 Location: Cairns

 Holloways Beach is the beach north of Cairns, 8 kilometers from Cairns.  The confluence of river and sea here is a fishing paradise, the sea is clear and blue, and you can see many sea fish!  The most important thing is that you can make a bonfire at night and see the Milky Way every night!  In the evening after sunset on the beach of Holloways, beside the hot fire, the sea breeze blows, the Milky Way gazes calmly, and the romantic feeling will never be forgotten!

 6. Lorne Beach

 Location: Lorne

 Fresh air, white sandy beaches, art pavement, excellent location, and relaxing therapeutic atmospheres have made Lorne an excellent vacation destination for a century.  The most famous of these is Lorne Beach. In summer, many locals swim, surf, sunbathe and many people fish at the mouth of the Erskine River.  There are also several barbecue grills near the beach, and on summer evenings the weather is favorable, and many people buy fresh fillets of fish from the seafood store on the main street and take them to the barbecue here.

 The annual swimming competition for 1000 people is also held here, the scenery is amazing, brave people go surfing, the bikinis that come and go are also beautiful landscapes.

 Well, do so many beautiful and romantic beaches in Australia lure you?  Surfing, fire party, swimming contest, watching starry sky, milky way ... all is the best beach experience.  If you want to come to Australia to enjoy the best beaches, you are welcome to consult a customized excursion with No Two Journey ~ Gaze out over the wonderful coastal scenery of Australia, close contact with koalas, visit cultural landscapes, visit well-known universities ...

 Enjoy self-driving on the Great Ocean Road, and take in the wonderful coastal scenery of Australia

 Melbourne-Cambridge-Hobart-Wellington-Park-Berrydale-Hobart-Kettering-Brunei Island-Kettering-Hobart-Bicheno-Coles Bay-Bichino-Napola-Georgetown-Beauty Point-Bakers Beach-Sheffield Moral Town-Cradle Mountain-Hobart-Cambridge  - Melbourne - Great Ocean Road - Melbourne - Adelaide - Cape Jervis - Kangaroo Island - Cape Jervis - Adelaide

 Australia · Best Beach · Coastal Landscape

 Of 24080 / person 398 people were allocated

 I know more

 1. Who are we?

 We are a unique journey, a leading free travel brand.  Since 2012, we have always insisted on doing one thing well, which is free travel abroad with warmth and depth.

 Good customization, free, worry-free, and quality.  No need to squeeze with the group, no worries to formulate a strategy.  Designers and exclusive travel consultants guard the entire process, giving you an unforgettable overseas travel experience.

 2. What can we do for you?

 Not only machine + wine, we'll help you handle everything!

 Exclusive travel advisor + 2-to-1 personalization service, from pre-flight back to the country, every link awaits you.  Provide the most professional travel advice and advice, help you book airline tickets, accommodations, activities and car rental ...

 The automated wine confirmation list, event vouchers and tickets are sorted and marked according to the date, and SF Express will get you home.  Just decide to go, and we'll do the rest!

 Do What You Want, Make Travel Personalization 'Variable'

 It only sells finished tracks, not custom tours.

 In Wuer Journey, you can bring up your needs and expectations for travel, honeymoon trips, family trips, parent-child trips, watching football, listening to opera, skydiving, horseback riding ... Travel plans tailored for you, whatever you want can satisfy!

 Traveling, we are only professional!

 How can you give a part-time planner for a rare trip?  Wuer Journey has more than a hundred senior professional specialists, and each itinerary has been carefully designed by a specialist who knows the local area.  It will bring you a more in-depth experience that you shouldn't miss, most valuable local food, and things that you cannot see anywhere else.  Special events!

 Road book in hand, worry-free journey

 Wuer Journey is dedicated to polishing the most accurate and detailed roadbooks, each book is unique.  The road book content is detailed for every hour of the trip, every scenic spot, every restaurant, every car you take, every travel advice ... Don't be afraid to take a road book to foreign countries.

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Notes for free travel in Taiwan, these must be viewed before you travel.

 Notes for free travel in Taiwan, these must be viewed before you travel.

                    Image source:unsplash

 Taiwan is close to mainland China and has the same language, 7-8 days can play all over the island, and it is arguably a dear place to travel for free.  Although traveling to Taiwan is easy, there are still many details to pay attention to during the flight, and once you are not prepared in advance, it becomes easy to make jokes.  Today, Wuerjun will prepare a guide for you who prepare to travel to Taiwan before they are expelled. After reading this article, I believe you will be able to travel freely in Taiwan with peace of mind!


 Locally, you can schedule in advance for exchanging Taiwan dollars in foreign currency banks. The exchange rate is acceptable, but most of them are large denominations of banknotes.  Most local bank ATMs in Taiwan can use UnionPay cards to withdraw cash. The card must be returned before funds are spent, but some have to pay handling fees and processing fees imposed by the local bank that issued the card.

 For some Hua Xia Bank savings cards, a processing fee of 2 (Beijing Time) per month is waived for withdrawals through UnionPay channels overseas.  Other small regional banks also offer free cash withdrawal services abroad, depending on your region.  The major banks in Taiwan offer exchange services for the renminbi against the Taiwan dollar, but it must be processed as quickly as possible, as banks stop the exchange at 3 in the afternoon.  Credit card consumption is very common in Taiwan.

 When using your card, you must remind the store to use the UnionPay channel, otherwise you will pay the fee for converting currency from Taiwan dollar to US dollar (many banks do not charge currency conversion fees on multi-currency cards).


 7-11 The whole family can be seen everywhere, blooming everywhere in Taiwan.  In addition to the function of purchasing goods, you can also get performance tickets / recharge card / get high speed train tickets / pick up and dispatch.

 Tax refund:

 When you buy more than 3000NTD from the same store, you can ask the employee for a tax refund.  The tax refund amount is generally 5%, if the tax refund amount is less than 1000 NTD, you can refund the tax directly at the mall.  If it is greater than 1000NTD, please take the unopened goods and go to the airport customs tax refund counter to get the tax refund.  The tax refund and invoice form must be kept.  Please do not disassemble and use tax refund products before leaving the island.


 Although the official language of Taiwan is Mandarin, which is the Mandarin language that we speak most often, which is common throughout Taiwan, the words used are slightly different.  Taiwanese (Hokkien) is more common in southern Taiwan.  Most importantly, note that the term "accommodation reservation" is often seen as a porn niche in Taiwan, so please use the term "restaurant" instead.

 the customs:

 The Customs Administration of Taiwan follows the standards of developed countries in Europe and America and is very strict.  All internationally banned items are listed as prohibited items, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and pickled meats are prohibited.  It is a condition that the cash money for each incoming passenger does not exceed the permissible limit.  If foreign currency exceeds the rules, the declaration must be clearly stated on the entry form so that they can be taken out of the country upon leaving the country.  Travelers checks are not restricted.


 The voltage in Taiwan is 110 volts, the socket is flat-head and two-pin, the household triangle plug must be equipped with a conversion plug.

 No smoking:

 Taiwan has implemented a comprehensive smoking ban, which can be understood as a ban on smoking outside and smoking in some public facilities.


 Taiwan has implemented a comprehensive policy of zero littering.  A specific look is that roadside litter boxes are relatively rare, so please bring plastic bags to collect litter.  PS waste can be thrown into the trash can of small shops the habit: It is better to put a "thank you" on the lips;  When taking the escalator, you should walk left and right.


 If the invoice (receipt) of the shopping in Taiwan is added to the uniform tax, it can be refunded every two months.  The highest reward appears to be 10 million.  If you don't need it, you can donate it directly at the store entrance (for the public good).  Bus: It is also a bus on the mainland.  There are three ways to pay by swiping the card:

  “Swipe up on the bus,” “swipe down,” and “swipe up and get off,” ... Passengers need to look for the electronic sign above the driver and monitor it when boarding the bus.  / Drop and swipe your card] to see the lit letter.  Often vehicles need to stop when they reach the station, otherwise they may pass from the station without stopping;  When she reaches the station, she must ring the electric bell.


 Convenient taxi services are provided in most cities in Taiwan.  The starting jump is NT $ 70 / 1.5km, plus 5 yuan for every additional 300 million.  A 20% surcharge will be added after 23:00 until 6:00 am.  During the Lunar New Year, the freight price will be slightly adjusted, and there will be a 10 yuan baggage service fee.  Taxi fares in major cities are set by provincial and city governments, but the difference is not large.  There are other cities that do not apply odometer bills, such as Kenting and Hualien.  If you are taking a taxi to scenic areas, you can negotiate the price with the driver before boarding the bus.  If you need a more convenient taxi call, you can use the driver's contact information to make an appointment.


 Taiwan Railways is divided into Taiwan Railways and High Speed ​​Railways.  The two main reasons are the difference in travel time and prices.  Taiwanese railways are slower but the price is relatively low.  Of course, high-speed rail has higher rates.  It's not the same, so you have to pay attention when riding.

 About discount tickets:

 The free ticket is for children under 6 years old or less than 115 cm and half the ticket is for children under 12 years old or less than 150 cm.

 About collecting tickets:

 There are two ways to get tickets at the station (off-site tickets are available)

 Manually collect tickets: With the documents provided at the time of booking and the ticket collection code, go directly to the window to allow the staff to check the ticket;  This method is the simplest, but if there is a waiting list, it takes a long time;  [Collect tickets 3 minutes in advance at the latest]

 Machine ticket collection: All high-speed railway stations and some Taiwan railway stations (large stations) are equipped with automatic ticket collecting machines.  Enter the ID number and ticket collection code on the machine to print the tickets.  This basically does not need to wait;  [Receipt of tickets 30 minutes in advance at the latest]

 Collect convenience store tickets: In addition to the station, you can also collect your ticket from the convenience store in advance, but it requires a handling fee.  It is not recommended that Taiwan be full of 7-11 family, such small shops, every shop with i-bon machine can be used to get train tickets. You can print the coupon on the machine with the receipt part number and the ticket collection code, then pay at the counter for the staff to change the ticket  That can be used for train.

 Accommodation reservation:

 Most of Taiwan's mature accommodations will provide body soaps, shampoo, etc., and hair dryers are also available.  Sometimes, if you don't have one, you can ask reception to borrow it.  However, we recommend that you bring your own toiletries such as toothbrushes, firstly, public reservation of the property will not provide disposable toiletries, and secondly, it is more environmentally friendly.

 Do you know all travel precautions in Taiwan?  Let's go when you're ready, start your free travel in Taiwan by domineering!

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What do I do when I travel to Australia for the first time?

 What do I do when I travel to Australia for the first time?

                    Image source:unsplash

 There are so many countries in the world, why did you choose to travel to Australia?

 Is it because you want to go to Sydney, see the petal-like roof of the Sydney Opera House, and see the pages of white sails in Sydney Harbor?  Or think of Brisbane, kissing your favorite at the highest point of the Ferris wheel, releasing artistic youth in your heart at the Queensland Museum of Modern Art?

 Is it because you want to go to the Gold Coast, turn into a "tidal man" on a skateboard to conquer the waves, and collapse into a soft "lazy man" under an umbrella?  Or do you want to take a boat to the Great Barrier Reef to see the most amazing natural wonders on the planet, to see Nemo, a small fish looming over the overhanging coral reef?

 Is this because you want to go to cute Australia and become an excited kid in the arms of a koala, so angry that you don't want to feed it under the evil kangaroo?  Still thinking of the birthplace of lobster and abalone, see why fat can grow and big, and see how Tuwao chefs prepare these delicious dishes on Earth?

 No matter the reason, Australia will not let you down.  You can increase your expectations a little higher, then move to a slightly higher level, then follow the free 8-day travel route in Australia, a unique journey, to fulfill your dream in Australia!

 1. Australia recommended travel itinerary

 First day Sydney

 The first stop of Australian travel is Sydney, the largest city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales.  In this oldest city in Australia there are sun, beaches, seas, plants and buildings of various shapes, and if you want you can take a picture with you.

 Sydney Harbor Bridge is suitable for long distance photography.  Cruise ships passing through Jackson Harbor and the Sydney Opera House across the sea from the bridge and the bright lights on either side of the bridge are all excellent backdrops for taking photos.

 Sydney Opera House is suitable for close-up photography.  Under the sun, the white roof arch is more graceful.  Only by standing in front of the opera house or entering the opera house can you understand why this elegant building has been called a "miracle in architectural history".  If you want to go to the opera house to see a drama, remember to find a pre-set, and book your tickets and accommodations together.

 Blue sea and blue sky meet koalas, trip to Australia

 Sydney - Melbourne - Phillip Island - Mornington Peninsula - Queenscliff - Great Ocean Road - Melbourne - Belgrave - Melbourne

 Koala Hugging First Sunny Beach Play Wanted

 The Cathedral of Our Lady is suitable for architectural photography.  In the oldest church in Australia, when listening to the heavenly chants of the choir, the church celebration causes people to be embarrassed by raising the camera.  The church's Gothic spire is particularly prominent, and each of the surrounding sculptures has a story.

 Queen Victoria Building is suitable for portraits.  This old building contains more than 180 shops, cafes and restaurants.  It is hailed by fashionist master Pierre Cardin as "the most beautiful shopping malls in the world" and is a must-see for tourists from all over the world.  However, taking pictures is risky and easy to get over, so please stay out of the spotlight

 A visit to the Rocks Holiday Market is apt for the photography of humanity.  The Rocks is an early convicted British people, near the famous Circular Quay.  After more than 200 years, it has become Sydney's most artistic venue.  Every weekend there will be a vibrant market here, carving in stone, carving in wood, handcrafted glass products ... and street artists, very photogenic.

 The Meat & Wine Co Circular Quay is apt for a food photography.  This steakhouse is very popular in Australia, the Australian steaks are unique to Sydney, and the restaurant environment is amazing.  When the long-awaited Australian steak is served, you first have to curb your appetite and snap a picture that can attract saliva in your circle of friends.

 Koko Black is suitable for couple photo shoots.  Be it signature chocolate or scented hot chocolate, it is a weapon for young couples to show their affection.  Everyone says chocolate will make people feel loved.  Lonely dogs can come over have a big meal and pretend to be in love.

 If you like to shoot night scenes, you can't be too much trouble.  The Shangri-La Hotel stayed the evening in a great location, as you can photograph the Darling Harbor, the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge from your room.

 Day 2 Cairns

 After shooting a blockbuster movie in Sydney, I flew to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef.

 Cairns is surrounded by a lot of popular attractions and has become one of the places to visit in Queensland.  With Cairns as the center, there are many activities to play, skydiving, hot air balloon rides, rainforest walks, rafting, indigenous culture, and 7-day play are not the same.

 There isn't much time left for Cairns during this free tour of Australia. After arriving in Cairns, first go to Fraker Botanical Garden to make up for the regret of not being able to explore the surrounding tropical rainforests.

 This tropical botanical garden condenses a tropical rainforest landscape, with a plethora of beautiful greenery and rainforest vegetation, including the Forest Botanical Area and the Gowana Continental Evolution Garden.  It can be called a brief history of the evolution of tropical rainforests for a period of 415 million years.

 Then go to the Cairns Front Beach Trail to see the size of the 4,800 square meter seawater pool.  The swimming pool is separated from the sea by a wall that appears to be embedded in the sea from a distance.

 If you want to save some energy for the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow, don't go swimming.  Wander busy along the 3-kilometer step, waiting to see the beautiful sunset of the Pacific Ocean.

 At 17:00, there will be a night market on Esplanade Street where the Qiantan Trail is located, where you can have a seafood buffet for a good price.  Don't be late today, tomorrow's Great Barrier Reef will be the highlight.

 Day 3 Cairns

 At least half of Cairns' visitors are from the Great Barrier Reef.  The world's largest coral reef is one of the most amazing landscapes in the world, and no one can resist its magic.

 This time, the luxury cruise ship Evolution takes you to the Great Barrier Reef, the destination is the Great Barrier Reef off Moore.  There are three floors on the Evolution cruise ship, one of which has soft pillows in the interior cabin, you can drink wine while blowing on the air conditioner;  The second sun deck is comfortable and cozy, you can sing songs with the sea breeze;  Take pictures.

 After sailing for more than an hour, you arrive at the Great Barrier Reef of your dreams.  The crew will unlock the launch pad at the stern and will do whatever they want to communicate with the Great Barrier Reef.

 Now that you're here, you have to try snorkeling, bring a three-piece diving suit and transform into a fish swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, and walk through colorful coral bushes with Nemo and Dolly.  If you can dive deep, take your scuba to explore the depths of the sea, these cute fish and honest sea turtles are your little friends.

 In the afternoon there is a generous barbecue lunch on board, after a long swim, everything is delicious.  After lunch, you don't have to dash into the water, a full 5-hour swim trip takes you.  If you can't swim, you can also take a semi-submerged boat ride and float on a blue dream.

 After playing for a day, the stamina bar should have reached the bottom, and the energy should be supplemented with large fish and meat.  Dundee's is more suitable for carnivores, as "Australian Fusion" contains buffalo meat, kangaroo meat, ostrich, crocodile meat and barramundi, and "Ultimate Seafood Platter" contains mud crab, lobster, garlic prawns, and pepperoni.  Shrimp and clams, just throw away the cheeks and make them very strong!

 Day 4: Cairns - Gold Coast

 On the fourth day, he moved from Cairns to the Gold Coast.

 Gold Coast is a very popular tourist city in Australia.  In this city surrounded by mountains and the sea, there are dozens of beaches, large and small, stretching for 42 kilometers, which together have become the "Gold Coast".  Only here, there is only a sandy beach between tall buildings and the sea, and it is always suspected that the photos taken are those of P.

 Among the beaches on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Broad Beach, and Beach are the most famous.  Of the three beaches, Surfers Paradise is in the center, and it is the most famous and most beautiful of the surfers.  If you have confidence in your skills, you can ride a surfboard and turn it into a 'black stripe in the waves'.

 On the southern side of Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach has far fewer residents of Surfers Paradise.  If you want to learn how to surf the Internet, this is a good place, because people are not afraid of embarrassment.  If you don't want to go on the water, there's a huge Pacific mall and a popular vampire restaurant near the beach, enough time to hike for half a day.

 The main beach is on the north side of Surfers Paradise, the water visibility is very high, and it is very suitable for swimming and snorkeling.  If you didn't have enough addiction at the Great Barrier Reef yesterday, you can go snorkeling to the end here.

 After visiting the beach, there are also places to play in the ocean world, water park etc.  I don't think it's the end of the day.  If you are tired of walking you can order a German-style pork knuckle at the Bavarian Haus, be careful not to bite your hand when eating.

 The end of the day was the 322-meter Q1 Building.  At the highest level from the Star Tower Observation Deck, when the weather is clear, from Brisbane to Byron Bay, from the Pacific Ocean to inland national parks, you can see it all at once.

 Day 5 Gold Coast - Brisbane

 Warner Movie World, Ocean World, and Dream World on the Gold Coast are also known as the three most famous theme parks in Australia.  As a member of the "company" that has seen Superman and Batman grow up since childhood, he naturally wants to establish the Warner film world.  .  Likewise, scenic spots that require tickets should be booked in advance with the customization tool as much as possible.  If you can't book, you must buy it right according to the e-book navigation provided by Wuer Travel to prevent you from playing!

 Parent-child travel, fun in Australia

 Sydney-Hamilton Island-Melbourne-Phillip Island-Mornington Peninsula-Queenscliff-Great Ocean Road-Melbourne

 A parent-child trip embraces koalas and the Australian sunshine

 If you played Warner Movie World with the mindset of going to the amusement park, then 80% will return in disappointment.  The movie world isn't big, there aren't many attractions, and the rollercoaster and jumps are no more exciting than other places.

 But if you came as a fan, you'd be super hilarious.  These days, Marvel heroes are easy to see, but DC heroes are hard to see.  Here, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and even the Joker will come off the screen to interact with tourists, and Batman will drive the Batmobile out to pull the wind.

 The most distinctive feature of Universal Studios is the thrilling driving and 4D movies.  After all, Warner is also one of the revered Hollywood giants.  If you are going with kids there is a special cartoon park to play.  Bugs Bunny and Duffy Duck are also popular cartoon characters around the world.

 In Warner Park, your biggest feeling might be, oh, I wasn't expecting that this movie was also made by Warner.

 If you are rich in time, you can go to the underwater world for a tour. The dolphin show, the seals show, and the stage drama "Dora and Friends" are all tools for bear subjugation.

 6th day Brisbane

 The last stop on the trip, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia's third largest city.  Like Sydney, Brisbane is also suitable for blockbuster production, but this is a city with effects of its own. If you take a picture in hand, people will be asked which filter to add.

 Take photos in Kangaroo Point, with special wide-angle effects.  The plateau where Kangaroo Point is located is at the top of the U-shaped curved arch of the Brisbane River.  No matter how weak your photography equipment is, the photos you capture are stretched to the limit.

 Take photos in South Bank Park with its special sharp effects.  The park is built along the river, with artificial beaches with clear water and lush green grasses.  Thanks to Brisbane's tropical climate, the color is rich throughout the year and is even more striking when the flowers are in bloom.

 Take photos at the Queensland Museum of Modern Art, with the bright effect of the darker part.  The art gallery covers an area of ​​4,700 square meters, with more than 16,000 permanent exhibits, enough for art lovers to spend an entire day.  However, the museum's biggest goal is to hold several short-term art galleries, the exhibition of Andy Warhol's work and the Matisse Gallery of artworks are all experiences that cannot be met.

 Take photos at the Queensland Center for Culture and the Arts, there are more special effects.  The Queensland Museum has its own engraved filter, the Queensland Museum of Art has its own nostalgic filter (showcasing works prior to 1970), the Queensland Library has its own matte filter, and the extensive Performing Arts Center has its own GIF effect ...

 Take photos on the Brisbane Ferris Wheel, with 360 ° panoramic effect.  With the Ferris wheel turning 60 meters high, the whole of Brisbane surrounds you, whether it's day or night, there is mesmerizing beauty.

 Take photos in Olé's restaurant and bring your own new filters.  The decor style is fresh and clean, and the Mediterranean style Greek dishes are eye-pleasing and beautiful.

 Seventh day Brisbane

 Queensland is the only two states in Australia that allow koalas to enter, and because they are here, you should definitely not miss them.

 In Brisbane, the best place to hold koalas is the Lone Pine Koala Zoo.  Do not underestimate this zoo, as it easily ranks among the ten best zoos in the world.  The biggest feature here is the koala, which climbs a tree, walks on the ground, eats leaves, sleeps late ... the cute baby is the koala, and it's so cute that it just got home.

 If you want to hug a koala, you have to line up in a certain spot.  The breeder will select small, beautiful, and good-tempered koalas, and gently place this cute, fluffy, fleshy thing in your arms.  Koalas are shy by nature and don't want to leave after hugging you.  It is said that 9 out of 10 people who hugged the koalas were Lezhi Shi, and only after the breeder was reminded did he remember his posing.

 The Lone Pine Koala Zoo is not the only koala.  Also available are Australia's distinctive cute animals, kangaroos, devil-tasting, echidna, and platypus.  The zoo features shows with Australian characteristics every day, such as shepherd dogs leading sheep and sheep shearing shows, eagle flying performance, feeding colorful wild parrots etc.  No matter adults or children, as long as they love animals, this is heaven.

 However, the kangaroos at Longbai Zoo are a bit spoiled.  But wombats have maintained their usual appeal, which is worth paying attention to.

 After carrying the koalas, this trip to Australia ended.  In the afternoon and evening, I went to the Queen Street Mall to scan the goods and buy some souvenirs for the men who had seen the 7-day circle of friends, and don't treat yourself too hard.

 Day 8 Brisbane

 On the eighth day, pack your belongings, memories and get ready to go home.

 In 8 days, you traveled to the most famous city in Australia, swam across the largest barrier reef in the world, waved across the Gold Coast in Australia, and embraced the most amazing animals in Australia, and it was your first time traveling to Australia that it was a complete success.

 When you embark on your return trip, it is time to plan your second trip to Australia.

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What should i pay attention to when traveling by car in Australia?

What should i pay attention to when traveling by car in Australia?

                    Image source:unsplash

 Australia is a country with sparsely populated lands, extensive road networks between major cities, diverse landscapes and very fun and playful nature, making it a very suitable country for self-driving.  In addition, the cost of renting a car is not that high, and the highway is free, which also attracts more and more travelers who drive themselves.  Car rental companies have set up many car rental outlets in airports and towns, making it very easy to pick up and return the car.

 So what should you pay attention to when driving in Australia?  Wuerjun will teach you step by step!

 1. [Basic rules for self-driving in Australia]

 1. Driving direction:

 The driving direction in Australia is the opposite in China, and "left-hand driving" has been adopted.  Do not drive on the road in a hurry, it is recommended that you train in a secluded place after getting in the car.

 Tips: You can stick a small piece of paper on the right side of the inside of the windshield to remind yourself not to drive in the wrong direction.

 2. Vehicle speed:

 Australia is a country with a very legal system. When driving in Australia, you must follow the speed limit signs which should be on the road. Police uncles usually get very ferocious, so do not suspect the speed limit signs.  Speed ​​limit signs in Australia are very precise, and in areas where there are road repairs and road warnings it is usually necessary to slow down (especially in areas where warning signs appear, a notice will be issued first).  Please follow the speed limit.

 Roughly 50-60 kilometers in said area, 40 kilometers in schools, highways, mountain roads in the suburbs and some "unspecified sections" are often between 100 and 110 kilometers.

 3. Vehicles on the right have priority.  If you encounter an intersection with no traffic lights, no circuits, and no signals, don't panic.  In Australia, a minor road requires that the main road go first.  If you cannot distinguish the main road from the side road, the car on the right has priority.  Well if there are dozens of cars at the intersection on the right, you have to wait for the dozens of cars to end.  The inner lane of a two-lane road is usually used to bypass (called Over Take Road), and vehicles usually drive on the outside lane.  Generally, if there is a "STOP" sign, you should stop and check if there is any traffic coming from the left or the right.

 4. Turn left:

 Under normal circumstances, it is not possible to turn left at a red light. Unless some intersections are marked with a similar explanation as “Carefully turn left on red,” it is possible to turn left while avoiding straight vehicles.  If you are not sure, just wait for the light or see how the other cars are going.  If it's the first, wait for the light carefully, unless the driver behind the car drops the horn to remind you.

 Turn right at the traffic lights intersection:

 Some traffic lights have a right turn arrow sign, then just follow the green right-turn sign and turn right.  At some traffic light intersections, there is no right turn arrow signal or a right turn signal signal, but it is not lit.  When the light is green, drive along the lane on the far right to the center of the intersection and wait for all vehicles to pass in the right (opposite) lane.  Turn right.  In Victoria, if there is no “no reverse” sign, a turn is possible.  However, in Xinzhou, it appears that the default cannot be switched unless there is a slogan or "inflection" arrow.  If you are not particularly sure, try turning left and right again.

 5. About tired driving:

 Australia requires a short break after driving for two hours.  This is basically not a problem for those visiting the Great Ocean Road, there are countless viewing platforms, so you can walk all the way.

 6. Pass the intersection:

 Vehicles on the side road must leave the main road, and when entering the main road from the side road, there are usually signs to give way.  Stop and let the vehicles on the main road go first.  There must be a full stop before the stop sign.  When encountering the light rail, you must also pay attention to the right of the way for the light rail!

 7. Do not touch the road (round about):

 Australians are a country that pays great attention to the system and abides by laws and regulations.  Generally, when driving on the road, the cars will turn one by one, and overtaking and left and right turns are also regular.  In big cities in Australia, as long as you encounter the circle, the car on the left needs to leave the car on the right comes, so when you reach the circle, you have to brake, stop and wait for the car on the right to go first, then find a chance to enter the circle.  And you cannot change lanes arbitrarily in the circle, turn on the turn signal when leaving, so that the car in the rear can understand your driving direction.

 8. Around the island:

 The most common and most popular private road condition in Australia is "Round About".  In any case, remember that right-hand driving is preferred.  Leave all vehicles on the right entering the rotor first, then go clockwise.

 9. Safety belt:

 In Australia, all passengers must wear a seat belt, and although regulations vary from state to state, children under the age of 7 must be seated in the back and must be seated in a child safety seat.  Tourists with children can rent one from the car rental agency.

 10. Car lights:

 Before sunrise and after sunset, drive your headlights.  The high beam is required when driving on mountain roads or highways.  Since there are few cars on the roads in Australia, the driver may develop mental paralysis while driving.  Therefore, a powerful light source is needed to remind the driver that there is a vehicle ahead.

 11. Hawk Turns:

 In Melbourne, Australia, due to the comfortable tram system, there are many unique driving regulations.  HOOK TURN is the most classic example.  If you see a HOOK TURN on the road and come across a right turn, then you need to turn right in the following way:

 Pay attention first to whether there is a "turn" sign at the intersection in front of you.  If there is this sign, follow the green light sign and drive to the left, and pause on the left side of the intersection, which is the "Waiting Turn Zone".

 When the horizontal corridor turns light green, you can go ahead.  Please be aware that some people will catch the yellow light when the yellow light turns into the straight lane.  Therefore, you have to wait for your horizontal path to turn green.

 12. Gentle infantry, largest infantry:

 Pedestrians are always the largest in Australia.  Pedestrians have priority over all vehicles.  Therefore, it is very important to be “polite with the pedestrians” in Australia, because Australians no longer fear “cars”, especially in places where there are zebra crossings, even though there are no traffic lights.  However, pedestrians can walk first, so you should stop and let the pedestrians go first when encountering a zebra crossing.

 13. Less honking:

 The trumpet is rarely heard in Australia, which is a good way not to sound the horn when driving in Australia, and most Australians have probably forgotten the correct position for the horn.  Driving in Australia is not nearly as tight as it is in Taiwan, as most people are not driven to drive and honk.

 14- Other matters needing attention:

 Drivers cannot call their cell phones while driving, which is illegal in Australia.

 Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited, and most states have irregular breath tests for drivers.

 When you come across the tram, you can only pass from the left, and when the tram gets up and off the passengers, you can only stop behind the tram.

 Australia requires that at intersections with sign lights, a U-turn is not permitted unless there is a sign.

 2. [Self-driving model selection]

 In general, we rent a car that suffices.  Firstly, it is fuel-efficient, and secondly, since Westerners are quite large, the interior of the same model in Australia is much larger.  In addition, for self-driving domestic travelers, taking into account the use of left-hand travel, it is necessary to use the left hand to change gear. From a safety point of view, an automatic transmission car is easier to use.

 3. [How to refuel in Australia?  】

 1. Remember to return the car with full petrol. When you receive the car it is full, you must also refill the car when you return it, and if the car does not fill it up, a lot of money will be deducted, which is much more than it should be.  Capital.

 2. There are regional differences in fuel prices in Australia.  The closer you get to large cities and towns, the cheaper the fuel, and the further away the place, the more expensive it is.  Also, highways without stores in front of the village are more expensive, and gas stations near the airport are also very expensive.

 3. Refueling in Australia is mostly self-service.  Choose oil gun (gasoline is petrol, unleaded (equivalent to domestic No. 92 gasoline), premium (equivalent to domestic No. 95 gasoline), price is higher than unleaded, diesel is diesel.), Add it yourself, then pay on the counter according to  For the opposite mode, or you can swipe your card, which is very convenient.  If you don't know how to operate, you can also ask staff for help.  Most Australians are very friendly and welcoming ~ some small gas stations are for service.  The fuel gun is locked with a key, so you need to find a refueling crew.

 4. [Speed ​​Autonomous Driving]

 1. Get used to looking at speed signals.  Speed ​​limits in Australia have changed a lot.  Sometimes, the speed reminder on GPS might not be updated in time, and the road sign should prevail.  Basically every road has a speed limit sign that is easy to see.  Some speed limits are temporary.  For example, some sections of the road during school hours, automatic speed-markers on the highways.

 2. There may be more slopes and turns on normal Australian roads.  Most of these highways are one-way lanes in both directions.  A very slow speed will affect the speed of vehicle traffic in the rear.  Therefore, in traffic congested areas, approximately every 5 kilometers, one side of the road expands to two lanes.  You will drive the slowest car in front on the left, and the rear car will overtake on the right.  For sections with fewer vehicles, every 3-5 km, the dividing line in the middle of the two-way lane will become a dashed line or a dashed line and a solid line.  At this time, if the situation is safe, cross the dotted line (the lane should be near the dotted line in real time) to pass in the opposite lane.  Try not to skip turns, you may not be able to see the situation on the other side, which is very dangerous.

 5. [About Australian traffic tickets]

 If you unfortunately received a fine (as the saying goes), then you need to pay at the designated location within a limited period of time, most of which is paid at the post office.  There are also many private car parks that require payment by phone or credit card (many of which can be processed online). In general, there will be detailed instructions behind the ticket.  If the amount is not paid on time after the time limit, then a higher fine will generally be charged. If you do not pay the fine again, you may be prevented from leaving the country !!!

 Of course, in some cases, the ticket will be issued directly to the rental car. The company, the rental car company, will find the main driver of the rental car based on the license plate and the fine will be deducted directly from the credit card.  Or call the driver for guidance.  Therefore, the car rental contract must be fully detailed.  Some car rental companies may impose additional 'fines' fees in the event of a traffic offense.  Therefore, it is also recommended that you ask the counter personnel how to handle your ticket upon picking up the vehicle.

 6. [Parking in Australia]

 There are different parking signs in every city in Australia, and parking is usually the most annoying thing for drivers.  Especially when parking on the road, please read the signs, charging standards and parking time (including week and hour, please note that they are red or green), and you should also pay attention to some places where you cannot stop during peak hours and the direction you are pointing.  In general, follow the arrow only.

 1. Be optimistic about the length of time you can stop: Generally, 1 hour is written on the poster as "1P / P", 2 hours as "2P", 1/4 is 15 minutes, and so on.  Usually every county in Australia has a lot those issuing tickets travel between city and suburbs to issue tickets, so be very careful.

 2. Optimistic about the time range that can be parked: Most parking spaces still have time restrictions, for example, [9 AM - 5:30 PM MON-FRI], which is limited only Monday through Friday from 9:00 to  17:30 in the afternoon.  You should pay attention to this.

 3. Optimistic about paying: There are several different types of payment methods, for example a "METER" is a coin operated machine that needs to use a coin operated machine to pay.  After parking the car, go to the adjacent parking meter, insert a credit card or pay cash, choose the time you intend to park the car, and after getting the ticket, place the ticket in front of the windshield for the staff to see.

 Some parking meters will not vomit parking tickets, but will switch from red light to green.  In this case, the green light will turn red after the time runs out, so remember to get back and move the car before the time runs out.  It is also like a "TICKET" parking ticket machine, it is relatively simple, that is, when you need to pay for a parking ticket, put it under the windshield of the car for future reference.  All in all, if you see a TICKET or METER you must buy a ticket!  It is usually written below P.

 4. Discrimination by color: The "red letter" on the general sign must be the time without stopping, and the "green or black" is the time that can be stopped, such as a S in the red circle and then follow the next direction, which means this direction is forbidden  Stand up, temporary parking is not allowed!

 5. The latter relates to the angle: If you find the ANGLE reminder at a 45 degree or 60 degree angle on the parking sign, you must park according to the degree requirements, usually a diagonal parking, you can refer to whether there is a line or other vehicles on the road.  Just watch it.

 6. Give some examples:

 [MON-FRI P ticket 9:00 to 5:30 PM]: From Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:30, 1 hour stopover can be paid;

 [3P 9 AM - 5:30 PM SAT-SUN] Free 3-hour parking between 9:00 to 17:30 from Saturday to Sunday;

 [1P METER 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM MON-SAT]: From Monday to Saturday 7: 30-18: 30 can stop for 1 hour;

 [LOADING ZONE] You cannot stop when you see the red stop sign of this sign.  Generally, trucks or buses with more than 12 seats or vehicles with the company logo are parked on the body!

 7. [Australian Highway Toll System]

 The toll system varies on highways in every city in Australia, in general, in most cities (like Queensland), you can pay the toll in real time when crossing the toll station, but be prepared for a change.  And Victoria has a special CITY LINK charging system, this electronic toll collection systems are not toll booths, they do not stop in time to pay, but there will be an induction to register his car plate number when passing the road, after the CITY LINK sections, and remember for 48 Pay within hours and pay  Within a certain period of time after use, otherwise there will be a heavy fine.

 Payment can be made one time, or unlimited times per day .... mainly includes freeways, and toll roads around Melbourne, CityLink and EastLink.  If you are on a toll road, the entrance and exit will be monitored by cameras, the license plate number and the driving section will be recorded and the toll amount will be calculated.

 1- East Link: It is a highway with a total length of 39 kilometers in East Melbourne, which is connected to the Eastern Expressways, Monash Foy, Frankston Foy, and Peninsula Link highways.

 2. CityLink: A 22 km highway connecting Bolt Bridge, Burnley Tunnel, Monash Foy, Westgate Highway and Tullamarine Foy on Melbourne's south bank.

 Fee Method: There is no toll station on the way, you need to buy the Pass in advance on the official website of CityLink or EastLink, or pay on the official website within 48 hours after leaving the toll section.  If you do not pay the fee on time, you may get a high penalty (if you rent a car, the car rental company may deduct it directly from the pre-authorization of your credit card used as a deposit).

 * Autonomous driving on Great Ocean Road will not encounter toll roads.  If starting from Melbourne, please set GPS to Avoid Toll to avoid toll roads to avoid this CityLink toll route near Melbourne.

 In addition, most car rental companies will provide a toll payment program (similar to the domestic ETC system) "rental company toll payment program" for roads in Australia for the convenience of passengers who drive their own cars, so that there is no need to go to the highway at all  Once.  For road traffic, please make sure to ask the car rental company upon picking up the car, whether you need to purchase an electronic toll program or a pass today.

 3. If you received a ticket or have other fees that you need to pay yourself, you can log in to https://www.govia.com.au/ to view or call +61 133331 to report the license plate number, and they will confirm the high speed line.  Then we can pay by credit card over the phone, or we can pay with the auto dealer.

 If you have any questions about self driving in Australia feel free to consult Wuer Journey, we will provide you with the most reliable and practical travel advice!  For autonomous driving in Australia, one road book has been completed, and everything you need is there!

 What exactly is the road book for Wuer's trip?

 In fact, The Road Book is your exclusive "Invisible Tour Guide".  Every Wuer Journey customer will have their own road book.  It's a travel guide made just for you by the travel customizer, from cover title, photo to book, every page in the book is made just for you.

 These are found in the road book ... but they are more than that!

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